Super easy strawberries stuffed with salted caramel cream cheese and Nutella from Our Best BitesOne of my favorite recipes in our first cookbook, one that my family and I have served at countless baby and bridal showers, brunches and meetings and parties, is our recipe for cream cheese-filled strawberries. They’re pretty fantastic–I mean, they’re gorgeous and light and go with just about anything.

So when I saw that the big, fat, sweet strawberries had re-appeared at Sam’s Club the other day, I got a few boxes with plans of making cream cheese strawberries for my kids.

And then things got crazy. And my imagination ran away with itself. Things started popping into my head–chocolate hazelnut spread! Salted Caramel! Should I mix it together? Should I swirl it? Yeah, these are the fantasies that keep me up at night. I live a pretty wild and crazy life.

You’re going to need a pound of strawberries (it’s better to over-buy than under-buy if it comes to that), 1/2 cup chocolate hazelnut spread (like Nutella; I’m using the Salted Caramel Jif

salted caramel Jif Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

and it’s pretty much up there with the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten in my life), 1/2 cup cream cheese (low-fat is fine, but fat free will give you a weird texture), powdered sugar, caramel sauce, and a little bit of kosher salt.

stuffed strawberries from Our Best Bites

Wash your strawberries and line up your prettiest ones on a work surface…


Carefully cut each strawberry from the tip until you almost reach the stem. If you want, you can cut in the opposition direction, forming an “X” (this can help with smaller berries). Set the berries aside, stem-side up.

cut strawberries

In a small mixing bowl, whip together the cream cheese, powdered sugar,

salted caramel cream cheese filling

caramel sauce, and kosher salt until light and fluffy,

salted caramel cream cheese filling

then spoon the mixture into a small decorating bag. In another small decorating bag, place the 1/2 cup of chocolate hazelnut spread.

chocolate and salted caramel cream cheese fillings

(For detailed directions with pictures on this process, check out this post.)

Flatten out each bag and place them on top of each other, then snip off about 1″ of the bags. Place the two flattened bags inside another decorating bag fitted with a large Wilton tip (like 1M). Squeeze the bag just enough so both of the fillings are coming out at the same time.

Carefully place the tip into the bottom of each cut strawberry and squeeze the filling into each berry being careful not to overfill.

Super easy strawberries stuffed with salted caramel cream cheese and Nutella from Our Best Bites

Serve immediately.

Super easy strawberries stuffed with salted caramel cream cheese and Nutella from Our Best Bites



  1. These are too cute! I would devour everyone of these filled with Nutella, and they’re mostly strawberries right, so I wouldn’t fill guilty at all 🙂

  2. My Wilton 1M just got eaten by the garbage disposal two days ago! I was completely distraught when my husband asked me what the metal thing was that he fished out of the disposal. Have you seen the new chocolate spreads trying to rival Nutella? The cream cheese strawberries from your first book are definitely delicious, and these look equally delicious!

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