Pork Tenderloin with Chimichurri

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Hello hello, and happy Monday! I have been wanting to post this meal forever. Forever as in like, last summer (and in blogger-years that’s a long time!) It’s my favorite favorite favorite grilled summer meal. And that’s saying a LOT if you know how many grill recipes I post! I think pork tenderloin is really under used in most kitchens. If you don’t use it much, you really should start. It’s inexpensive, versatile, quick cooking, and incredibly lean and healthy. And you can cook it so many ways- on the grill, pan fried, oven roasted, stuffed, and more. I use it so much that it’s really strange that I haven’t posted any recipes yet highlighting it here. You can usually find it in sealed packages like this:

Make sure you’re not buying a pre-marinated one. I buy mine at Costco or Sam’s where you can usually find 2 packs of 2- so 4 total for about 10 bucks. It’s a steal seeing as one will feed my small family. Note that this is pork tenderloin, not a pork loin roast which is much much bigger. The tenderloin is about the size of your forearm- well, if you’re a medium framed woman, not a huge muscular man 🙂 It’s the same cut of meat used for this sweet and sour pork dish.

And chimichurri. Oh sweet, wonderful chimichurri. Chimichurri is a sauce that originated in Argentina and it’s used on all types of meat. It seems to be like salsas in latin America- where each country/region/family has their own special combination of ingredients. So you’re getting the Sara Special here. I have been perfecting my own chimi for a while now and finally got the proportions that I love. And although I’m using pork here, the chimichurri is equally delicious on chicken, steak (especially steak) and fish. Well I’m assuming it would be good on fish. You’d have to marinate a fish in hundred dollar bills to convince me it was worth eating, but I’m betting it’s pretty darn good.

You’ll need a bunch of fresh green stuff and all of this which you probably have already:


Chimichurri is fantastic drizzled over just about anything. I basically pour it all over everything on my plate. I love it over hot rice or veggies, oh- and try it mixed with homemade ranch for one of the best salad dressings you’ve ever tasted.

If you have a small family like mine, try the left overs sliced up in tortillas with the chimi-ranch mixture I just spoke of, some shredded lettuce, peppers, etc.

Or just cook one of the pork tenderloins and save the other for this Sweet and Sour Cashew Pork!

Either way, give it a shot. And if you have picky kids, tell them it’s chicken. They’ll never know 🙂

Question of the day- talk to me folks!

How often to you use pork tenderloin?
Does it make regular appearances on your menu?
See it at the store but not quite sure what to do with it?
Love it? Hate it? Don’t have a clue?


  1. I like pork tenderloin, but you are right, it is totally underused in my kitchen. I only make it every now and then when I think of it – not much. I would be all for seeing more pork tenderloin recipes.

  2. I love pork tenderloin and buy it when ever I can find it on sale. It works GREAT in the crock pot or with my Dijon mustard and rosemary in the oven or grill. Your recipe looks yummy, I have never made a Chimichurri, here is to trying new things !

  3. Pork Tenderloin makes regular appearances on our family menu – I also love it when I have to do large group dinners – so much better than the traditional chicken or ham! We love our pork covered in garlic, olive oil and balsamic vinegar and some fresh rosemary.
    We have also been enjoying chimichurri at our house since we first had it in Argentina 4 years ago when we picked our son up off his mission. I love to make it using the fresh herbs from my garden. We even like to dip our crusty artisan bread in it.It is the best condiment!

  4. I can't say I've ever had pork tenderloin! I usually don't eat pork products- because I always think of pork like bacon or sausage. But if it is lean and healthy, I just might have to try it! I'll definitely be trying the chimichurri for sure. I've seen this in a lot of dishes but never really knew what it was. thanks!

    Oh, and can I just say, a few days ago, I printed out all the recipes I've used from this website in the past few months, and I was so suprised when I counted 20 (TWENTY!) recipes I've used! And they are ALL good! I am a newlywed and before I found this website I was getting SOOO frustrated because every recipe I tried was just "meh." But seriously, EVERY recipe on this site is delish. And I have my husband to vouch for that too! I love this site and I am probably your biggest fan. 🙂

  5. My family loves pork tenderloin! When i lived in the Chicago suburbs, it would often be on sale for $1.99/lb. I KNOW! I would stock up. Now that I live downstate it's more expensive, but I always pick some up when I go up north.

    My favorite way to make it is with a southwestern sort of marinade: chile powder, Mexican oregano, cumin and crushed garlic with some vegetable oil, left to marinate overnight and then grilled. I serve it with my corn and black bean salad. Hell, throw it all into a warm tortilla if you want.

    Another favorite way is that good old Midwestern staple, the pork tenderloin sandwich. Why do they only seem to be served near lakes? I had one last weekend when we were boating and camping at Lake Shelbyville here in Central Illinois. The meat is usually twice as big as the bun it's on!

  6. Looks delicious! You know, I really don't cook a lot of pork, or much meat. Not sure why 🙂 I'll have to try this!

    It was great seeing you at church yesterday- hope you travel home safe!

  7. I've never had or made pork tenderloin. I always hated my mom's pork chops, so I have always steered away from all things pork. Guess I'll have to try this!

  8. I love pork tenderloin! We just had it last night for dinner with a southwest chile and garlic marinade.

    I'll have to remember to get it at Costco from now on. I've looked for it at the regular grocery store and they don't always have the plain non-marinated kind.

  9. Mmmmm I have never thought of throwing pork tenderloin on the grill. I use it all the time, especially when I decide it's diet time and I want some variety in the 'lean protein' category. I want to try this!

  10. Pork tenderloin is a little bit of a joke at our house. There was awhile that my mom was making it every single time we came over for dinner. After awhile it was like, "Not again!!" It's good, but it got old, lol.

    I can't wait to try this version of chimichurri for my Argentine husband. I've never put oregano in mine before.

  11. So when you buy it at Costco are you getting that already seasoned one or ? Could this be baked instead of grilled?

    and…how many total minutes would you say this is grilling (average)?

  12. damselindisdress- for this recipe you just want plain, non-marinated pork tenderloin. The grilling time depends on the size you've got, but generally it takes me about 8 minutes on each side. And yes, you can oven roast it as well. On the package it will usually have oven times/temps for ya.

  13. We love pork tenderloin. My favorite is to make a curry spice rub and roast it- topped with homemade applesauce. Tasty but I am anxious to give your recipe a try. I love anything with cilantro.

  14. Just discovered your blog recently, and I'm in love. 🙂 So far, we've tried the Chipotle Chicken Salad, the Thai Peanut Noodles, and the BBQ Grilled Pizza–all completely wonderful, although the pizza was our fav. I will definitely try this, too! Thank you!!!

  15. I make pork tenderloin fairly regularly – it's a great Sunday dinner and it cooks really well in the crock pot. I buy them at Costco as well. I like to make a tomatillo sauce for the pork if I'm feeling ambitious. If I'm short on time I use a large can of green enchilada sauce. Thanks for your website! Every recipe I've tried (and I've tried a lot of them) has been absolutely fabulous!

  16. I LOVE it! It's actually the one of the only cuts of pork I cook with. I don't cook it very often, because it's just me and my husband, and we always end up with leftovers but the don't last long! My favorite is a salty Cantonese Pork recipe, roasted in the oven and glazed with corn syrup, and I also love to marinate and grill it. Perfect summertime main dish!

  17. Hi Sara,

    I use it occasionally, I really should more because we all love it. I like to marinade and grill it. I also like it with a cranberry relish sause in the crockpot!

  18. Yum! I've had pork tenderloin other places, but have never bought it. I didn't realize it was that inexpensive! I'll be picking some up at Costco tomorrow!

    The chimichurri looks delicious.

  19. We made this tonite and it was delicious!

    We eat pork tenderloin a lot here, couple times a month maybe?

    My favorite way to eat it using a Pampered Chef recipe for Jamaican Pork. The rub has cinnamon and chili powder and it's baked alongside sweet potatoes and granny smith apples. Mmmm….so good!

  20. This looks delicious. I have gotten the pre-marinated costco pork tenderloin before and it was nice. I love pork so I think I need to try this recipe on a plain tenderloin.

  21. I've been wanting to try that chimichurri "sauce" for a while. I don't recall seeing it with pork! Yay, waaaaay better than beef. Thanks for sharing and I'll let you know how it goes!

  22. This sounds good, esp. for pork! I like herbs but my dh isn't keen on 'green meat' as he calls it when I use alot. I buy/make pork tenderloin from Costco only a couple of times of year, freezing it in smaller packs for the 2 of us. I broil or bake it in the oven. We haven't used our outside grill in years. I think it's been knocked over and spread out across the yard from the dog line getting hooked on the handle (freaking the poor dog out) more often than we've used it to cook with! It's definitely not a big fancy one can you tell?

  23. I'm going to be the only girl who NEVER cooks pork in her house. Maybe the occasional hot dog or bacon for the hubs, but that's it. I like chicken breasts, ground beef and filet mignon–that pretty much sums up my meat intake. Oh and crab for sushi. 🙂

  24. Have to admit, I don't use pork very much, even though I like it. My son was in Argentina on a mission for two years, and chimichurri is big there… although it is very mild. Everything there was very mild. He used to beg me to send him Taco Bell hot sauce packets:) But this looks delicious. And I'm all for a new inexpensive grill meal. Love the peppers alongside, too. I like to oven-roast a bunch of veggies (escalivada, in Spanish?) and haven't done that in a long time. Thanks for the fun ideas!

  25. Thanks so much for this recipe! I have used Chimichuri on steak before, but never on pork…what a great idea! Also, I bought a pork tenderloin a few weeks ago and roasted it in the oven. My husband wasn't too impressed. So I haven't cooked the other one yet. Now I know just what to do with it!

  26. I'm new to your site and love it! A friend made a taco salad for me family and used your dressing recipe and holy smokes, it's amazing! This recipe looks pretty darned fantastic too. Will have to give this one a go as soon as my hubby cleans up the grill.

  27. Totally use pork tenderloin all the time. I love it w/a spicey peach sauce after I have grilled it!! YUM! I would use the leftovers to make enchiladas or taquitos, or Cuban sandwiches…great blog!

  28. W.O.W. This was fantastic!

    I have used several of your recipes and each has worked out great. So when I saw a Chimichurri recipe (my boyfriend lived in Argentina for two years), I had to try it out.

    This recipe was quick and tasted wonderful. We both loved it!

  29. We use pork tenderloin quite often in our kitchen. As you mentioned, we find it at Costco in packs of 4-5 for roughly $20, wrap them individually and freeze them. We love to use it for stir fry, so delicious.

    This recipe sounds great, how could it not with the garlic? 🙂

  30. I am soooo excited to find this recipe. We just got back from Miami where I ate Cuban food for the 1st time. YUMMMM we found a local favorite place and ate there every chance we could. I loved everything, well except for the fried plantains in my omelet lol. This was my 1st place to search for a great recipe! Thanks guys 🙂 now to find a good moros rice recipe (hint hint) 🙂

  31. My family absolutely loves pork tenderloin. Our favorite way (so far 🙂 is cooked on the stove with a sauce of dijon mustard, worcestershire and lemon juice (with added seasonings of course). It is very tangy and delicious – even my picky teenage son loves it. But I am definitely trying this Chimichurri.

  32. For the last year this has been almost a weekly staple, the chimichurri anyway. I could eat it plain but love it on pork, steak, chicken, rice… Thanks for the great recipe.

  33. I am totally that person who picks every leave off the cilantro and parsley! I always thought I needed to! Seriously going to try NOT doing it and am making this today!

  34. I’m trying this recipe tonight, I don’t have a grill, so I’ll be using my oven. Would this be good roasted over apples? I’ve never had chimichurri, so I’m not sure if it goes well with apples.

  35. Hello, ladies. I recently cracked open your cookbook and once what I’ve found this far, as does my grateful husband. 🙂 A question: I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Uruguay. I ate two things there I’ve never been able to reproduce: chivitos (Uruguayan) and bauru (Brazilian). Both are sandwiches, and the chivitos often feature a chimichurri sauce like the one you posted here. Have either of you ever tried to make one off these items?

  36. I tried this tonight after looking online for a chimichurri recipe. I decided on yours because of the large amount of herbs it called for. I am not so much a “measurer” when I cook but I use recipes as guidelines. It came out fabulous!! I absolutely love it, and when I reread your recipe, I would say I pretty much followed it to a T. I do use pork tenderloin often and in many ways by the way, but after reading your other posts from your followers I now have some really good new ideas to try too!

    My question for you is have you frozen your chimichurri sauce?

    If it freezes well, I could make a bunch at the end of the season to use through the winter from my herb garden before it frosts. now I am going to check out some of your other recipes…….

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