Remember a few posts ago when Kate asked what your ultimate fall food was? The one you just absolutely HAVE to make when the leaves start turning? The one that says, “Fall is here and I want to savor every second of it” ?

Well this is mine.
And it wins by a landslide.
Just look. And click on that picture so you can see every last drip.

Now if you haven’t noticed, Kate and I are practical girls. We have a little formula that we live by in our culinary world. It’s kind of a work required + tastiness = ultimate payoff kind of thing. In other words, if something requires a significant amount of work, it better be really good. And if we can find an easier/faster/more cost effective way to do the same thing, and have it taste just as good, you better believe we’re going to take the easy road.

So take my ice cream sandwiches. When I first came up with these I made soft, homemade gingerbread cookies, homemade caramel, and this fabulous pumpkin ice cream from Williams-Sonoma. They are to die for. But also a lot of work. I will say that the pumpkin ice cream is fantastic, and worth the effort if you’ve got the time. I highly recommend you try it if you’re up for it. But I also figured I could come up with a mucheasier version of the whole sandwich that would taste just as great. Mission accomplished.

I came up with a great no-cook super easy Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream. (It’s great with any fall dessert). Instead of homemade gingerbread, I used cake mix cookies, which I actually like much better than the gingerbread. This time of year you can also get the refrigerated pre-made roll of Pillsbury gingerbread cookie dough and that would work too. Lastly, these spice cookies would be awesome as well. I haven’t tried it with those ones yet, but I’m dying to. Jarred caramel sauce finishes it off. I’m telling you- this is E-A-S-Y!

You MUST try these!


Follow instructions for Cake Mix cookies, using a “Spice Cake” flavored mix. Use a cookie scoop so you make sure to get uniform cookies. Before cooking, use the bottom of a glass sprayed with cooking spray to flatten the cookies (they’ll be better frozen if you flatten them). Under cook them. This is important! You want them very soft, otherwise they’ll get rock hard in the freezer. Cold crunchy cookies are not good. Frozen, soft, doughy cookies? Good.





  1. I don’t think you’re weird at all. I don’t really care for pie in general, so pumpkin pie isn’t my favorite. I always take a big fat pumpkin cheesecake with me wherever I go for Thanksgiving! I just got done slapping these puppies together, and had some samples…yum! I actually used Dryer’s Slow Churned pumpkin ice cream because it just came out for the season! Yeah! The combination of caramel and the cookies with the ice cream is fab…thanks! Can’t get enough of the pumpkin ice cream…cookies…bread…whatever. Is this why I gain 5 pounds every holiday season? 🙂

  2. I say yes, but then it’s like those people that don’t like tomatoes but like salsa, ketchup and spaghetti sauce. I am a true tomato hater. I like none of the above mentioned! I have a pumpkin roll recipe with a cream cheese frostings in the middle that is so ono (delicious) that I make instead of pumpkin pie, since I am not a huge fan of it myself

  3. I’m with you–I don’t like pumpkin pie, but LOVE anything else pumpkin–cookies, bread, smoothies (I was so sad when Jamba Juice discontinued their seasonal pumpkin smoothie), muffins, cheesecake, etc. This ice cream looks really good. If you have anymore pumpkin recipes, please share!

  4. Oh Sara…those look so yummy. Want to make me some as a going away gift? I love absolutely everything pumpkin. I love pumpkin ice cream, pie, bars, cake…you name it…we love it. I am totally loving the pumpkin pie blizzard at DQ right now. And I would totally make a pie if everything was not packed up in boxes 8(

  5. I die! I usually just lurk here, but I have to speak up because these look DIVINE. I can’t wait to try them.

    And, yes, I love pumpkin pie so much that I make them year-round. I’ll make two at a time, and then my kids and I eat them for breakfast. So healthy, I know.

  6. Crap, always a day late and a dollar short!! These look amazing. I don’t like pumpkin pie either but I love all other pumpkin concoctions, the problem is my husand loves pumpkin pie but doesn’t like anything else with pumpkin. . . solve that dilemma will ya!?

  7. I think I’m going to have to invite myself over to Jenny’s house to enjoy that ice cream! Those sandwiches look amazing and I know my husband would love them, I’ll have to try it!

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