Slushy Peach Punch

Sara and I have a long-documented complicated relationship with Bath & Body Works. I don’t know exactly how her addiction works, but mine goes like this: Bath & Body Works has a sale, I go in there for hand soaps, I come out with twice as many hand soaps as I went in for, plus candles, body wash, and lotion. And I never end up using the lotion. I then experience some self-loathing because I can’t possibly use all the soaps/lotions/candles while they’re in season and I also get mad because I’ll fall in love with a scent only to see it discontinued a few months later. Yes, I do realize that so far, this post is rife with first-world problems (throw in the fact that I cried today because my dog chewed up my daughter’s Rapunzel doll and I’m pretty pitiful…although I am running on a cocktail of zero sleep, Diet Coke, and post-partum hormones, which may explain a few things).

One of my favorite scents last summer was Peach Punch. But, because of my soap addiction, I didn’t actually use the soap until the fall/winter, so at that point, peaches were (sadly) out of season and it felt wrong and weird to try and make peach punch in January. So I patiently waited until the big, fat, juicy peaches started making their appearance this summer and I started experimenting. I also ate obscene amounts of peaches. With milk and sugar. I will not apologize for it.

For the slushy part of the punch, you’ll need about 1 1/2 pounds of peeled peaches (check out our tutorial on how to save your fingers and peel peaches easily here), sugar, water, peach Jell-O (don’t judge…), lime juice, and orange juice.

Combine the sugar, water, and peach Jell-O in a large saucepan and boil for 3 minutes.

Place the peeled peaches in a blender

and blend until smooth. You’ll want 3 cups of peach puree.

Juice several limes to get 1/3 cup lime juice.

Stir in the peach puree, lime juice, and orange juice. Place in a large Ziploc bag (or a couple of quart-sized Ziploc bags–that’ll be easier to use when you’re ready to make the slush) and freeze overnight or for several days.

To make the slush, you’ll need the peach mixture, plus 2 cups of pineapple sherbet and a 2-liter bottle of Sprite.

When ready to serve, allow the peach mixture to thaw for 15-20 minutes. Combine the peach mixture with the pineapple sherbet and Sprite in a large punch bowl or drink serving container.

Stir to combine everything (it could take a few minutes for things to get good and mixed and slushy). Serve with straws and spoons.

Makes 16-20 servings.



  1. My husbands biggest flaw? He loathes anything peach- taste/smell/texture. . . and I LVOE IT! Maybe I will just make this for ME!! Sounds delish. Thanks again girls!!

    Ooh, I could make it for the next bridal shower/birthday party I host! PERFECT!!

  2. I was all excited and ready to give this a try until I got to the pineapple sherbet. I haven’t seen pineapple sherbet in my area and wonder if I can use something else.

  3. Bet this would make a great popsicle too… going to pour some into popsicle molds for my little ones! Yum-O!!!

  4. Oh yeah! This looks awesome! And don’t feel too bad about the peaches, sugar, and milk–at least you use milk instead of half-and-half like I do! Delicious! And I totally hear you about falling in love with a scent that gets discontinued. I think peach nectar is my favorite, but it’s been gone for a loooong time. I better make some of this slush to get my peach fix. 🙂 thanks!

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