I have to tell you that when I started really cooking, one of the things I was most scared to make was pie crust. I’d only heard how hard it was, how bad tough, non-flaky crust can be, how careful you have to be, all that stuff. And I believed it. Wanna know a secret? I think Pillsbury secretly spreads these rumors that everyone will screw up pie crusts and that they’re hard and time-consuming to make so you’ll go buy their refrigerated pie crusts. Also, they want you to believe that there’s little difference in taste or texture between those pie crusts and the ones you can make yourself. That is a big, fat lie.

If you’ve never made your own pie crust, today is your day. It’s honestly not that hard to make your own and the results are so phenomenally different that you’ll never go back. It’s easy, it’s super tender and flaky, it’s forgiving, and you can so totally do it. Don’t let the Pillsbury Mafia make you believe otherwise.


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