Garlic-Herb Sandwich Spread

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Or “Magic Mayo” as some of my friends like to call it. Happy Monday to everyone out there!

I rarely use plain ol’ mayo on anything around here because it’s sooo much better when you add yummy stuff to it! This is one of the ways I like to use fresh herbs from my garden. This spread keeps in the fridge and I use it on sandwiches, burgers, paninis, wraps, etc. It takes any sandwich up a notch by adding tons of amazing flavors. Everyone will say, “What is that??” Or at least they always say that to me, which is why I’m finally writing this down so I can share it! You can use any herb combo you want- I just use whatever I have in my garden at the time and this happens to be my favorite mix.

This is best with fresh herbs, but if you want to make it with dried, just remember the rule of thumb is 1 part dry herbs = 3 parts fresh.

Lemon, basil, mayo, oregano, garlic, and rosemary



  1. Mmmmm….okay so tonight I paired this mayo with spicy honey chicken “burgers” and it was SOOOOO good!!! Seriously delish! I put tomatoes, onions, avocado and spinach with it as well. Love it!

  2. I happened to look here before I made dinner, and thanks to you my Gardenburgers were so much more awesome! Thanks Sara!

  3. Awesome. I was seriously JUST thinking the other day while making a sandwich, “I wish I knew how to make some awesome-tasting Mayo.” It’s like you’re mind readers!

  4. Yum!!! I almost wrote “yum-o,” which is almost a swear word around here! 🙂 Anyway, I can’t wait to try it!

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