Hot Fudge Sauce {and Fondue!}

Remember back when when I posted the Honey Citrus Vinaigrette recipe and talked about how sometimes you can just look at the ingredient list for a recipe and instantly know in the pit of your soul that it would make you happy? Well I have three words for you: Chocolate. Butter. Sweetened Condensed Milk. Any questions? I didn’t think so. If you’re wondering how something so incredibly simple could be so incredibly delicious, then you’ll just have to make it to find out. This was a favorite in our house growing up, and we especially loved it at Christmas time over peppermint ice cream. The great thing is that these are ingredients that (at least at our house) are always in the pantry. I promise once you make this you’ll never buy that bottled Hershey’s stuff again! And let’s face it; if you’re making homemade ice cream already, it deserves the best. 🙂

hot fudge sauce on ice cream

Hot Fudge Sauce

3oz semi-sweet chocolate*
(3 squares of baking chocolate, or about 1/2 C chocolate chips

1/4 C butter (that’s a half of a stick folks. Admit it, at least one of you didn’t know that)

1 Can Sweetened Condensed Milk

*I wouldn’t use milk chocolate for this, it’s way too sweet, however both dark and bittersweet are awesome

1. If you’re using baking squares, chop them up into small pieces so they melt easier. I chop the butter up into small chunks too.

2. Okay, it’s not rocket science. Put it in a pan on medium heat and melt it all together till it’s smooth, creamy, and just looking at it gives you happy thoughts.

3. If you have leftovers (but let’s be honest, you’ll have to quadruple the recipe to have leftovers) then put it in an airtight container in the fridge. It will harden into a soft, gooey fudge like consistency. Then keep a spoon handy on the counter and dip it in every time you pass by. This serves the same purpose as the always-open bags of chocolate chips that Kate and I both have in our pantries. Don’t deny it Kate.

hot fudge ingredients

Something else that might come in handy: The SINGLE SERVING.
In the comments of Kate’s Brazilian Lemonade post, I mentioned this great little invention:

The tiny can of sweetened condensed milk.

You find them not with the baking things, like regular sweetened condensed milk, but in the Latin Foods isle in a little six pack. They are PERFECT for all sorts of things when you don’t need a whole can. Each cute little can has 3.5 oz, which is 1/4 the size of a normal can. And it makes the most perfect single serving of this fudge sauce, so here’s the quantities for that!


Just for One:

1 tiny can sweetened condensed milk
2 T chocolate chips
1T butter

Just pop it in the microwave and heat in 45 second intervals until smooth!

Storage: This is just fine kept at room temp for a day, but if you are going to keep it overnight or for an extended period of time, pop it in the fridge and just reheat in the microwave.

cooking hot fudge sauce

Pretty Freaking Good poured over this stuff too:

Puffed French Toast (oooh, that’s naughty!)
Double Chocolate Waffles
Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream

hot fudge sauce
hot fudge in pot
So easy to make
hot fudge

Hot Fudge Sauce {and Fondue!}

This quick hot fudge is destined to become your new go-to for topping ice cream! Chocolate, butter, and sweetened condensed milk blend together to make an ideal thick, chocolatey fudge sauce perfect for drizzling on a sundae or dipping your favorite fruit.
Total Time 10 minutes


  • 3 ounces semi-sweet chocolate 3 squares of baking chocolate, or about 1/2 C chocolate chips. I wouldn't use milk chocolate for this, it's way too sweet, however both dark and bittersweet are awesome.
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk


  • If you're using baking squares, chop them up into small pieces so they melt easier. I chop the butter up into small chunks too.
  • Combine chocolate, butter, and sweetened condensed milk in a saucepan. Place pan over medium heat and melt, stirring continuously, until everything melts together.
  • Serve over ice cream, or as fondue with your favorite fruit.


If you have leftovers (but let's be honest, you'll have to quadruple the recipe to have leftovers) then put it in an airtight container in the fridge. It will harden into a soft, gooey fudge like consistency. Then keep a spoon handy on the counter and dip it in every time you pass by. If you want to use it as sauce again, simply microwave at 15-30 second intervals, stirring each time, until desired consistency is reached.
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Questions & Reviews

  1. I missed how many this serves and do you use the regular can of sweetened milk? i want to serve this on thanksgiving for 12 will it be enough? or should i doulble it and one last? can i add extra chips or should i make this to the T. I have tried other fudge sauces and pretty much given up until i read this and all your reviews!
    hope in kansas 11/08

  2. I just remembered that I asked this question a while back and came back to check the post. I meant caramel sauce…duh. Sorry! I’m sure you have a hard time not typing “duh” in answers to questions sometimes! Sorry…I’ll wait for the carame sauce 🙂

  3. bz and laura- no don’t worry, you’re not blind! I had planned to do the two recipes that day, but I ended up just posting the chocolate. The caramel sauce is just a basic caramelized sugar + cream + butter, and I’ll put it up on of these days!

  4. Aubrie-
    You must have skimmed right over the recipe! It’s in this post. There’s also a recipe for a “just for one” chocolate sauce in there. And those jars are just made by Ball-normal canning jars. I got them at Walmart!

  5. Sorry, I’m a few months late, but I just found your blog. Do you have a recipe for the chocolate sauce? I totally want to do this for Christmas gifts. Also, where did you get those cute little jars. SO cute!

  6. What’s wrong with you Alison, you don’t like chewy lumps in your chocolate sauce?? lol. Most likely, the heat was a little to high and the sweetened condensed milk got stuck to the bottom of the pan. Then when you stir it, it gets scraped off and stirred into the sauce resulting in “chewy lumps.” I know because I’ve done that before! lol. Try using a non-stick sauce pan, and starting on a lower heat, or just do it in the microwave.

  7. I made this and it was delicious, but mine also had some chewy lumps in it. Is it supposed to be that way, or did I not stir enough, cook on too high of a heat, cook too long? I mean, I’m all for chewy lumps if that is how it is supposed to turn out, but for some reason I think I did something wrong. Any ideas what may have happened?

  8. Now you need to offer a prize for the people who live more than 10 miles away because that is just not fair! Maybe you should send us a cool kitchen tool or a bottle of that smoked paprika??? 🙂 You know you love me BEST right???

  9. Uhhhhh, I thought the way you originally posted the recipe WAS for a single serving! Silly me!

  10. This looks absolutely DIVINE! Now all I need is an ice cream maker! (Maybe I’ll tell Terry that’s what I want for Christmas…if only Christmas weren’t that far away!)

  11. Pshhh.whatever…NOT FAIR! lol..just kidding. I knew Pyper or Brie would be all over that.

    Yes Lindsay is my sister. She’s the! hahaha. I’m hilarious. I LOVE ICE CREAM!!!

  12. Whoa. I’m totally stealing your Christmas gift idea.

    If you want, I can give you credit when I hand out the gifts. “brought to you by The Daily Bite”.

  13. I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw there were already 16 responses by noon! Maybe I should get the caramel because we are moving across the country this summer and it has been WAY too long since we have gotten together! (*come one Sara, you know you wanna bring it to me and then you can pick up your Christmas present!*)

  14. Oh, and thanks Lindsay, we’re glad you liked ice cream week! You’re Carly’s sister, right?

  15. Crap, Brie beat me to it!! 🙂 That fudge sauce is DEVINE!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I will never buy the store crud again. SOOO GOOD!!!!

  16. me me me!!! I could really use some! I could meet you half way even since I am pushing the 10 mile radius! heading that way around 1 or 2 🙂

  17. Well, I can’t qualify for the hot fudge sauce (though nothing beats homemade hot fudge sauce and this recipes looks divine), so you can be sure this comment is 100% sincere. (Not that that others aren’t!) I’ve LOVED this week on the Daily Bite. Homemade ice cream is one of life’s simple pleasures and I’ve eagerly anticipated checking your blog each day this week. I’ll be trying your recipes for sure! Thanks from one of those people you don’t know who reads your blog.

  18. annnnd we have a winner! One fudge sauce and ice cream showing up for you Tricia, my fellow chocoholic 🙂

  19. Yes Kate. I take my ice cream condiments *very* seriously and will send it overnight during an emergency, lol.

    erin- you’re not under water are you?? I didn’t know you were in Iowa.

    owens d.c.- Dawn lives about 30 seconds from me, she should get her bum on here and claim some ice cream!

    patti- thanks! I’m so glad you like our blog. We look forward to “seeing” you around here 🙂

    Heidi- I don’t think I’ve ever tried peppermint and caramel together, but heck, how could it be bad? lol.

  20. Hmmm, I’m probably not within a 10 mile radius but I’m speaking up hopefully anyway! My dear hubby’s FAVORITE thing in the whole world is peppermint ice cream with homemade caramel, so I’m excited to try your recipe from yesterday. Might be a few weeks before I get to it, but it’s definitely on the list.

  21. How about West Jordan? Does that count? What if I met you half-way? As for the sucking up part, oh, I mean show-the-love part, I only discovered your blog about a week ago, but I’ve read every single post since then and it is at the top of my list for favorite food blogs! You two ladies ROCK!

  22. Is Iowa within a 10 mile radius? I really need some Ben & Jerry’s. Oh well. I guess I could drive 2 miles to the store…

    This looks so yummy. Thanks for the recipe!

  23. Yeah, so I totally missed the part about it being within a 10-mile radius of you and I was like, “WOW! She’s going to SAME DAY SHIP ice cream and hot fudge sauce?!” And then I read more carefully.