Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip CookiesAs most of you saw, my family has had visitors the past few days!  Kate and her kiddos drove away today and now it’s back to normal life and normal schedules for a few days before my family leaves for some summer traveling.  Cooking has been hit and miss for me over the past few weeks as our schedules have been crazy, and I’m not going to lie- it gets challenging to keep up with our blogging calender!  That’s why I was so happy when I was going through some files today on my computer and found this little gem from several months ago.  I had forgotten that I photographed them one rainy Sunday afternoon (in keeping with the fact that I am genetically programmed to bake cookies on Sunday afternoons), and now they’re saving the day so I don’t have to run into the kitchen tonight and frantically cook and photograph something!  I’ve been editing photos all day for another project (see a sneak peek on our Facebook page) and Kate and I are still going to show you some pics of our weekend together too, so we’ve got lots of fun stuff coming up.  But for now- we shall eat cookies.  These are just good, simple, make ’em on the spur of the moment type of cookies.  Easy peasy.

We’re talking basic cookie-making here.  Start with butter (real butter!), peanut butter, sugar and brown sugar.

Cookie ingredients

Mix it up until it’s smooth and creamy.  Sampling optional but recommended at this point.

Peanutbutter cookie dough

Drop in an egg and a little vanilla and mix that up,

adding egg

and then in with some dry ingredients: flour, baking soda and baking powder.

Dry ingredients

Stir in some chocolate chips.  You can use milk, semi-sweet, dark, big chunks, mini chips, whatever you want.  Sometimes you might want dark chocolate chunks and chopped peanut butter cups.  It happens.

PB Cups
Stir those in and try to not eat all of these cookies in dough form.

Cookie Dough
Drop into balls on a lined cookie sheet (you can roll them in sugar first if you want, I don’t).

Cookie Dough Balls

and give them a gentle criss-cross with a fork. You don’t need to flatten them way down, just gently press.

Cris Cross Cookies

Bake them until they’re just set around the edges (if you over bake them, they’ll crisp up pretty fast) and let cool for a few minutes on the sheet before you transfer them to a cooling rack.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Our Best Bites

definitely pour a big glass of cold milk, and dig in!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies



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Questions & Reviews

  1. I have been using this recipe forever! They are the best peanut butter cookie. Can’t wait to try them with chopped peanut butter cups! Genius!

  2. I made these last weekend, and the dough was scrumptious! But the cookies came out way flat. Any idea why?

  3. I made these over the weekend and they were yummy. I did what you did with the peanut butter cup and it makes the cookie!
    Thank you for the recipe.

  4. Um… Yum! 🙂 these passed the husband test and peanut butter cookies are his fav. Thanks!

  5. You posted this recipe at the perfect time! My friend is a peanut butter and chocolate lover. Her Dad passed away this morning and I quickly whipped up a batch of these to send over with the dinner that I made. I know that even at this sad time, these cookies are bound to make her (and her family) very happy. A delicious and perfect cookie! Thanks for posting, they turned out amazing!

  6. Yum! I’ve been trying to find a good peanut butter chocolate chip cookie recipe and have yet to find one. I’ll have to give this one a try!

  7. I made these this afternoon, with the Reese’s PB cup addition. I’m not even a huge fan of peanut butter cookies, but these were DELICIOUS!! Thanks for another great recipe!

  8. I literally looked for a pb cookie recipe on here a week ago. The problem
    With my recipe…they are dry. Do you have that problem with this one?

  9. Noticed that there wasn’t any salt. Omission or just no salt?
    Thanks.Looks yummy.

    1. You get plenty of salt from both the peanut butter and the salted butter, so you’re good to go!

  10. Since I’m allergic to nuts, can I sub in sun butter for the peanut butter? Thanks-these look delish!

  11. I’ve always wondered why you have to criss cross peanut butter cookies. What would happen if you skipped that step?

    1. With this recipe, they just don’t flatten out very much on their own and you end up with a puffed center (so they don’t bake as evenly). I know because I’ve tried, lol. But not all PB cookies are like that; some work just fine when dropped into balls and the crisscrossing is more for looks 😉

  12. A. Maze. Ing. I am so hungry right now and craving sweets. Thought the tootsie rolls I just ate would do the trick….until I saw these PB cookies. Yum!

  13. Do you use salted or unsalted butter?
    And what does the oven temp need to be set at? I really need to make these! 🙂

  14. Hi, just wondering what temperature to bake these at? or maybe I just overlooked it. -Elaine

  15. I think I might need to make these soon. Like today. And putting peanut butter cups in them is genius!

  16. These look absolutely scrumptious! I love anything peanut butter and chocolate!

  17. *DROOLING!* My two favorites….printed out the recipe! Thank you for sharing!

  18. I suck at baking cookies – I always over cook them! Whats the trick? I feel like I need to pull them out when they still appear to be slightly undercooked but I usually wait until they look cooked and then they are hard! ugh!

    1. You just said the trick 🙂 Don’t cook them too long! The middles should still look undercooked and the outside edges should be just set. By the time they cool they’ll be perfect.

    1. They’re crumbly on the outside and soft in the middle- as long as you don’t overcook them! I have a chewier PB cookie that I’m perfecting that will probably pop up here in the future!

  19. YUM!!! Obviously, this is one of the best cookies around. Peanut butter and chocolate is always a winner!

  20. Why do I have to be at work today and not at home where I could be baking these cookies in my slippers? It’s even unusually cold here in the northeast (for this time of year), so I wouldn’t mind having the oven on. :Pouting:

  21. Making these soon for two equally good reasons: 1) my 9-yr-old was begging me to make PB cookies (“you never make them! As I begin to rattle all the other sweet treats I have been making…) and 2) Every cokie recipe of OBB that I’ve tried is the “one”. Looking forward to the pics of your girl time.

  22. I have found that it is usually those basic cookie recipes that are the yummiest, and I think you’ve gone and nailed it with this one! I love how you don’t measure the chocolate chips and just go for it, haha!