Choosing a check-out line at the grocery store is a fine art.  I’ve learned to recognize the store employees where I shop and know which ones are the fastest.  When Walmart is packed I can tell when they’ve grabbed the guys from the tire center to ring up groceries and avoid all of them if I have any produce.  I can often tell just by a woman’s purse if she’s going to bust out a check book and write very slowly in longhand cursive.  I can spot a couponer from a mile away thanks to the ginormous binders they carry around- or if not that, then the fact that they have 27 of every item in their cart- and avoid getting in line behind them (no offense couponers; I’m glad you got 900 free bottles of mustard, really I am, I just don’t like standing in line behind you.  We can still be friends, right??)  And if I’m at a store where I have to load my stuff onto the belt I have the organization down to a science to roll over into the most efficient bagging technique.  Why all of this hoopla for a grocery store line you ask?  I have 3 kids under the age of 6.  I hate check-out lanes.  They are designed specifically to pain and torment mothers.  I’m fairly certain that there are top secret specialists somewhere in the world who are hired as consultants for this very purpose.  (“Definitely put gum at the level of a 3 year old” “Hey I know, let’s have baskets of shiny light-up bouncy balls on the bottom shelf!”  “Is it lame?  Is it cheap?  Does it have magical pheromones that attract children to it?  Yes!  Put it in the check-out aisle!)  But I have a little secret.  When I’m shopping alone without my kids I use all of my same tricks to choose the absolute longest, slowest line I can find.  It’s like a little guilt-free mini vacation where I have nothing else to do but grab a bunch of magazines and start reading.  A couple of weeks ago I read the entire Betty Crocker holiday mini-mag cover to cover, and that’s what brings us to this little gem.  This recipe is on the cover and it’s been taunting me for weeks now!

It’s no secret I’m a pumpkin pie hater.  I usually make an Apple Pie, or our Pumpkin Cheesecake for Thanksgiving, but I was intrigued by this one because it’s not a pumpkin flavored cheesecake- it’s a regular cheesecake with toffee bits, topped with a pumpkin pie.  I learned I can totally handle pumpkin pie when it’s mixed with creamy cheesecake.  The best of both worlds!  So if you’ve got some haters and some lovers in your Thanksgiving group this year, give this one a shot; it just might please everyone!

Start with the crust, which is your basic butter and graham cracker crumb mixture.  If I have to choose between regular pie crust and graham cracker crust, the graham wins every time.

And press it into the bottom of a springform pan.

That goes in the oven to bake for a few minutes, and while it does you can mix up your cheesecake layer.  One trick when making any kind of cheesecake is to have all of your ingredients at room temperature, or even slightly warm.  Soften your cream cheese in the microwave if it’s still chilled until you can easily stir it with a spoon.  Place your eggs in a bowl of warm water for 5-10 minutes to take the chill off.  That way everything will blend together; if you add cold eggs to semi cold cream cheese, you get a big bowl of lumps.  Admit it; you’ve been there.

When your cheesecake layer is all mixed up (cream cheese, sugar, eggs, and vanilla) you’ll mix in some toffee bits.

Make sure when you’re at the store you grab regular toffee and not the chocolate covered ones.  Not that chocolate covered toffee can really ever be a bad thing, but, ya know…

Spread the cheesecake layer over the baked crust and set it aside.  Give the bowl you were working in before a quick rinse and then whip up your pumpkin pie layer.

In goes pumpkin, eggs,

cream, sugar,

and a few spices.

Then very carefully, and slowly pour the pumpkin layer over the cheesecake.  You want to avoid pouring it all out in one big gush because it will mess up your layers.  It actually works best to pour it out of the side of the bowl, not from the spout as you see me doing here.  (Do as I say not as I do).

And that baby goes into the oven for 2 hours.  Yes, two.  We’re cooking low and slow here folks.  When the edges are set, but the center is still a little jiggly, just turn off the oven and crack the door, but leave the pan in the oven for about 30 minutes.  If you’re like me and have little ones at oven height, you can leave the door shut.  Just walk by and crack it periodically during the 30 minutes to let a little heat out.

After it comes out and cools completely, run a knife around the edge of the pan, but leave it in the pan.  Cover it with plastic wrap and chill for at least 6 hours or preferably overnight.  You could probably even freeze this. I know because I didn’t have 6 hours so I popped it in the freezer and it mostly froze!  I left it at room temp for a few minutes before serving and it was great.

When you’re ready to serve it, plop some whipped cream on top.  I’m generally a proponent of using fresh sweetened whipped cream for this sort of thing, but you could also use Cool Whip, or the kind in a spray can.

Not gonna lie, I totally got my spray-can on with this one.

Inside you’ll be all set up to have a bit of 50/50 cheesecake and pumpkin pie.

Pretty good combo if you ask me!




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  1. I have never been able to stomach pumpkin pie, so I am definately going to be trying this one for Thanksgiving this year. It’s at our house and I just assigned the desserts to me. Hahaha

  2. I used to always crush up whole Heath bars because I could NEVER find the pieces that you ladies use in your recipes… until last night. They FINALLY made their way over to Germany and when I saw them I got SO excited (my husband was probably embarrassed) and knew I had to stock up. I think it’s a sign! This will definitely be our Thanksgiving dessert this year! Holy yum.

    1. Oh yay! You know, even here in the states it’s hit and miss with the plain ones. The chocolate ones are usually everywhere but not all stores carry the plain ones. I’m always excited when I see them as well!

  3. What a delicious idea! Our family favorite for Thanksgiving is an ice cream pumpkin pie, because most of the boys don’t care for regular pumpkin. However, we DO love cheesecake, and I like regular pumpkin pie, so we’ll definitely give this a try – maybe even before Thanksgiving Day itself! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your post made my day. While I do coupon, I do not buy a zillion of a single item. I buy one or two…but I also avoid those same lines. 🙂 And, I totally browse the magazines when I do not have my three children with me, as well.

    This pie looks amazingly awesome. I pinned it and cannot wait to make it!

  5. Haha, the wonderful check out! I figure if they’re dumb enough to put all that stuff down there, my kids can play with it to their little hearts content as long as they know that it does not go home with us. It actually works out pretty well for me.

  6. I cannot wait to make this for Thanksgiving!! Luckily I have some toffee bits leftover from the best cake ever (chocolate mousse crunch cake)!!
    I also DESPISE the checkout. My son must touch EVERYTHING…it is the most stressful part of grocery shopping.

  7. My husband doesn’t like either pumpkin pie OR cheesecake. Can you imagine? I think this looks fabulous but I fear I would be the only one to eat it and that would make it terribly difficult to keep losing my baby weight. I’ll have to figure out who I can invite for Thanksgiving that won’t be a pumpkin pie purist but will be willing to eat enough of this so I don’t have 90% of it left after the guests go home.

  8. This sounds amazing! I just stocked up on the bits o brickle and I’m pretty sure I now know what one bag will be turning into soon!

  9. Sounds like you need to tell your stores to offer family friendly check out lanes. They don’t have toys, candy, or magazines. They put fruit, healthy snacks and they are usually set away from the lanes most used so they are not that busy. By the way this looks yummy. Going to have to try it.

    1. We DO need those! I’ve heard of those, but have never seen them anywhere I shop. Honestly the thing that bothers me the most isn’t the candy and silly toys- it’s the naughty magazine covers!

      1. Fred Meyers actually have the family friendly checkouts here in the area Sara. They are in the middle of the others and there are still candy, but it’s further away, it’s a wide aisle checkout so you can also get the kid car carts through easier. Most stores are putting blocks in front of the magazine covers that are risque, if yours doesn’t, talk to the manager.

      2. Totally agree about the naughty magazine covers! Whenever I shop with my kids (one’s 6, the other 7 and both boy’s)I flip all naughty ones around. By the time I leave, everyone is embarrassed because my boy’s keep asking all these question’s about what they’ve seen, and why did I turn that around. Ugh!

  10. That was the funniest post I’ve read so far…I could SO relate because I do exactly the same things to get out quicker…It was like you read my mind and put it in words…a good laugh..thanks!

  11. I wish you had written the recipe for the (candy corn colored) Cheesecake Mousse I made for our Halloween party! The recipe mentioned thawing the Cool Whip but said nothing of the cream cheese, just beat until ‘smooth’. The whole thing was full of chunks (tasty, but embarrassing). Afterward I realized that it should have been heated first just like you said.

  12. I am SO glad you posted this. I saw this same recipe while in line at the grocery store with my toddler and didn’t have time to write it down and I haven’t seen it since! You are definitely on my favorite persons list right now.

  13. Oooh, that looks SO good! I think the fam might mutiny on me if I didn’t make my pumpkin pies, but I might have to try this before (or after) the actual holiday.

  14. I will SO impress my in-laws when I serve this on Thanksgiving! Not being one to try a new recipe when expecting company, I’d better give this a trial run sometime soon. My husband will love me.

  15. You totally just made my day! Now to find a dear friend from the states to send me some toffee bits before turkey day. 🙂

  16. Would this be okay without the toffee bits? I really dislike toffee, but love the idea of the layered pumpkin pie and cheesecake.

  17. But does the cheesecake taste like cheesecake or cream cheese? I’m not a fan of cream cheese and only like flavored cheesecakes where you can’t taste the cream cheese. I’m also not a huge fan of pure pumpkin pie, I usually make one that has pudding & cool whip in it to lighten the pumpkin flavor. Yes, I’m weird.

  18. Funny about the chocolate toffee bits being everywhere but not the plain ones. In San Diego, I can only find the chocolate-covered ones between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but the plain kind are in the stores all year. 🙂

    Do you ever bake your cheesecakes in a water bath? Did the pumpkin pie layer get a bit overdone around the edges? I wonder if a waterbath would prevent that – or maybe it wasn’t a problem at all. It just seems like 2 hours is such a long time for the pumpkin part (but totally necessary for the cheesecake.)

    It looks amazing, and since I’m not a big pumpkin pie fan, I’m for sure gonna have to make this!

    1. This one actually doesn’t need a water bath, because the pumpkin pie layer is on top, it sort of protects the cheesecake. In fact, it was the pumpkin layer that was borderline undercooked on mine, and the edges aren’t overcooked at all on any of the layers.

  19. hahaha, I love this post. 1. The cheesecake looks awesome, and I’m going to try it, but more importantly, 2. I’m pretty sure I’ve said almost verbatim, what you have said about check out lines. I couldn’t agree more.

  20. Ha, ha! I loved this post! I definitely love the sinner, hate the sin with couponing! We aren’t pumpkin pie eaters either, but we LOVE your pumpkin cheesecake with the gingersnap crust! I made it for Thanksgiving last year, and my father-in-law even requested that I make it for his birthday this year…which was in June! It was delicious then too! I look forward to trying this one! Thanks for all the great yumminess!

  21. No kidding about the arrangement of stuff at the check-out – I used to know a guy who designed store layouts for a living, and yes, they do that on purpose. Likewise the pretty colored boxes of sugary cereal at kid-eye level.

    About toffee bits – they don’t sell the non-chocolate covered ones here in the east. 🙁 If I want those (and I do) I have to get my mother-in-law in Missouri to send them to me.

  22. This sounds amazing! Not to mention, what a beautiful slice. I must admit I do like pumpkin pie, but only my grandmother’s recipe. It’s much different than the standard. This I could definitely go for.

  23. 2 great things.. take that 3 in one dessert = 😀
    I have to say at first I was a little turned off because my college serves a wannabe version of this using no bake pie stuff when they have leftovers of both..
    but by the end you had me hopeful again.

  24. Sara, your shopping trips sound exactly like mine! I’ve gotten in line behind someone who then proceeded to whip out their checkbook and it took me back to grocery shopping with my mom when I was 10. Seriously, who does that anymore!? This cheesecake would be a welcomed escape from the craziness! Just wait until Christmas…talk about crazy!

    1. I have to admit that for a month my wallet (with all of my credit and debit cards) was missing (still is actually…) and I had to pay for everything with checks. But I had them filled out and ready before the total rang up and I tried so hard to be fast! I seriously felt so sheepish getting my checkbook out but I had no other option.

  25. Haha! Your post made me laugh, Sara. I totally agree with you about the grocery store lines and how someone had the not-so-brilliant idea to put things kids would LOVE right in the checkout lane. LAME. This recipe looks AWESOME! It reminds me of the pumpkin cheesecake (it is also in layers) that a friend of mine gave me the recipe to. It’s really yummy! But it doesn’t have toffee pieces in it! And I can totally tell that the toffee pieces would make it even better! 🙂 I think I’ll make this for Thanksgiving dessert this year! :))

  26. So I was completely planning on the pumpkin-ginger pizcookies for thanksgiving because they looked like everything yummy rolled into cute single servings!! … And then you post this beauty. I guess this is why the two of you are my BFF ( …as in you hardly know me, but I feel like I know everything about you girls… ) On the hunt now for toffee bits for the chocolate moose cake, for this week … and then this better-than-pie dessert 🙂 Thanks for the ongoing inspiration!!

  27. Heavens! I’m not sure it could get any better than this! Will definitely be trying this one. Thanks. BTW- I’m with you on the shopping with kiddos. I’ve been known to let people in line in front of me if I think I can outlast bedtime. 🙂

  28. I’m the exact same way! I’m not a pumpkin pie fan, but I love pumpkin cheesecake. I’m definitely making this pie for Thanksgiving this year. Thanks for the recipe!

  29. I also HATE check out lines. As I also have three kids under 6 (well my oldest is 5). What I hate even more than check out lanes??? Is self check out lanes. I have been fooled a few times thinking that it will be quicker because the ONE and only non self check out lane has a line a mile long. But with kids and the stupid thing telling me to put the item in the bag or not being able to find the price. Urgh! Shouldn’t we get like a 50% discount for using those self check outs?
    I am glad to hear I am not the only one who complains about check out lanes. Thanks for all of the recipes! My family thinks that I am amazing and its all thanks to you guys!

    1. Oh self check outs are the WORST! lol They take 10 times as long, and then double that for every child you have in attendance, haha.

  30. Looks fabulous, and thanks for the laugh – checkout lines with kids are horrible, and heavenly for the few minutes without them. 🙂

  31. I load my cart in a specific way and I unload it onto the conveyer belt in a specific way. Nothing makes me madder than when the bagger has the audacity to change it up. I found my soul-mate of a checker at the Walmart Market in Layton, UT. I was so sad to move away. She intuitively knew what I needed and she gave it to me in the form of correctly bagged groceries. Oh how I miss her.

  32. Gorgeous cheesecake! My husband isn’t a pumpkin fan but he looooves cheesecake. I wonder if he’d be satisfied with a pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving… May have to give this a try! And when I’m at the store, I always place things on the belt in the order that they should be bagged. For 2 years I cashiered at the grocery store and it saves so much time and makes it easier for the cashier if things are organized on the belt. I’m sure the cashiers love you for sorting the groceries 🙂

    1. The best cheesecake. Made it for Thanksgiving and could barely wait for it to chill. Had to make some pushpops because we ate it all the night before.

  33. any chance these could be successful in cupcake form?? I think I will make this for a “cocktail hour” type gathering this weekend, and just thinking that a handheld option could be really great…

    1. Ya, you could probably do them in mini form, maybe in foil liners? You’d just have to eyeball the cooking time; I’m not sure how long that would take. Let me know if you decide to try it!

  34. The tasty recipe aside, this post was worth it just for the astute observation(s) that check-out line(s) must be part of Dante’s circles reserved just for moms of small children. lol!

  35. This looks soooo good. I’m not a huge pumpkin pie fan. It looks delicious layered with cheesecake and toffee!! Yum Yum. May have to volunteer to make this pie for Thanksgiving. 🙂

  36. Ditto to everything, Sara. Check out lines, pumpkin pie, everything.

    The other day when I had to wrangle the grocery store with not only my 4 kiddos, but one extra friend, just for fun, we totally walked out of the store with a STOLEN bag of Skittles that my 2-year-old had nabbed from that blasted bottom shelf while I wasn’t looking. I had to send my 8-year-old back into the store to give the candy back while my 2-year-old SCREAMED “candy candy candy” and wriggle to avoid his carseat buckle.

    Love your blog!

  37. Wow! Can I just tell you amazing this looks? Is it wrong that I kind of want to lick the computer screen? Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one who despises shopping with my children but treats the trip like a mini vacation when they’re not with me!

  38. How did you keep your top from cracking!?! I usually lift my springform pan into a larger roasting pan and put an inch or so of water in the roaster to keep the top from cracking, but another idea occurs to me – you cook till edges are just set and the top is still jiggly – I cook till my top puffs up a little bit and that’s probably why it cracks – what’s your experience?

    1. Peggy – cook it until the center is still jiggly – not wet on top, but still a little moveable when wiggled – then leave the oven door cracked (with the oven off) for 30-60 minutes like she said in the instructions. It helps the center set without getting dried out and cracked. For sure take out cheesecakes before they puff up at all. Once they puff, they’ll be dry. Kind of like taking out cookies when the edges are just barely golden and the center is still a little wet, but then letting them cool for a few minutes on the cookie sheet – the centers finish cooking without the whole cookie getting overdone. 🙂

      I also generally do cheesecakes in a waterbath to ensure even baking, but I asked about that above and Sara said that the pumpkin layer helped protect the cheesecake from getting dried out. If anything, the pumpkin layer was close to not being done. (comment #30). Good luck!

      1. Thanks so much for the detail – it’s usually pumpkin pie that splits on me – I cover the top of my cheesecakes in so much cherry filling you’d never know if the thing was cracked or not! Thanks again!

      2. KJRISTI –

        I’m trying it today. Times THREE! I am making one for my family’s Thanksgiving, one for my husband’s family, and one for the open house we have on Thanksgiving Saturday. I have followed the instructions to the T so far and they’re now in the oven – wish me luck!

        1. I just read this and I know it was months ago, but if you test doneness on your pumpkim pies or cheesecakes with a knife, that alone can cause it to crack. There are sometimes other factors too, but if you always check it with a knife and it always cracks, that could be why. Just a thought.

  39. Wow, it looks so yummy! I’ll be making this for my own birthday in December and people are gong to ask me where I got this recipe. Best Bites, of course!

  40. Just tried this recipe and when I turned the oven off and cracked the door open, it cracked in the middle. Why would that happen?

  41. I made this last night. Just tried it. It’s good, but not exceptional. I’ve got some questions…

    First, my layers mostly blended together. I tried to be really careful when adding the pumpkin layer on top… poured slowly out the side of the bowl, etc. Layers are still kaput (only 1/4-1/2 an inch of cheesecake visible on the bottom, rest is all blended). Would maybe putting the cheesecake + crust in the fridge for 5 minutes to cool it off/firm it up a bit help?

    Secondly, my pumpkin pie on top cracked. I made a regular pumpkin pie on Monday and that one did not crack. This one though, did… It looked fine when I shut the oven off and opened the door, but by the time I took it out, it was cracked.

    Lastly, I don’t have any Pumpkin Pie spice on hand (I always add in individual spices to my pie: ginger, cloves, cinnamon, some nutmeg), so I used my usual spices. I think that the spice might have overwhelmed the whole thing. Is using the pumpkin pie spice a milder flavor?

    Any suggestions?! Thanks 🙂

    1. Kate-

      Chilling could possibly help. I didn’t chill and I like how my layers turned out. I would try slowly spooning it on with a spoon rather than pouring.

      Mine didn’t crack either so I can’t help ya there! Perhaps you could cook it in a water bath next time, or decrease the baking time.

      Lastly, pumpkin pie spice is a blend and it’s not equal amounts of each individual spices. Since I don’t know what ratio you added to yours, and how much of it, I’m not sure how it compares to the actual recipe. You’d have to try it to find out!

    2. Mine cracked too! I’m a pastry chef but I like to follow recipes before I figure out how to fix them. Of course, maybe I should have tried this before I wanted to serve it for Thanksgiving! Oh well! I’m sure it’ll still taste good. Next time I’m just going to take it out and not let it sit in the oven after cooking.

  42. This recipe looks fabulous,and combining cheesecake and pumpkin sounds heavenly to me.
    Question: I don’t have a springform pan (or even know what it is), is that essential? Would it work in a glass pyrex pan?

  43. I tasted this tonight at Book club. Our friend loves your recipes and made it as a treat to share. I was delicious! My thighs thank you.

  44. Oh how I totally agree with everything that you said about check out lines. You must have been reading all us mothers’ minds! I too have 3 kids…4 1/2 and under. There should be a checkout lane just for us. They have self-checkout, speedy checkout, and regular, and handicapped parking. But what about US??? 🙂 This looks delicious! Definately going to try this out.

  45. Here I sit at 2 am because I didn’t read through the instructions completely before making this! I started at 11 pm when I realized it needed to be refrigerated for 6+ hours and I am making it for a party that is in 18 hours! But still I don’t notice that it bakes for over 2 hours. My first “homemade” cheesecake….I hope it tastes fabulous since I have actually given up sleep to make it lol. And thus I am reminded why I don’t bake very often. It looks amazing and smells wonderful! Let’s home it tastes as good!

  46. Can we say YUM? Man this looks SO GOOD…I can’t wait to try it…even though we are a family of pumpkin pie LOVERS…what could be better…cheesecake with it…
    Thanks for this recipe…
    Last year, we made your individual pies in jars as Christmas gifts for our family members and they were a HUGE HIT…thank you for that…I also made recipe cards for your peppermint fudge cake that you prepare in the jar too…sorry the name is escaping me right now…I wonder…have you done any experimenting with cheesecakes in the jars? I would LOVE to make those maybe next year…and if they could be frozen, that would be a bonus!
    Thanks for all the great recipes…I really love your site.

  47. Made a “test run” of this recipe yesterday so I’ll be prepared to take it to the in-laws on Thanksgiving. It is DELICIOUS! Thanks to your in-depth walk thru, it turned out beautifully. I may never make plain pumpkin pie again…

  48. I totally cracked up about the shopping lines. I have quite a few checkers that I will not use – I’m too impatient but some of them are so ridiculously slow, it is painful. There’s also one that I avoid because she asks extremely personal questions!

    So anyhow. I made this dessert last night and we had it with lunch today. We had family over so I had an excuse to make it. It was awesome!!! My oven isn’t very good to me when it comes to baking at low temperatures, so I actually needed to bake mine for an extra half hour. But it turned out fantastic!

  49. OK, so never mind about my oven issue. Apparently I can’t read. I used a 29-oz. can of pumpkin. No wonder it took an extra 1/2 hour. But it still turned out great! LOL

  50. I would love tips/tutorials on how to not crack your cheesecake/ pumpkin pie tops. I’ve never cooled for 30 min after in the oven, so I will give that a try. Also tips on waterbaths would be great too. I know this is a silly question, but can water get in through your spring-form into the cheesecake? Thanks.

  51. Made it over the weekend with my son…It is soo delish and it looks restaurant quality on the plate with the spray of whip cream and the sprinkled toffee bits! Thanks

  52. I made this yesterday for my husband’s birthday and boy-oh-boy did you ladies make me look good! This is a winner of a recipe, not too much cheesecake and just the right amount of pumpkin. I failed to notice that it needed some time in the fridge to set up, however popping it in the freezer worked like a charm! Thanks for the tip!

  53. This looks amazing and I really want to make it but we are travelling two hours away for Thanksgiving. Any idas how to travel with this dessert?

    1. We traveled this weekend to an early Thanksgiving. I packed it in an insulated cooler bag with an ice pack and it traveled great. I left it in the springform pan until we were ready to serve it.

  54. Absolutely to die for!! I made this for a church potluck on Sunday and there were no leftovers. Thanks for another great recipe.

  55. I was curious to know if this would fare well if I switched the sugar for splenda instead? want to try making it for thanksgiving but most of the older folks in the family are diabetics and want to save them the hyperglycemic coma after.

  56. Do NOT hesitate to make this!! It is soooo good! Will definately be making it for the holidays…it did crack on me, but whipped cream is the answer! 🙂

  57. For anyone interested I saw the toffee bits at Target yesterday. I plan on making this for Thanksgiving…which I know is the curse of death to try a new recipe when feeding other folks, but I just have to make it. This will be one of two OBB recipes on my menu!

    1. April, I do this ALL the time – find a new recipe and make it for a holiday or an important dinner. I don’t know why I love to tempt fate this way, but I’ve done it with Kung Pao Chicken, Chicken Tetrazzi, and now this pie. I don’t dare tell you how the first two came out for fear of cursing my winning streak, LOL!

  58. This looks AMAZING! I really want to make this for Thanksgiving (which is also going to be my mother’s birthday party!!!) but I was wondering if it would be OK to use chocolate covered toffee instead of regular toffee? And to get the top to not crack, should I use a water bath? If so, does the cooking time change at all? Thanks!

    1. You’d have to experiment with both of those things Sojung. Mine has never cracked, and I’m sure chocolate couldn’t be bad! lol

  59. Nevermind – just saw your answer to the same question above. 🙂 I read through about 99 of the comments then skipped the last couple, and of course that is where my question was answered. Can’t wait to try this!

    1. I was super careful about pouring the pumpkin layer on, too! I am sure it will still taste amazing, I just wish I knew what I did so that it looks as nice as yours!

      1. So we ate this at Thanksgiving, and mine did have layers…the pumpkin was just on the bottom and the cheesecake on the top. Is it possible to get the cheesecake layer too fluffy and maybe that’s why it baked up through my pumpkin layer? Whatever the reason it still tasted wonderful!

  60. I just made mine and it looks gooood! i have to wait til tomorrow to take the pan off but I have a feeling its going to be perfect (at least the batter was good)!

  61. This was so good. I made it for Thanksgiving tomorrow, but couldn’t wait to taste it. There is none left. I have to think of something else to take because if I make another one it won’t make it. I just don’t want to share it. Thank you for sharing this recipe!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  62. This pie is AMAZING! I made it for Thanksgiving Eve pie night where there were many pies to eat and mine was gone before the party was over!

  63. Im doing your recipe and Im so excited! Way to impress the in-laws right? haha. I used the chocolate health bars chips, so I hope I didn’t mess with genious here. Im waiting for this thing to cool and its still warm, and its been like 2.5 hours. Im gonna go ahead and refrigerate it, so again this should be interesting

  64. Ok, am I the only person who didn’t read carefully and bought the chocolate covered toffee bits? I noticed at the last minute the night before THanksgiving and wasn’t about to go searchign around town after I had already started. I’ve got 2 pies now to bring to the feast. I hope it tastes ok. I’m worried now.

  65. We were wondering why you didn’t put sugar in the crust. Normally graham cracker crust is sweet and this one kind of ruined the whole thing. Other than that it was fairly good and our top didn’t crack at all.

    Also we saw the non-chocolate bits at Meijer here in Indiana.

    1. I think the reason why the recipe doesn’t call for sugar in the crust is because you’re using the cinnamon-sugar graham crackers. Did you just use regular ones? Mine have a layer of cinnamon sugar on them which adds just the right amount of sweetness in the overall crust. Could have been the brand you used…

      1. Nope we just used normal ones because my husband doesn’t like cinnamon on anything (he’s very strange!) That makes sense though. Luckily I’m making it again for my mother-in-law this weekend and I’ll adjust accordingly!

  66. I made this 2 weekends ago for friends and it turned out delicious, but it cracked. I followed the directions to a T, so I am not sure what happened. I have also made another one of your cheesecake recipes and did the waterbath and that one cracked too!! Maybe I am not experienced enough to be baking?? 😉 I am going to try this pumpkin one again this weekend. Even if it cracks, I’ll still eat it 🙂

  67. I just wanted you to know I made this for Thanksgiving and it turned out wonderfully. I’ve read everyones posts about the cracking and the mixing of layers so I tried a couple of things and it turned our perfect for me!! After I made the cheesecake layer I put it in the refridgerator to set for about 10 minutes (basically as I cleaned up my mess and started making the pumpkin pie layer). Then I spooned on the pumpking layer and my layers turned out fine. I did a little reasearch on baking cheesecakes and one tip I tried was I made sure to add the eggs very last to the cheesecake and I mixed it as little as possible (apparently over mixing the eggs can cause cracking) and mine didn’t crack! I was so excited. Let it be known I am not an experienced chef or baker (I have never even really baked much of anything before) and these things worked for me. I love your website. Anything I make from it turns out so good! Thanks again!

  68. I made this pie on Wednesday for my hubby to take to his work pot luck yesterday. He said that this blew away regular pumpkin pie a thousand times over. Thanks for sharing this recipe and giving my hisband a little slice heaven when we couldn’t be together yesterday.

  69. i love learning from your site! delicious recipes that always turn out amazing. as for grocery shopping, you should try shopping in france. we live in provence and shopping is a nightmare, let alone with little ones here. carts that are hard to push, no seatbelts to keep the small climbing rascal restrained while i’m loading and packing groceries where there is hardly any conveyor space and they scan at turbo speed. they don’t help you at all!

  70. I used the chocolate covered toffee bits and everyone raved about it. I thought it was to die for myself. I haven’t had the regular but I don’t think the chocolate covered detracts at all from the awesomeness of this cake! Thanks guys.

  71. My husband is not a fan of pumpkin pie, but he loved this cheesecake. We all did! (Except for the 5-year-old. He’ll learn someday.) Great recipe.

  72. I made this for Thanksgiving this year and everyone raved about it. It looked a lot harder to make make then it actually was. I am definitely going to make it again!

  73. Just popped this into the oven. First time I’ve ever made it but I can’t wait to try it! My two loves put together in one dessert, yum!

  74. I am thinking about making cheesecake for Christmas! I am letting my usual lemon merguine go for one holiday and may try this! Can alter the recipe by leaving the pumpkin out?

    1. If you’re going to do that, then I’d suggest just making a cheesecake 🙂 We have a couple in our dessert section, check it out!

  75. Ive made this probably 3 or 4 times since I found this recipe and people CONTINUALLY ask me for the recipe or to make it for them. This year, its been requested for Thanksgiving over my famous-to-the-family pumpkin pie. Going to make one this weekend just to “practice”!

  76. I made this last weekend for a friend’s party and it was delicious! I did refrigerate the cheesecake filling after I poured it in the crust for 10 minutes and that was a good tip. I have been making cheesecakes for years and don’t always use the water-bath method, I did put a pie pan filled with water on the bottom of my oven to help with moisture. I also make sure not to over mix the filling and left it in the oven after baking with the door open to cool a while. Everyone really enjoyed this recipe and I thank you!

  77. Delicious! We loved the combination of cheesecake and pumpkin pie – even my 3-year-old. I only had regular graham crackers, so I added 1/3 c sugar, 3/4 tsp cinnamon, and a touch of nutmeg to the crust, and it was perfect. I refrigerated the cheesecake while I was making the pumpkin, and the layers turned out beautifully. I’m sure I’ll make this again for the holidays!

  78. Made this for our extended family Sunday dinner – it was yummy! Mine cracked too (did not use a water bath), after cooling, but it didn’t affect the taste at all! 🙂 Also, I didn’t have cinnamon graham crackers, just regular, but I still thought the crust tasted good.

  79. I just took this out of the oven, and it looks just like yours, no cracks or anything. I feel like patting myself on the back. Can’t wait to taste it!!!

  80. I just made this and was looking through the comments to find some tips that might help it turn out great. Can’t wait to eat this thing, but I am leaving a comment mostly to say – bless you and your comment-answering skill! You are so very, very patient with everything that is asked. 🙂

  81. I made this for thanksgiving dinner and it was soooo amazing! I have never made a cheesecake or pumpkin pie from scratch and it turned out fab! I followed the recipe exactly, except I forgot to turn off the oven during the 30 minutes you crack the oven door. Still turned out great! Thanks again ladies!’

  82. I have been talking about this cheesecake pie since we had it last Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to make it again this year!

  83. OMG! I pick the long line so I can read magazines too! Glad to know I am not the only one.

    Can’t wait to make this recipe.


  84. I made this Wednesday and put in the oven 2 hours before dinner was ready but as I out it into the oven I read chill for 6 hours so after it cooked it went into the fridge, we had it after dinner on Thursday instead, absolutely delishious!! Thank you it’s a keeper my son loves pumpkin pie cheese cake and graham cracker crust!!
    I’m about to share the recipe on my fb for everyone.

  85. I made a scaled back version(trial for a dessert for TG) of this recipe and it was so delicious!!! I made 1/3 of the amounts stated in my mini spring form pan. It turned out so good that I plan to make the full amount for one of our Thanksgiving desserts.

    I really don’t like reading post after post of people/bloggers saying this looks/sounds so good. To me, why bother posting unless you can say how well it worked for you and/or how much/or not you liked the recipe.

    I am a non-blogger and can truly state that this is a wonderful recipe and you should try it!!

  86. Made this for thanksgiving. I too had cracks. It sat in the oven to cool for a long time so I don’t know what happened. Anyway, it was absolutely delicious and quite light, considering. I also made a salted caramel chocolate pecan pie, which was delicious too, but I preferred the lightness and how this wasn’t too sweet. 5 stars!

  87. LOVE this cheesecake! Made it 2 years ago for Thanksgiving and it was a a HUGE hit. On a time crunch now and don’t have cinnamon graham crackers. :X Do you think regular graham cracker crumbs would work or not have the same delicious effect?

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