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Okay, so for those of who were scandalized by my use of artificial vanilla flavoring in the Snickerdoodle Ice Cream recipe are about to REALLY keel over when you see what I’m about to post. But before I show you what I’ve done, can’t we all just agree that sometimes all you need is some chocolate chip cookie dough? And sometimes you need it FAST? And, especially when it’s smothered in vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and caramel syrup, you don’t even really know that it’s not homemade from scratch? Come on, all you cookie dough junkies, I know you’re out there!

This dessert is for the end of the week and you’re dead tired and so very grateful for the weekend, something you can delight in while you watch all the shows you DVRed during the week.  I’ve made them with homemade cookie dough, I’ve made them with the cookie dough from Papa Murphy’s, and I’ve made them with the good ol‘ refrigerator cookie dough from the grocery store. Quite honestly? I like the dough I don’t have to make the best. These are so easy and so AMAZING that any extra effort, either in preparation or cleanup, seems to take away from their deliciousness. So take that for what it’s worth…
What are we making? Pizzookies–basically, warm cookie sundaes. I would highly recommend buying some ramekins if you don’t already have some because while these can be done in muffin tins, part of the joy is cracking that spoon through the shell of the cookie and spooning out the warm, gooey center, which, with a muffin tin, is either going to be impossible (cookies smoosh while being removed from pan) or awkward (sharing a muffin tin of pizzookies with dinner guests). Unless, of course, you make the whole pan for yourself and that’s only awkward when someone walks in on you.
Our Best Bites
Chocolate chip cookie dough (look here or here for a recipe if you want to make your own)
Vanilla ice cream (click here for vanilla ice cream; omit cookies and cinnamon and add an extra tsp. vanilla)
Chocolate sauce (Click here to make your own hot fudge sauce)
Caramel Sauce (Click here to make buttermilk syrup, which is pretty much caramel sauce)

Preheat oven to 350. Fill ramekins about 1/2 full of cookie dough.

Bake in preheated oven for about 12-14 minutes or until golden around the edges but still soft in the middle.

Remove from oven and allow to cool about 5 minutes. Top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzle with caramel and chocolate sauces. Pure evil (although mine were only 99% evil because, if you’ll notice, my chocolate syrup has added calcium–because, you know, an intangible amount of calcium is gonna offset this bad boy).


  1. What a cute idea! I love my little ramekins, but hardly use them. This is a perfect little dessert using ingredients that I love. I can’t wait to try it!!

  2. This looks fabulous! My family is certain to agree. I am headed to the store to get what I need for these tasty treats. Friday nights are perfect for something like this. Thanks!

  3. YUM ! There is no dessert more perfect, I think.

    artificial vanilla is my first choice. America’s Test Kitchen couldn’t tell the difference, and that’s good enough reason to believe that neither can my dinner guests.

  4. Yummity Yum Yum Yum…

    I made these when you first told me about them. I totally agree about the store-bought cookie dough- when it’s covered in ice cream and chocolate and caramel, you’re not gonna know (or care) that it’s not homemade! I think this is a perfect no-fuss dessert.

  5. I have had this before but I have microwaved the cookie dough! It is not as good that way, BUT it only takes 45 seconds and there are just some days when 45 seconds is all you have to spare!! Those seem to be the days when I need cookies most, so I am all about the microwave version!

  6. Yum…can’t wait to try it! We would go to a restaurant in TX just for their cookie monster–which was similar to this!

  7. Kate! Wow! These look so good. I only have three more days of sb phase one and I am thinking of throwing in the towel for this recipe. Yum! I can’t wait to try them.

  8. I love you Kate! I think I gained a pound just looking at the pictures. Hey, since my oven is full of melted plastic, can you post some meal ideas that don’t require an oven?? Thanks!

  9. I made this last night and WOW was it good. I personally hate the cookie dough in the tube so I made cookie dough, it doesn’t take but five minutes anyway. I also made your hot fudge to put on top, loved it. Thanks for a totally great dessert, it’s one of my top ten now.

  10. Hello! I made this Saturday with store bought tube cookie dough. And we loved them so much we made them from scratch Sunday. I’m glad we are out of ice cream or I’d be making them again today. YUMMMMMM!!!!!

  11. I'm sooooo making this! I FINALLY made your snickerdoodle ice cream….we loved it. The only thing I changes was that I only put 1 & 1/2 tsp of cinnamon & I think I'd like to cut it down a little more. I added actual snickerdoodle cookies into mine which are cinnamony so it was almost too much. I'll definitely be making it again. Thanks!

  12. My mom brought me some ramekins yesterday so I promptly made these after lunch with some Papa Murphy’s cookie dough I had in the fridge. I just about died. My sis-in-law told me just the day before that she saw them on your blog and made them for a crowd with your hot fudge sauce. Apparently, everyone raved about it. Now I can see why! I liked them so much, we finished off the cookie dough and made them again tonight for dessert!! This is going to be my new favorite for SURE! Mmmmmm!

  13. This was a very dangerous recipe to learn- so fast, so easy and SO good! I don’t know why I would even both making anything else anymore! 🙂 The fudge sauce is so easy and yummy too- thanks!

  14. These are so addicting! Well and when you still have the rest of the roll of cookie dough to use…what are you supposed to do? I love the gooeyness of the cookie!

  15. Pre-packaged dough contains transfat–not okay in moderation. Perhaps wind down with a quick batch of buttery homemade cookie dough? 🙂

    You’re right about that particular storebought dough flavor. There’s something irreplaceable about it!

  16. I just made some of the NY Times cookie dough last night. I will have to try this soon with your homemade fudge syrup and caramel sauce. YUM!

  17. This looks soooooo good! Can you tell me how many a roll of cookie dough make? I need to busy some remekins first so would like to know how many I should get 🙂

  18. Sheri–How many you get definitely depends on how big you make the pizzookies. 🙂 My family of 4 never uses the whole roll, but my friend's family of 6 does. I would say 6-8 is a pretty safe guess.

  19. Using a ramekin is a fabulous idea! At my house we LOVE this dessert. My roommates and I started making this years ago when we all lived together…we called it "Diabetes in a Bowl." Now my husband and family love it when we have this dessert. I usually try and keep some frozen home-made chocolate chip cookie dough on hand for when the craving hits.

  20. HA this post is A) hilarious (i will be the one hovering in the corner eating the whole muffin tin hoping no one catches on) B) delicious and C) totally true, who DOESN'T like eating pre-made cookie dough

  21. My friend just made these for us last Sunday, and we all LOVED them! I am printing out the recipe right now, so I can make them next.

  22. Not only do I love your recipes, but I love the fun way you approach food and the sense of humor you both have when posting! The calcium bit seriously made me laugh out loud. 🙂

  23. Just discovered your blog recently and have been hooked ever since!
    This looks so delicious, cant wait to try it out!!!!!!! How many servings can you make from one Pillsbury cookie dough package??

  24. So my absolutely favorite restaurant in AZ, Oregano's, had this on their menu and I LOVE IT! I have since moved to KY and I CRAVE, LUST, OBSESS this dessert. I have tried a hundred time to get it right and this is the closest recipie by far! THANK YOU for saving my life!

  25. Sadia- it depends on the size of your ramekins and how full you make them. You can get 6 good sized ones or 4 big ones from a standard packaging of cookie dough. In the photo you'll notice the cookie comes all the way out of the top of the ramekin- that package made 4. You could even get 8 if you only filled them 1/2 way or less.

  26. Just made this! OMG so delish. I do wish the recipe included how many you could make from one tube, I didn't have enough so we had to eat after the kids went to bed. 🙂

  27. I made these today at work! Yes, at work. My boss was not thinking when he bought a mini-OVEN for the office. Anyway, total awesomeness. Thank you!!!!

    I am adding this to my own 'online-cookbook'. I keep my favorite recipes on there and then I'll bind them together into my own personal cookbook. I will credit your site, of course. You girls are already on there a few times. 😉 I hope that's okay!

    Thanks again!

  28. I am so going to try these for a special dessert tonight, but I don't have any ramkins, you think it will be ok in large muffin tins?? Maybe with cupcake papers?

  29. Your awesome answering so fast! I was just about to put them in, thanks! I don't have any good mugs either, but I'll let you know how they work out.

  30. The verdict is in, perfectly yummy!! I made them in a large muffin tin with papers, the paper cups were taller than the pan so I filled them about as high as the tin, the kids still say it wasn't enough LOL! We used chocolate ice cream for some of us and vanilla too. I need ramekins now, but good that I have another option. Hubby wants me to try this with brownies…. Thanks so much!

  31. Wow!! I just recently came across your blog, and so far I love it! The ideas are awesome! They all look sooo yummy, good!
    I had to laugh a little bit when I read through the pizzookies, (only because yes sometimes store bought is the way to go) and in this case.. QUICK AND EASY!! It does look very yummy!
    Don't get me wrong, I love to bake, and cook and I do agree with you, sometimes a little less preparation or clean-up just makes life a little easier.
    Also I giggled a little bit because you said it is ok to have one, or more than one 😉 as long as the syrup has CALCIUM!! 🙂
    I will definitely try pizzookies!! Thanks for the awesome recipes! 🙂 And look forward to many more!! Thanks!!

  32. I loved the pizzookies tonight! My wife made them and I asked her if I could post that on this blog – thank you! This was a big hit for our family of 8!

  33. I tried this recipe for my family last week for the first time. Let me just say we all LOVED it! Can't wait to try it again – tonight! Yipee! And, I even made your hot fudge sauce…ohhhhh talk about heaven in a pot! So yummy. Should've known when I saw there was sweetened condensed milk! Thanks again for your delicious recipes!

  34. I had my new in-laws over for dinner tonight and made this for dessert. Every one loved these! This is the 5th thing I've made from here and everything is delicious! My husband ranked this A+!

  35. I was making them in little six inch metal pans like they serve them in at my daughter's fav restaurant. They will look much cuter in the ramekins if I can get the kids to switch over. I've used the purchased cookie dough for years with these. They are always a hit.

  36. this is hands down the most glorious thing i've ever seen! I've been dying to find a recipe for this as i had it for dessert at a restaurant in NY…except it came with a tiny vanilla milkshake to pour inside….i've been dreaming of it since! so easy! 🙂

  37. My husband and I tried these last week and we are totally addicted now. We have seriously eaten them like 5 of the last 6 days. Amazingly delicious! Thank you for posting such great stuff.

  38. Kate, you told me once that these would win the heart of any girl. Tonight, I’m putting you to the test. They do look amazing though. If they don’t work on her, I may just eat one myself.

  39. I just found your blog and I can’t wait to try this! When I make cookie dough I do a double-batch then stick the extra in a gallon size freezer bag and pop it in the freezer. It’s perfect for cravings like this, or unexpected guests 🙂

  40. I was looking for a dessert for this evenings meal and of course popped on here first and saw these. I made 14 of them for my family and the 10 teenage boys we have right now and they were gobbled up quickly. If teenage boy love them you know they must be good. Some even asked for the recipe. 🙂

  41. Hi Kate, love your site. Everything so far has been fantastic and easy. I LOVE the cookie pie recipe because the cookie mix is so simple. Any thoughts on if the dough from that recipe would work for these pizookies?

  42. I plan to make these soon, but I was wondering.. do I need to butter the ramekins before adding the dough & can I use custard cups instead of ramekins?

  43. I was wondering how gooey the centers of yours are when you make them? Or maybe I should ask it this way: how far in from the edges is yours set like a normal cookie? I’ve never had a pizzookie before making it tonight and was surprised when it was all gooey inside except for the very, very edge crust. Is that normal or did I under bake mine?

    1. Sounds like yours could’ve used a few more minutes–I like mine to be crispy on the outside but gooey on the inside. Really, it’s just a matter of personal taste, so keep ’em in a little longer next time. 🙂

  44. My sister sent me this link because I have the ramekins. I had been using them for guests who smoke because, being a non-smoker, I have no ashtrays. In fact, I was thinking of giving them away because I couldn’t think of another use for them. My sister saw the link on one of her embroidery forums and sent it to me, then called me. I can hardly wait to try the recipe!

  45. I made 5 ramekins the first time and they worked great. I made them for a bigger group (15 pizookies in an oven at the same time) and they are taking a long time to bake. Usual? Does it matter if the ramekins touch? Thank you sooooo much! Best recipe

    1. It’s probably just because you have more of them in the oven. Doesn’t really matter if they touch as long as the cookies don’t puff out the top and get stuck together 🙂

  46. Are the centers done enough for an immune suppressed person to not have to worry about raw egg issues? These sound fantastic!

  47. I’m a long time follower, but haven’t commented in awhile. Just wondering if I could make this in a pie pan? How long would I bake It? Thank you…

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