Cinnamon Sugar

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For me, cinnamon sugar is one of those things where I have a hard time getting the proportions right. Too sugary. Too cinnamony. So when I found a “recipe” for cinnamon sugar, I kept it with my Treasures of Truth so I would never again wander down a path of unrighteous cinnamon overuse. It’s just another basic little thing to have tucked away in your brain next time you feel the urge for cinnamon toast or when you make Puffed French Toast.


could lick it off? I bet he would’ve liked this even better.


  1. My sister totally busted me out for reading a “recipe” for Cinnamon Sugar! She said, “really?? you need a recipe for that??” haha! but yes, yes I do. I am a scientist by nature. I love to cook, and can be moderately creative with it, but I ALWAYS need a guideline to start with. Measurements! Instructions! Hypothesis! Conclusion! I neeeeeed these things! So I thank you yet again for providing me with exactly what I need to make these recipes so successful. 🙂

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