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Anyone who loves photography knows the value of a good bag. Epiphanie, by photographer Maile Wilson, produces super-stylish bags that don’t look like camera bags.  The extra bonus is that even if you’re not into photography, these make great everyday bags or diaper bags, too!

epiphanie bags 2

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I have one really large camera bag made by another brand.  It’s very well-loved, and it’s accompanied me all over the country, but sometimes it’s too big.   I’m headed on a big travel adventure next month and I’ve been on the hunt for a bag with some specific features.  I didn’t want it to be too huge and heavy because I’ll be lugging it around a lot, but at the same time, I do need to fit quite a bit of stuff in it.  One of the main features I was looking for, which my other bag doesn’t have, is the option of wearing it on my back.  That’s so helpful for traveling, but it’s hard to find a good, stylish bag that has that option.

The bag I’ve had my eye on for a long time is the Brooklyn, by Epiphanie, and I’m happy to have it now to take on my trip!  It’s designed to accommodate your 15″ laptop, iPad or tablet/eReader, camera + attached lens, 1 long lens, 1 short lens, flash, battery pack and wallet. Plus there’s lots of extra pockets ideal for storage of keys, cell phone, memory cards, business cards, travel maps, etc.  It should also come as no surprise that this is the color I picked.

Epiphanie Brooklyn
This particular bag has a couple of options for carrying, which was one of the main reasons I picked it.  It has an adjustable shoulder strap if you want to carry it over-the-shoulder or cross body,

Epiphanie Brooklyn Bag

but with a quick click of the straps, you also have the option of throwing it on your back.  This comes in handy (at least for me) when you have your hands full, or you’re hiking through an airport, or simply want to keep your bag on you but have both hands available to shoot your camera and not have the bag banging into your arm.

Backpack StrapI do think it’s cute that all Epiphanie bags come with this cute charm attached, too.

Epiphanie Charm

On the back side of this bag, there’s a zippered pocket.  It’s good sized, and can fit an ipad, or travel documents, or anything else you want to keep secure, yet accessible.

Back Zip PocketOn the front side there are 2 snap-closure pockets that are fairly deep.  You can easily fit a phone, lip gloss, keys, small wallet, snacks, etc. in there.

Front Pockets
When you open the front flap, there’s a good sized pocket,

Inside Sleeve
and in the main compartment there’s a small zippered pocket.

Inside Zipper Pocket

In the main body of the bag, there’s a main divider

Epiphanie Laptop Sleeve That makes a nice padded area for laptop storage.

Inside Epiphanie 1

The other compartment has removable dividers.

Inside Epiphaie EmptyThese are re-positionable, with velcro sides, so you can arrange them in any configuration you like (OR remove them completely.)

Epiphanie Pad
It can fit a large camera (that one in there has my monster 24-70mm lens on the camera body), plus another lens next to it, and there’s still room for extras like a battery charger, external flash, memory cards, etc.

Inside Epiphani 2 I can easily fit all of this in the bag:
Camera (Canon 5D Mark lll)
2 lenses
battery, camera cords
lipgloss, keys, phone, coin purse
granola bar, small water bottle
and there’s still room for little stuff

One of the great features of this bag is that you can remove ALL of those dividers inside and it functions just as a regular bag.  So that means if you’re not into photography, but still love the bag- it’s still for you!  I should note that I use my camera bags all the time when I’m not filling it with actual camera gear.  The dividers work beautifully for my wallet, planner, snacks, kid/baby stuff, etc.  It’s just a great all around bag as well.

epiphanie bagsAll in all, I’m really happy with this new bag and I can’t wait to show you where I’m taking it!  Epiphanie would love to send a bag to one of you as well.  The winner of this giveaway will get to choose any in-stock bag from Epiphanie.  Check out their website, there’s tons of options and different sizes available to fit your needs.  You can keep up with all the latest by following them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. The winner will be announced in about a week.  I’d love to know which bag YOU’D choose.  Check them all out by clicking here, and then leave a comment telling us your fave!

 *note: I was provided a camera bag for review from Epiphanie, but I accepted no additional compensation.  My opinions are sincere, let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. I have always had a serious crush on backpack style bags and after your review above I am seriously sitting here trying to figure out how to convince my husband that I need that bag! The color I want (I LOVE Ephiphanie’s caramel color) is sold out so maybe I’ll have him convinced by the time it’s back in stock 🙂

  2. The Brooklyn would be great for traveling with the bambino! It’s hard to lug a 6mo and our big camera around, so most pics are on the phone. This would make it so much easier to whip out the camera for an impromptu photo shoot! (I’m also loving the Lola in mustard for an everyday purse/diaper bag.)

  3. I love the Charlotte in Chevron! Roomy and fashionable, and my husband would not complain about having to hold it for me!

  4. I love the one that you chose. It is so hard to find a functional bag that is also cute. I love the fact that you can switch the straps!

  5. I like the Brooklyn…maybe gray, ooh the cobalt blue is really nice. I would love a photography bag that doesn’t look like the one I have that came with the camera.

  6. I love the one that you picked! It looks so versatile and I love that it has a longer shoulder strap plus backpack option. The turquoise color is adorable!

  7. Sure love those bags. How could you choose? I love the Stella Plum or the Madison Teal, but pretty much just all of them. Thanks for introducing me.

  8. I’m not a camera person (well I have a tiny point and shoot :), but man these would make awesome diaper bags! I love that they have the option of wearing the bag cross body. That is soooo needed for me, and so hard to find! I love the lola in kiwi or the ginger in turquoise.

  9. I’m such a copy cat but after looking at them all I still love the Brooklyn the best! I’m drawn to the mustard, caramel and grey colors. This would be perfect as a combo baby and camera bag. 🙂

  10. oOoo i LOVE The one you chose!It would be a toss-up between that one and the Madison!! Cant wait to hear where you get to go! 🙂

  11. Oooo….they are all very pretty. I like the Madison, Sydney and Brooklyn, especially since they all can convert to a backpack. Just gotta decide how big I really want to go. Would LOVE to have one of these….you are a lucky gal!

  12. Wow, what beautiful bags! Naturally I’d want one of each, but my favorites is the Lola in mustard. What a fun way to add a pop of color!

  13. I love the plum Lola, but would have to get something boring like the grey Lola because my husband would never carry a purple camera bag. He’s the pack mule so he gets to decide ever since I picked a Vera Bradley diaper bag!!

  14. I so need one of these bags! Last year we went on a big trip and I purchased this horrible backpack camera bag that killed my back and at the same time I was trying to carry a child most of the time. I love the one that you have 🙂

  15. Honestly, it is hard to pick my favorite. I really like the Stella, Belle, Clover, and Ginger bags. These are great looking bags!

  16. I’d probably pick the one you have because a) it looks cute and awesome and b) I don’t like looking through 500 options for things especially if the one I’ve seen already looks good! 🙂

  17. Nice Bag! It would be a perfect gift for one of my daughter-in-laws. They are all into photography. Problem is I have 3. Which daughter-in-law to choose? But I love the Brooklyn Not sure what color–depends on who I choose!

  18. So many gorgeous choices….what’s a girl to do? I like the Ginger, the Lola, or the Clover, and I think they like me too. Especially the bright colored ones.

  19. My, I love the looks and functionality of the Ginger in turquoise, but have to confess–I’ve never spent more than $30 for a bag of any kind (and that was a clearance score at Marshall’s), so I can’t imagine actually buying it. I must be Scrooge-ish!

  20. I love the Brooklyn – I am starting to use back pack bags more. They are so convenient to carry and leave your hands free!

  21. MADISON – Turquoise: This is the MOSt beautiful bag I have ever seen for cameras, I am so impressed by their quailty. Thanks for sharing these!

  22. I’m still kicking myself for not getting the Lyric in yellow when I had the chance. I’d love to get it in Olive!

  23. The one I really want they don’t make anymore! BOOOO!! Was drooling over it for a year. But now I’ve moved my obsession to the London Backpack in burnt orange! LOVE!!!!!! And the tight second is the Brooklyn Backpack in Colbalt! 🙂

  24. Oh my goodness…Lola in mustard is my favorite!! I don’t have a nice camera and I don’t usually like big bags, but I would definitely use that one!

  25. Beautiful bags, tough choice, Brookline nice. I walk with two loft strand crutches, having a nice bag to fit on my back would be beautiful instead of clunky pack packs. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Now I love your choice in that exact color. I am always looking for a good bag that has outside compartments. This fills the bill, along with adjustable straps.
    I sure would be ecstatic to win this. Great for my upcoming trip abroad.

  27. oooh! I am drooling! I think you and I have similar tastes because your bag looks perfect! I love that you can still zip everything in (added security when wearing in backpack mode!)

  28. I LOVE these bags! I’m an amateur photographer and would love to get rid of the Nikon bag I carry around and have the ease (and style) of these adorable bags! I would love the Clover in Teal!

  29. I like the functionality of the Brooklyn too ~ it looks like it would be great to carry on the plane to Kona, I could stuff both kiddos ipad in there, plus my husbands and mine too 🙂

  30. Oh, I love the Lola bag! I’m torn between the pink, mustard, and red. Probably the pink. Perfect for summer!

  31. I think I’m with you on the Brooklyn, but in mustard. I need something functional in my life right now that serves as camera, laptop, diaper bag and purse!

  32. Wow! Cool bags and a tough choice – I think my two faves are the Lola in red and the Stella in plum. And I love the little camera charm!

  33. My photographer sister gets home from her mission right after her birthday in June. I would love to get her the Madison in Teal!

  34. I would choose the BROOKLYN Backpack – Turquoise OR Blush (hummmm so hard to pick the color) BUT I would love to keep it for myself; I feel like I should give it to my good friend who just left to work with a non-profit in South Africa and loves to takes pictures (http://speakjustice.com/). It would be totally awesome to send this to her!! thank you 🙂

  35. The Ginger – turquoise or the Lola – kiwi. The Stella – Olive is a favorite too. OHHH the choices. What a great give away. Thanks for the chance!

  36. OH, the Brooklyn! I am still searching for the perfect bag to carry all my stuff to school and back..lesson plan books, ipad, laptop, lunch, water bottle, and a myriad of other things..

  37. I love the Brooklyn bag you mentioned because of the backpack possibilities. I’d love to win! My color choices would be Gray or Caramel.

  38. I love the blue one you featured! The straps, pockets and color are fabulous. I also like their gray messenger bag with the buckles.

  39. Wow. This is exactly what I need for my trip this summer but I definitely cannot afford that. I hope I win! I love the Brooklyn backpack in mustard.

  40. i could so use an additional camera bag when on location….i have a nice one….but it kinda loses it charm when the other bag is a book bag that shouldve been retired long ago =( I would LOVE Madison – Black so it matches everything.

  41. It’s a hard choice! Although I love the features of the London bags I don’t love their colors. I’d probably go with a Brooklyn or Madison in Turquoise.

  42. I am with you……the Brooklyn purse. I really like the idea of being able to carry it on your back, which is especially helpful when having small children. Hope I win!

  43. The Ginger is my favorite! I think it only comes in one color, but that’s okay because it’s my favorite color!

  44. I like the Brooklyn too, not sure if I’d go practical with the caramel color or more fun with mustard or turquoise!

  45. I like the London in Navy. I have a bit of a problem with with over-packing, so this is just want I need for my “problem”!

  46. The one you chose is a keeper – you sold me on it with all the spacious compartments and love the vibrant color!! Good luck to us all!!

  47. I love the bags with the braided straps those are so cute! And I love all of the organization in it, even though it’s for camera stuff it would be useful for so many other things.

  48. I’d probably go with the London backpack in navy or the Brooklyn in grey but I’d be thrilled with anything! And my daughter would be uber jealous!

  49. I love yours, but, since I would probably gift it to my photographer daughter, I’d choose the pink Lola because it just “looks” like her.

  50. LOVE! I’ve been looking at the Epiphanie bags for a few weeks, trying to decide which COLOR to get lol. I know I want a Brooklyn too and after seeing your post… Turquoise!! Love it 🙂 Still a bit away from saving up for it but now I know which one and can dream of it lol

  51. I would choose the Brooklyn in cobalt because it is such a vibrant color to travel with; and it would make me smile. Also, I love the ability to convert it to a backpack, and storage for my iPad is a plus.

  52. I totally agree about the backpack convenience, but I have never seen such a cute one before! I want the Madison, but not sure about the color yet…

  53. These are awesome! Way cuter than my black bulky camera bag. I love the turquoise Sydney or Brooklyn bags and how they can be backpacks too. What a great idea so you can still wear the bag easily while shooting photos.

  54. I have been searching all over for a camera bag and would love to win one. I love the BROOKLYN Backpack in turquoise or mustard!!! All are adorable

  55. They’re all adorable! I love the Brooklyn in blue also. I would use it as a baby bag for my new baby. Congrats on your new baby too Sara!

  56. My current purse is a backpack with built in card holders–I can’t risk a separate wallet–hands free is the only way I roll. Therefore I’d also go with the backpack bag. I hate the bag my camera came with–it’s got this dumb flap that hits me in the nose when I flip the top down to zip it closed!

  57. I’d love to get rid of the ugly backpack i currently use. I would love a Lola, Madison or Clover bag and of course it has to be pink.

  58. I love the London in orange but think I would choose the Brooklyn in turquoise! So many cute designs/colors to choose from!

  59. I love Clover, in teal. I would totally give this to our family photographer. She is amazing and is about to have a baby soon. She totally deserves something awesome just for her.

  60. Oh my goodness! ANYTHING I can wear crossbody is my favorite. And the fact that the Brooklyn can transform into a backpack??! Added bonus right there. It’s perfection in a bag! Thanks so much for turning me onto this brand – they’re awesome!

  61. I am traveling to Spain next month, and I was looking for the perfect bag also! I love the the Brooklyn in Turquoise! I would love to win! Thank you!

  62. The Charlotte in chevron is drool worthy! I have graduated from needing a “diaper” bag but still need a lot of stuff for my kiddos. The size of the bag is perfect!

  63. I’d take any of them…how do you choose? So many great options and colors. I would really have to sit down and think about which one I could get. I really could use one of each!

  64. I’d have to go with the Sydney in kiwi or maybe turquoise. I also like the ability to switch it to a backpack, but I like that this is a little smaller.

  65. How do I choose??? They are all fantastic. I love the colors and styles. Oh, please pick me. I promise I will make a decision then!

  66. I was just thinking I needed a more practical/cuter bag for my camera so I would actually use it more often! I’d never heard of Epiphanie, so perfect! I’d have to go with my namesake, Sydney, and I love the turquoise.

  67. I have always loved the London in Brown!
    I want to win this so bad for someone that really deserves it. He is a photographer and really loves these bags. I try to win for him all of the time !
    Thank you !

  68. Ah, seriously I am in love with either the Brooklyn backpack [in caramel] or the the London backpack [in burnt orange.] SO beautiful, love how functional they are for our camera gear or for Mommy on the go mode. Here’s hoping!

  69. I would love to win any of them. But if I had to choose it would be BROOKLYN Backpack – Cobalt. Couldn’t help but smile carrying that around.

  70. You have sold me on the Brooklyn bag! I would love to be able to take my iPad and wallet, etc., with me in one bag. Currently I only have the “bonus” bag that came free with my camera. I cannot keep anything in it but the camera and extra memory cards. I keep hinting that I want a nice camera bag, but it’s not sinking in. I’m crossing my fingers that I win! Thanks for the giveaway .

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