Flashback Friday: Mediterranean Feta Egg Wraps

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I’ve been working on re-organizing our recipe index lately (after 9 years of blogging we have a LOT of recipes and some sections are kind of a mess!)  and through the process I’ve been unearthing so many oldie-but-goodies.  I texted Kate yesterday saying you know a recipe needs refreshing when it has our old “signatures” on them.  Do you know what I’m talking about? We used to sign our recipes with a little graphic of our names with an orange slice next to it.  I remember creating that in some photo program years ago and thinking it looked SO COOL.  Amazing how things have grown and changed!  This recipe also only had just one little photo, shot with a point-and-shoot camera.  This is actually something that I make all the time at my house.  I love this dish and wanted to give it a make-over so you guys can discover it too, if you haven’t already.  Check it out, here!

Easy Breakfast Scramble


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