Flashback Friday: Pumpkin Pie Milkshake

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Before pumpkin spice became a craze, it was my craze.  Like, I’ve been nutzo about pumpkin spice since the late 80’s.  This Pumpkin Milkshake was one of the first pumpkin-y recipes I posted here on the blog, in the spirit of a copycat Pumpkin DQ Blizzard.  It was a knock-out hit and thousands of you across the country have been enjoying it ever since.  Definitely time for some new pics though, so I gave this post a little make-over this week.  Enjoy!  —>  Click here for the recipe!


  1. Looks amazing and I’m going to try it very soon (like, today!). btw, The imbedded links aren’t working — maybe because you updated it? Just FYI.

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