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We’re taking a little break from all of the holiday eats and treats to share our favorite new (free!) beauty app with you guys (especially just in time for Christmas shopping–no one ever said you couldn’t treat yo self a little in the middle of all the holiday shopping!)


Makeup is always kind of intimidating and overwhelming for me. I see it on models and professionals and I have no idea how it’s going to look in real life (like that wine-y lipstick that I bought a few weeks ago that turned hot pink on me…not exactly what I was aiming for.) So I love seeing real people’s real looks and learning more about the products that they use.

BeauByte (it’s pronounced “byoo-byte,” like “beauty,” not like “beau”) is kind of like a dating app + Instagram for beauty products and looks. You scroll through a feed of real-life pictures


and if you like a look, you swipe right.


(That’s not me, just in case you were wondering, but I liked it, so it’s saved to my profile.)

If it’s not your thing, you swipe left (and no one will ever know)–that way, BeauByte starts getting a sense for the things you like and don’t like and then you’ll see more of the things you do like in your feed. Plus, the more things you like and dislike (or upload a profile picture or share your own pictures or just interact with the app in general), the more points you get, which will help earn rewards. It will also save all the pictures that you like, so you can go back and see how someone created their cat eye or their glowing skin when it’s convenient for you.


When you click on a picture, it will tell you what products were used, so if you see eyeliner or lip gloss that you love, you can click on the product,


read reviews, see different shades, add it to your wishlist, or place it in your shopping cart.

One thing that I love is that all of the content is 100% organic–no Instagram celebrities are getting paid the big bucks to post professional looks, it’s real people posting their real experiences.


And if you share your real looks and real experiences, you earn points, plus if people buy the products you recommend you get a cut of the sale! Also, you can buy everything directly in the app (so you don’t have to go track it down elsewhere). It’s more department store-level makeup, so not mascara you can find at your neighborhood Walgreen’s

This app is beautiful–it’s fun and intuitive to use and you can tell that a lot of thought went into its design. The best way to figure out how it works and all its features is just to play around with it. If you click here, you can download the app. If they ask for an invite code (they may not), use BESTBITES as the invitation code–invites are limited right now, so you can be one of the first to try it. When you download it using our link, you’ll automatically get $5 to spend in their shop! Basically, instead of paying them for the app, they’re paying you $5 for it.

So go check it out and let us know what you think of it! Happy Saturday!


This post was sponsored by BeauByte, but all opinions and reviews are completely our own.


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