Kate’s Favorite Things Fall 2020


I feel like it’s been awhile since we talked. I want to ask you how you are, but that feels trite in this strange 2020 world. But. How are you? I’m fine, fine, it’s fine, everything’s fine. Even though it still kind of feels like Janumarchtember, I guess Christmas is coming or something and you might be getting started on your shopping, assuming the holidays aren’t cancelled this year.

I know that I can be a difficult person to shop for, and I don’t imagine I’m the only woman in her late ’30s that is difficult to buy gifts for, but here are a few of my favorite things. Disclaimer: unless the woman in your life has specifically asked you for it, don’t buy her floor cleaner for Christmas. This is more of  a “treat yo self” situation, because we’re adults now and floor cleaner counts as a treat, I guess.

kate's favorite things 2020

  1. New Balance Comp 100 Sneakers. I was on the lookout for the long time for sneakers that were cute enough to wear to school without looking like a Karen on a mission, but also comfortable enough to get me through the day. These fit the bill. I always get compliments on them and they look great with leggings and a hoodie for running errands or jeans and a sweater for school days.
  2. Grove Collaborate Cleaning Concentrate. I’m a huge fan of The Grove Collaborative for earth-friendly household supplies and their cleaning concentrate is possibly my favorite thing. They’re single-dosed vials that you pour into a spray bottle filled with water and then use it for all-purpose cleaning or whatever that formula is specified for (like floors or tile). I like the lavender-thyme scent, but my all-time favorite is the Orange Rosemary. It smells like Christmas in the best possible way, plus it does an amazing job at cleaning through grease and grime; I use the floor cleaner with a microfiber push mop and I actually get excited to clean my floors. If you use this link, you can get a free Mrs. Meyers gift set with your order.
  3. Candy Argyle wide-tooth comb. So I’ve been friends with Candy since college–we worked together at Kneaders and hung out at BYU. She’s a crazy-talented lady with never-ending creativity coming out of her Etsy shop. In the summer, I ordered some masks from her (which, by the way, are my favorites) and when she sent my order, she included one of her wide-tooth combs. It is our FAVORITE. It is solid as a rock. the teeth are perfectly spaced. It eliminates tangles. It’s great for my fine hair and for my son with his curly hair. We fight over it regularly. This would make a perfect stocking stuffer for just about anyone.
  4. Harry Potter Posters. These retro posters capture the whimsy of Harry Potter, but they’re perfect for older kids, adults, classrooms, etc. The paper is heavy and beautiful and they look amazing framed!
  5. Rifle Paper Company + Keds Boots. When I’m not wearing my sneakers at school, and on rainy and particularly cold days, These boots are the perfect solution. Practical, comfortable, and still cute (although I realize the floral print isn’t everyone’s cup of tea; no worries, the other Keds Scout boots have other more neutral prints; also, if you order from the Keds site, there are more prints.)
  6. Sara’s Shop. So as I moved into teaching, Sara moved into her own personal boutique. She designs stuff. And makes it. And produces it. And sells it. Which is freaking amazing, especially since the stuff she’s made is AMAZING. If you haven’t used her wax melts, they are INCREDIBLE. I want every single one of her stickers. I already staked claim on a Rose Apothecary sweatshirt. Like. Among her many talents, she has impeccable taste and everything she is offering there is equally impeccable (especially if you are like me and your favorite color is rainbow).
  7. Starbucks Mocha Salted Caramel Creamer. So this isn’t a gift so much as it is a coping mechanism to get you through the home stretch of 2020. It is chocolate cream flavored with salted caramel and I don’t even have the words to describe it. It tastes like the best melted chocolate ice cream you can imagine. In fact, I’ve considered seeing if it can be frozen. Add it to your hot chocolate. Or an Italian soda. Or, you know, take a quick shot of it in the fridge between checking election results, I won’t tell anyone.
  8. Ugg Slouchy Socks. These socks are perfect for wearing with boots, but also super comfy for wearing around the house.

I hope that gives you some ideas, whether you’re buying for someone else or treating yo self, because goodness knows, at this point, WE ALL NEED IT! Have a happy Wednesday!!


  1. I love your favorite things posts!!! It’s how I found my new Stratia skin care routine. I’m gonna need to check out those boots and socks. I would say I need to check out Sara’s site, but I basically turned into a hoarder when those Sweater Weather scents released so I need to cool it (until the Christmas scents get released. 😆)

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