Kate’s Winter Picks {Gift Ideas and Giveaway!}

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So…we’ve kind of been a little delinquent-ish when it comes to announcing the winners of the giveaways we’ve had running! We haven’t been deliberately slacking, I promise–Sara’s been up to her elbows in a little project we’ve got in the works and I’ve been enjoying my semi-annual trip down bronchitis lane. But better late than never, right? The winners are:

Silhouette Craft Cutter–#2897, Abby

Crock Pot Hook Ups–#1064, Chrissy

Sara’s Winter Favorites–#2140, Melissa

So Sara’s Winter Picks giveaway was so much fun that I decided I wanted to do one, too and originally planned to do it on Friday (hence, you know, the whole “Friday Favorites” thing that has pretty much never happened with me, ever), but then I realized that a) I wanted the winner to get their prize before Christmas and b) If there are things on my list that you might want to give as gifts, Friday might be cutting things close shopping-wise, especially if shipping is involved. We have another AWESOME giveaway going on The Scoop tomorrow that you’re not going to want to miss, and then all my posts between now and Christmas are straight-up food–appetizers, snacks, and something breakfast-y for Christmas morning.

So…without further ado, here are the things that I’m loving this winter! I have a box packed with everything in this picture and I can’t wait to drop it in the mail! As always, these items are NOT sponsored or gifted to us in any way–they’re things we’ve discovered and love and want to share with you!

1. Copco Reusable To-Go Mug. These reusable cups and lids look like the paper cups you get at your favorite coffee shop, but they’re, well, reusable. I have them in a whole bunch of colors and I love them all, but I’m kind of digging the whole plum-colored thing this fall, so that’s the one I put in the box. They’re perfect for hot drinks on cold mornings, especially if you’re hauling kids to school in yucky weather and hot drinks in your lap whilst driving makes you sad. I’ve also actually found them to be perfect for when my kids want hot chocolate (which is, like, 52 times a day) because it cuts down on hot, sticky spills. These are $5.39 at Amazon.

2. Chef’n PalmPeeler Vegetable Peeler. This is one of my FAVORITE kitchen tools! Vegetable peelers were one of those things where I would just kind of grab one and hate it and hate peeling vegetables and end up cutting myself and feeling angry and bitter at the world. And then I discovered this little gadget. Not only does it glide over even the bumpiest and oddly shaped vegetables (I peeled 10 pounds of sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving like it was nothing), but it’s virtually impossible to hurt yourself while using it, and trust me, I need all the help I can get. I snagged this green one for $7 from Amazon.

3. Going along with my love for all things plum-colored this fall, Essie’s It’s Genius is my favorite nail polish right now. It’s such a gorgeous, multi-faceted, festive, flattering color, dark without being goth and sparkly without being gaudy. I got this for $8.49 at Target.





4. Have you guys seen the Orla Kiely line of products at Target?? I got this iPhone case/wallet this last summer when we were traveling all time time and it was so perfect and practical–it was adorable, and it was a wristlet, so I always knew where my phone was. And then it had a few slots for my ID and a couple of credit cards, so no more fumbling through airport security, panicking that I’d lost something (I do that a lot. Like…I get made fun of for it on a regular basis). It’s been one of my favorite purchases, so I’ve been eyeballing her other products and ended up getting a makeup bag, then my friend got me another makeup bag for my birthday last week. And they’re so cute that I’m keeping all of them. This pack of 3 smaller makeup bags is $16.99 at Target.

5. I have kind of a love/hate relationship with Christmas music. I’ve been through a lot of Christmas music phases–one of my first CDs was A Very Special Christmascomplete with Run DMC’s timeless classic “Christmas in Hollis.” My freshman year of college, I got a Kenny G Christmas album. Kenny G. And my roommates all made fun of me.

When I worked at Kneaders (a local sandwich shop) in college, all the fun Christmas music was pretty much ruined for me. We listened to the Christmas Muzak station for countless hours every day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s and I still feel stabby every time I hear, “Hang all the mistletoe…” (which, I kid you not, I thought was “hey, ho the mistletoe” until I googled it while writing this blog post).

So now…my favorite Christmas music tends to be the more spiritual Christmas music sprinkled with a few of the more modern classics. I’ve had The Lower Lights’ first Christmas album pretty much on repeat since 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. It’s folksy and mellow with beautiful harmonies–my favorites are “Stars of Glory,” “Oh Come, All Ye Faithful,” and the sweet, lullaby-ish “Silent Night” (which has always been my favorite Christmas song, although there are some truly dreary versions out there). They also have a new Christmas album, which I love, but not quite as much as the first one. Right now, the CD is $15.98 (I actually didn’t pay that much) on Amazon, or you can download it there for $8.99 or on iTunes for $9.99.

6. Yeah, yeah, Sara and I love Bath & Body Works and their fabulous-smelling hand soaps and candles. We’re junkies. They have some amazing hand soaps this fall, but my favorite favorite favorite is Lemon Meringue Cheer. I love lemon-scented stuff, but sometimes they can smell a little like cleaning supplies. This smells just like lemon candy. I wanted to lick my hands. The prices at Bath and Body Works seem to fluctuate on pretty much a daily basis, but you can almost always get the hand soaps for between $2-$3 each.

7. I love it when I discover a local product that I just can’t get enough of, especially when they have great marketing and adorable packaging. With squirrels. These fried pecans are made in the town where I live and I discovered them at a crafty market in October. They’re a little sweet and a little salty and I swear, whenever I see them, I grab a few bags because I don’t know when I’m going to see them again. They range from $6.99 for a great gift-sized bag to $34.99 for an adorable tin of addictiveness, plus the shipping is super reasonable.

8. Individual. Toblerones. In a cute box. What else do I have to say?? I found these at Target in the Christmas/stocking stuffer area for about $6.

9. Back to Bath and Body Works. I swear to you all, if times ever get very hard, I could probably sell all the candles I have stashed and have enough money for groceries for a month. Just kidding. But I have a candle “collecting” problem. I literally agonized about which candle to stick in the box, but I ultimately decided on the 3-wick Cinnamon Frosting because, well, it’s cinnamon frosting. Some cinnamon scents are a little overwhelming, but this is the perfect balance of sweet and buttery and spicy. The other contenders? Buttercream Mint (it seriously smells like those buttercream mints that are made with cream cheese), which was only available in stores on Black Friday, but you can still get it online. If mint is even remotely your thing, I highly recommend that you snag one while they’re available. My other favorite (maybe THE favorite) is Fresh Balsam, which smells EXACTLY like a fresh-cut Christmas tree; no Pine-Sol or musky man smells here, just straight-up Christmas tree, which is awesome if you have an artificial Christmas tree (or if you have a fresh-cut Christmas tree but you want to pretend you live in the forest).

10. I posted a picture of these slipper socks from Target on my Instagram last week and people kind of freaked. These are so comfy–they’re fleecy on the inside. And they go up your legs. And they have pom-pons on them. And stripes. And grippy bottoms, so you don’t fall. They’re pretty much the whole package (although I will say they run a little on the small side–Sara has confirmed that I have tiny feet, and the smalls were a little snug, so if you’re in doubt, get the bigger size).

So are you guys excited? Just a little?? To enter, tell me what speaks to you most from this list AND your favorite holiday gift you’re giving (OR the #1 thing on your Christmas list) this year! I’ll pick a winner next Sunday (December 15) and drop the box in the mail as soon as I get your address! US residents only (so sorry! It’s the law!)


  1. I’m super excited to give my husband one of the date ideas off the datingdivas blog. It’s a passport with a date a month to different countries. Fun! The boys are getting a race track that I know they’re going to love too! Giving gifts is SO fun!!

  2. My 2 year old son is going to go crazy over his minion pajamas. (Although I think he’s going to be a little disappointed he’s not getting the Costco-sized bag of peanut butter M&Ms he spied last week while we were shopping…seriously, love at first sight right there.)

  3. I would love to get the slipper socks from Target. My favorite gift to give (and receive) is See’s candy or a coffee shop gift card – especially Pete’s coffee.

  4. I really need to get my photos in order, so I’m asking for some Project Life items for Christmas! I am def going to check out the above items, such a fun list!

  5. My oldest son is getting the #1 thing on his list but we have him completely convinced that he will never get it. I can’t wait to see his reaction!

  6. Our family makes a craft around Thanksgiving every year to help raise money for a family or two I n need in our town. Last year we had enough to help three families, which was awesome! This year, my 11 year old autistic son came and gave me a hug (high functioning) and said that he wanted to help this year! It melted my heart! He took his chore money to the store and bought some books and small toys to help us this year! He even made some cookies to give them when we go…

  7. The socks speak to my icy feet! I’m so excited to give my nephew a coon skin hat that he really wanted while on vacation last summer.

  8. One of my favorites is a “makeover” kit that I put together for my daughter (she’s 6 and she LOVES to do make up and hair). Can’t wait to see her open it!

  9. My kids and I have been talking tonight about some fun ‘secret Santa’ gifts that we’re going to deliver — so much fun!

  10. Those slipper socks look super cozy! My favorite item on our list this year is warm flannel sheets. We are going with all things cozy! πŸ™‚

  11. My “go to” gift for the little kids in my life this year is a game called Rush Hour Jr. Our kids have loved it, and I’m excited to share the fun. As for me, I’ve asked for a Wahl hair clipper set, so that I can cut my son’s hair.

  12. I’m diggin the nail polish color and those slipper socks. So cute! My favorite gift I’m giving this year are the things my daughter has mentioned in a quick passing that she wants, but doesn’t think she’s getting. It’s gonna be awesome!

  13. My husband and I agreed to only do small stocking stuffers for each other but i decided this year I need to surprise him with a little more (usually he’s the one who spoils me!). So I’m excited to see his face when his stocking stuffer is a nook he’s been wanting!

  14. I can’t wait for my 16 month old to get his strider bike and my little girl to get all her doll stuff! And I love everything in this giveaway. Probably the make up bags the most because I have a hard time spending money on things like that.

  15. An iPhone case would be wonderful! My favorite gift to give this year is a game. Something the whole family can play and have good quality fun together!

  16. Oooh, thanks for sharing your favorites–I especially wanna try those socks from Target! I am excited to see my girls faces on Christmas when they open a cute little pink play kitchen we got them!

  17. I LOVE Bath and Body Works products, especially the soap! Just getting to go home and be with my family is the best gift I’ll be getting this year! It’s also mine and my husband’s first Christmas being married – so exciting!!

  18. The thing that speaks to me the most from your list is the fried pecans! They sound like a new guilty pleasure.The favorite gift that I’m giving is going to my younger daughter who is a far more adventurous baker then myself, and it is a petit four pan that makes them in the shape of flower blossoms.

  19. I just saw a tv feature on the Lower Lights group, and their music was right up my alley. So, I’m super interested in that Christmas CD. But everything on that list looks great! My favorite gift I’m giving this year is a plum colored purse that I bought for my sister. I’m really tempted to keep it… but I shall be strong.

  20. The cinnamon frosting candle wants to come to my house! It reminds me of your cinnabon popcorn, which I love! My favorite Christmas gift this year is little secret service gifts!

  21. I think I might need to ask Santa to bring me some of those socks!
    I got my 10 year old the cake pop maker and a bunch of goodies to go along with it. I’m so excited to give it to her! She wants to be a pastry chef, so I know she will love it!

    1. The socks are my favorite thing on your list πŸ™‚ and #1 thing on my list is a remote starter…
      Or an extra set of hands but I probably won’t get either πŸ™‚

  22. I have been pinching pennies for years to give my mom a new stove top. Hers is so horrible and she loves to cook so she needed a new one. I can’t wait to give it to her– it makes me giddy inside!
    My favorite thing from your list is the Lower Lights CD. I have been listening to it on youtube ever since it came out a few years ago. I would love to have my own copy and my family would love it, too! We love to listen to it together.
    Thank you for sharing your favorite things with us! It is so fun to see the things you girls like and use.

  23. Lemon Merengue Cheer! I could not be more excited about soap than I was when I read your description! Fingers crossed! And the gift I am most excited to give this year is a photo collage of our son (the first and only-for now- grandchild to his parents!

  24. I have been wanting that lemon soap since one of you posted about it earlier this month.

    And my favorite gift I am giving this year is a little dinosaur car for my 3 year old boy. He had been asking for it forever. He even asked Santa if he was going to get it from Target. (He may know you can find it there and I may have a Target problem.) Can’t wait to see his face when he finally gets it!

  25. All of those look so fun! I’m obsessed with B&BW so the soap and candles are two of my favorites. I’m excited to give my husband an air compressor bcuz with 4 boys we are always pumping up basketballs or bike tires. πŸ™‚

  26. I love the reusable mugs–specially since they have lids. (I have 4 boys.) I’m most excited to get a Kindle Fire for the family to enjoy.

  27. I love the socks…I always have cold feet and love fleecy, warm, fuzzy socks. Oh and the soap. I love lemon smells. I think everything I am getting for my kids is my favorite thing I am giving. I love seeing their little eyes light up on Christmas morning.

  28. Love those cute slipper socks!! They look so cozy! And I can’t wait to give my boyfriend a personalized jersey of our favorite soccer team!

  29. I bet that cinnamon frosting candle smells absolutely delicious! It’s basically two of the greatest things wrapped into one. What a hum-dinger of a winner!
    Our family loves to give out our white chocolate popcorn, along with our red hot jelly. Two of our favorite things!

  30. I have to say the veggie peeler is my favorite item on your list. My favorite gift that I’m giving is a new stereo for my hubbies car. We agreed to not give gifts to each other this year but I tucked a little money away for this and he’s gonna be so surprised !!!

  31. I can’t wait to try that Lemon soap! And I can’t wait to give my kids their gifts…love seeing their excitement!

  32. Those slipper socks are awesome, but I seriously couldn’t have made a more perfect list, I just may email a link to my husband as a shopping guide! Thanks for your generosity. Merry Christmas!

  33. I am loving those slipper socks though they are useless in Hawaii. Maybe I’ll get a pair for my sister. I am most excited about the family pictures we got to give to our parents. They are totally acceptable now that we have a kid.

  34. From your list, I really love that nail polish! A girl can’t have enough polish. Most exciting gift to give is a GIANT stuffed lion for my 18 month old son!

  35. I laughed so hard through almost this whole entire post πŸ™‚ you need a reality show that reveals this stash of candles and bleeding vegetable peeling fingers that are beautifully polished! I am a sucker for Essie Polish and love that our TJ Maxx usually has some for $5! My favorite gift to be giving (to ourselves) and getting this year is: our first house!

  36. I am loving that Christmas cd! I’ve sorta had it with the usual music and would love some more spiritual tunes. And I’m beyond excited to give my son his new bike!!

  37. I was fortunate enough to celebrate the holidays a little early when my Airman son was home for Thanksgiving this year but I always love trimming our tree and the nostalgia that comes with unpacking the ornaments each year. I am loving that Essie nail color. Need to try that one!

  38. Those socks speak to me the most because my feet are always freezing! The favorite gift that I am giving is a painting of Santa kneeling at the manger of baby Jesus…for my husband. He is like a kid at Christmas and when he saw the painting he about died. Now I have to get it for him.

  39. oh boy those socks look like something I need to invest in ASAP! I am so, so excited to surprise my kids (and even my husband) with a trampoline…they have been asking for years and since hubby is a nurse, he has reservations, but I got a killer deal on it and couldn’t pass it up. I am sooooo excited!

  40. Every time we go to the store, we always have to stop by the toy section where my son has been eyeing the same monster truck for months! Well on Saturday while my hubby and I were out shopping and distracted the little dude, my hubby quickly slipped away, picked it up, went to make that purchase, and hid it in the trunk. We can’t wait to see his face on Christmas morning! I will say I am loving those make-up bags and the nail polish, great choices!

  41. My feet are freezing right now so I am coveting the socks! And we are taking our kids to Disneyland for Christmas! They are very excited! And Christmas shopping has never been easier than this year.

  42. I’m digging that nail polish color! The gift I’m most excited to give is horse-riding lessons for my horse-obsessed daughter!

  43. Oh that vegetable peeler sounds like a great gadget! Peeling vegetables is not my favorite thing! I am excited about giving a pair of batman pajamas to my daughter and my dad. They are going to be SO excited!

  44. I always slice a bit of a fingernail when using vegetable peelers, so I’m eager to check out the one you shared. The CD is calling out to me, too. For Christmas this year, I am giving my beloved the gift of not adopting a senior dog. …for now.

  45. Diggin’ it all, but my vegetable peeler is part if a kitchen gadget caddy I got for my first apartment. In 1996. ‘Nuff said.

  46. I would love to try those pecans…yum! And the slipper socks are super cute too. I’m not sure what my favorite gift that I’m giving this year is because I haven’t really had time to shop yet…yikes!

  47. Hmmm the slipper socks for sure! And the nail polish but those bath and body candles…mmmmmmm! I am giving my 4 year old twin girls Mooshka dolls, I am so excited. Google them, they are adorable!

  48. Cozy socks are always great. My favorite gift is when my 4 kids ask if we are picking a family to surprise them with gifts or money that they and myself earn just for them.

  49. Oh man, those SOCKS. I am such a sucker for anything cuddly and stripey.

    My favorite gift that I’m giving this year are some homemade goodies. I’m really proud of the things I found to make, and I know the recipients will enjoy them. Since I’m a poor college student, I just really don’t have a lot of money for any other sort of gifts.

    (And if I could have any Christmas gift in the world, it would be a straight As on my finals! I get my final grades on Christmas Eve, which will be nice if they’re good, and awful if they’re not!)

  50. I love that nail polish. So pretty! I’m excited to be giving my 2 yr old daughter a dress up collection. She’ll be so thrilled!

  51. I love B&BW! I especially love all of their citrus scented hand soaps. :). I am also super excited to see my husbands face when he opens his gift this year (a date night with awesome seats to see his favorite basketball team play). πŸ™‚

  52. My fave is the Lemon Meringue Cheer soap from bath & body! It’s in my kitchen right now! I’m giving my husband a desktop photo calendar of our first baby. I’m so excited about it! Thanks for these faves they are awesome.


  53. My feet are SO cold all of the time… so I’m loving those adorable socks. We are giving our son a bike… he is going to love it!

  54. The slipper socks!! I saw your post on Instagram and looked for them at Target, but didn’t find them. My favorite gift I’m giving is a new bedding set for my 8 year old daughter. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. Those socks! My feet are always freezing in the Colorado cold. My favorite gift I’m giving…that’s tough- I think the holiday party we are having for my husbands’ soldiers and their families! Ice skating, a hot chocolate bar and a visit from Santa!

  56. The nail polish color looks so pretty. Also I really like those socks! I’m hoping to get my boys some toy trains this year.

  57. If i had to pick from the list, I’d pick the cinnamon candle. Something about cinnamon seems comforting and homey to me. We have decided not to give gifts this year and rather just make an effort to spend time together.

  58. I LOVE Bath and Body Works products!!! They don’t have a store in my state, so I haven’t smelled any new scents for a long time.

  59. Oh my goodness the Lemon Meringue soap really is so good!!! I haven’t tried the scented candle before sounds yummy! I can’t wait to see my little girls face when she opens her hello kitty karaoke machine! She is constantly “on stage” at our house! I know she will log many hours with that thing!

  60. The nail polish is speaking to me! I am a little obsessed with getting new colors of nail polish πŸ™‚ And the gift I am most excited to give is my 3 year old’s Little Mermaid doll that she has had her eye on for months!

  61. As my toes are currently cold I’m eyeing the socks the most at the moment, although I think the lower lights album sounds wonderful as well.

    Favorite gift: an advent calendar my siblings and I put together for my parents and they are opening a present each day from one of us (4 siblings, I only had to put together 6 presents). Fun to hear from them as they open each one. They have been loving it so far and get to feel our love all month long!

  62. Ooooh, cinnamon frosting!! Yum! BBW candles are amazing.

    I am so excited to give my kids their new Christmas ornaments! We just decided to start that tradition this year, but my kids are still little, so it’s okay. They are going to LOVE the ones we picked out!

  63. those warm cozy socks! it’s so cold!! and I’m excited to give my boys this hot wheels track they’ve been wanting. they watch a youtube video about it almost daily and I know they’ll be excited to see it. πŸ™‚

  64. I’m digging the nail polish and socks! The gift I’m most excited about are the ones I helped my daughter pick out for her baby sister and dad. <3

  65. That lower lights cd has been on my list of music to check out but I just haven’t yet!
    I’m excited to give my kids the handmade gifts I’ve been working on for each one of them!

  66. Love the peeler and socks! I always manage to cut myself as well and I love warm winter socks for around the house. I am excited to give my husband some luggage since he has to travel for his new job. And I am excited to give my little girl a pack of barbie princesses!

  67. Everything would be great to have! I, too, love bath and body’s handsoap, and always have it on hand! But that veggie peeler looks awesome!! I would love it! In fact, since I never win anything, I will probably order one! Thanks for your giveaway! Someone will be happy to get it!

  68. I cut my fingernail down to the middle of my nail with my vegetable peeler so I’m very interested in the peeler. I’m excited to give my kids and grand kids something meaningful this year…can’t say because some of them read this

  69. I would love that Cinnamon candle! I love anything with a Cinnamon smell or flavor. My favorite gift I’m giving this year is a letter to my mom about a service project I’m doing in her name (meaning, I’m dedicating the project to her). I hope I win your awesome gift! Thank you!

  70. I’m loving all the Bath and Body works! We loooove their candles and their soaps. Everything looks delightful though.
    I’m making pajamas for my kiddos and my sister. I found some fabric that matches her favorite fleece blanket! :). Thanks so much.

  71. I am excited about the vegetable peeler. I wonder if it will help my daughter go faster.
    I’m excited to give my kids skylanders because they have been asking for it for awhile.

  72. I just peeled 10 pounds of potatoes for our ward part. I seriously have blisters.

    #pleasesavemefrommypeeler #pickme #youknowyouwant do

  73. I love Bath And Body Works anything, so I’d have to say those items would be my favorite. Also love the Lower lights, I haven’t heard their Christmas cd. What a fun giveaway! I’m excited to give my daughter an American Girl doll. πŸ™‚

  74. I love cozy socks. πŸ™‚

    It’s hard to narrow down the favorite gift I’m giving this year (the giving part is my favorite)…but I think the Peyton Manning Broncos jersey for my husband. He’s impossible to buy for because he buys himself EVERYTHING!

  75. There’s so much win here that I can’t narrow it down! My favorite gift has already been given. My daughter, who is serving an LDS mission in Russia, asked for US measuring cups & spoons, spice packets for Mexican foods, and dry erase markers for the Relief Society there. They are teaching them how to make some American recipes (they are crazy for Mexican food – or our version of it!) and they need the US measuring tools in order to follow the recipes. She emailed me today to say the package had arrived and she is so excited to give the items to the Relief Society sisters there!

  76. I love the candles. I’ve never found a pine scent that seemed real to me. I’m giving homemade caramels and hope to get an IPad to replace the one I drowned. :0/

  77. The fried pecans are speaking to me πŸ™‚ This year I’m just excited to have our whole family together again. Definitely number one on my wish list! The presents are just the cherry on top.

  78. I’m a Bath & Body Works junkie too! So i’m digging the candle(the hand soap sounds good too but you said only 1 ;). I’m giving my Father-in-law a money tree for Christmas. He’s always talking about his money tree in the backyard so now I will actually be giving one to him. I found them at Lowe’s in the nursery section. πŸ™‚

  79. My son is 2 and is starting to get excited. He has been sayibg “Santa Claus bike” for a while so I am excited to see if he gets his bike;-). I love your list but my favorite would have to be that cd. I haven’t heard it but I love Kenny G Christmas music so I feel is like that too! I’m always looking for the right Christmas music!

  80. I would love The Lower Lights album. I’m most looking forward to seeing my daughter enjoy her new coat-she is so hard to shop for and finally found a coat she likes.

  81. A group of friends from HS (class of 2000) are doing a gag gift swap/contest. Just google December diamond mermen. You can’t not get that for a gag! I better win!

  82. Toblerone definitely speaks to me. It’s my favorite chocolate ever, but I’m a sucker for comfy socks in the winter time, so those are speaking to me too!! Such fun items!!! OK, and the gorgeous nail polish. I’m still trying to figure out what we’re giving (I know, we’re running out of time), but surprising my kids with season passes to the local amusement park should be pretty fun!!

  83. I love your list! You just gave me some great ideas for holiday shopping, because I haven’t a clue what to give ! I love the iPhone wallet how practical!! And I love lemon too so… But so far my favorite gift right now that I received was a boxed set of the sound of music. It was my moms and I favorite movie. She has been gone for six years now, so it’s special to me ❀️

  84. We have to pick just one off of your list?! Uhm…the make-up bags. So cute!!! And my favorite gift that I’m giving that I’ve got so far is the Little Takes Cozy Truck for my 16-month old son! perfect!!!!

  85. the peeler is utterly intriguing! I know the Oxo peeler changed my life as a kid – that might sound overly dramatic, but in a family that loves mashed potatoes, I grew up as the official peeler! Anyway, this one sounds innovative and worth a try – it’s already added to my Amazon wish list – maybe I’ll get a gift card for Christmas to pay for it!

    And I’m most excited about giving gifts to my boyfriend this year. I don’t know exactly what I’m getting yet, but it’s just fun to buy for someone new and know that you’re going to see a smile on their face when they open their gifts!

  86. I’m excited about the candle, I love Bath and Body Works (have you tried their Twisted Peppermint candle? That’s my teenage son’s favorite)! I can’t wait to see the look on my little girl’s face… we got her an EZ Bake oven for Christmas!

  87. The pea cans speak to me the most. My favorite thing to do with salad is through some peach or walnut halves on a cookie sheet, drizzle them with maple syrup and a few cracks is salt and cook them in the oven at 400 until they’re no longer sticky. ( my sister does it I a pan, but is seems like more work to me). My favorite gift this year is the chalk board tag mugs I’ve made as sticking stuffers for my husband’s family. So fun!!

  88. I’ve gotta say, the Toblerones speak to me the most right now. πŸ˜‰ But the veggie peeler looks so cool, too! And I would DEFINITELY use the makeup bags a lot.

    The gift I’m most excited to give is a mini indoor trampoline for my boys (ages 2 and 4). They’re gonna flip. Literally. The item at the top of my wish list is a good glass pie pan and pie server…exciting, right?

  89. The slipper/socks look really cozy! This year we are doing homemade gifts so I am giving a cookbook of my favorite recipes and a jar of homemade taco seasoning that is a lot better than the store bought stuff!!

  90. I also love scented candles, so I’m excited about that Cinnamon Frosting candle! Excited to give my daughter an American Girl doll this Christmas!

  91. Ooh, I love candles and nail polish too.
    I’m excited that “we” are finally getting the nice new camera my husband has wanted for awhile. I’m excited because he is SO excited. πŸ™‚ It will make for a fun Christmas.

  92. I liked the cup, fir a good cup that’s a great price! My favorite gift would be fir my 3 mo old – this is my only girl, & I just bought her a baby doll!

  93. I like the cup need one of those every day! And the music and slippers! I’m thrilled this year to give my married daughter my older sewing machine that I’ve cleaned and fixed up. She want to start out by making play felt food for her daughter . This thrills me!

  94. I am in love with those socks from Target! Im kind of obsessed with wearing awesome socks during the winter πŸ™‚ I am super excited to be giving my mom the Our Best Bites: Mormom Moms in the Kitchen cookbook! I know shes going to love it as much as I do!

  95. I’m excited about the reusable cup. I love that it’s plum! And I’m excited for the Christmas cd. And the peeler! I already have one of those peelers and love it, but lately I can’t find it anywhere. I’m so excited for our baby’s first Christmas! We’re filling her stocking with bottles, rattles, socks and burp cloths.

  96. These slipper socks look amazing! My kids gifts are definitely my favorite to give. I love watching them open what they asked for!

  97. I am most excited to try the veggie peeler. Never seen that one.

    And most excited about my moms gift giving her a well deserved massage gift card.

  98. Mmm I would have to say the cinnamon frosting candle because when I was living in Lima, Peru with my husband I became ‘famous’ in our area for baking cinnamon rolls and selling them:D
    My top wish this Christmas would be that my husband could be with me- but he’s in Lima .

  99. Until you wrote that it says “Hang all the mistletoe,” I totally thought it said, “Hey, ho.” Anyway, I love the Orla Kiely makeup bags and the Essie nail polish. And the candle and the slipper socks. Stripes & pompoms, no way!

    This year my son helped me pick out adorable pjs for my nieces and nephew that have owl and polar bear feet. They’re so dang cute.

  100. I want that cinnamon candle! The pecans look yummy for gifting, too. I can’t wait for my kids to see their new bikes on Christmas morning!!!

  101. Your entire list speaks to me! The two B&BW items probably the most though πŸ™‚ I love lemon scented anything, and all their candles are so yummy!

    I am still struggling to figure out what to get my husband for Christmas, I swear he has everything he wants. But we got some fun toys for the baby! And I can’t wait for my mom to open the picture book we got her. She loves penguins and we found a cute penguin book that she’s never seen before!

    And the thing at the top of my wish list was a sewing machine, but my hubby got me one on Black Friday and said it wasn’t part of Christmas, so now the top of my list is new running shoes, and some little things for my kitchen–new cutting boards, a mini whisk, and a splatter screen!

  102. I would love a the sock/slippers, so cute! My fav gift I’m giving this year is a Kindle for my son. πŸ™‚ Thank you! Merry Christmas!

  103. I just love that little squirrel with the fork. My favorite Christmas decoration is a new one this year – a squirrel wearing a Santa hat I got from a catalog. My favorite gift I’m giving this year is hand knitted fingerless gloves. I love your blog.

  104. I love the Christmas CDs. I love music and we are always looking for good nbew Christmas albums. I,m excited to give my husband his favorite pens. Crazy,perhaps but he can’t find them in store and I know he’ll laugh and love it.

  105. I’m always on the lookout for new Christmas albums so I was most excited about the cd! For me so much of Christmas is about the music and the lights…couldn’t do Christmas without one or the other! Giving a lot of vintage-inspired ornaments this year…usually as a tag-along to another gift. Love ornaments!

  106. Not one item “stands out”, but I love the overall sense of warmth and comfort your items bring.

    We were unable to provide a Christmas to our children for a couple of years. I’m so glad we were able to get them each a few things this year.

  107. I woud love to try that veggie peeler – no more accidents peeling the potatoes – that would be so nice!!
    Everything looks like fun, keeping my fingers crossed…..

  108. I think those socks are amazing! They look very warm. I think my favorite gift this year is the heated mates pad I am giving my daughter. Everyone who is in cold country needs a heated mattress pad. They are wonderful!

  109. I love the Christmas candle scents from
    Bath and Body Works. Scented candles are so nice at any time of the year, but especially nice at Christmas. My favorite gift this year to give: my almost 3 year old granddaughter is getting a bike.

  110. I love all things lemon or cozy so its a tie between the soap and socks πŸ™‚ I’m making a stuffed bunny for my 7 month old daughter and my soon to be 3 year old i receiving his first bike; I can’t wait to see their reactions!

  111. Perfect timing with all ofthese of course. The make up bags are perfect friend gifts. Can’t go wrong with target EVER! Merry Christmas!

  112. All of the gifts look amazing:) What I am looking forward to most is spending another holiday with my mom and dad. They are both in their late 80’s and having them here is the best gift I could ask for!

  113. Those Pecans look super delicious! My son really wants a pencil sharpener this Christmas. He is 5 years old. It is so funny that I can’t wait to give it to him.

  114. I am giving my close friends fabric covered button earrings. I hope they like them! Now, I just need to come up with an idea for my husband. πŸ™‚

  115. Love kitchen gadgets. Can’t wait to try the peeler. I’m giving my niece some of my favorite childhood books

  116. Love all the stuff from Bath and Body! And those cute socks! My favorite gift I’m giving is a pass to the children’s museum to my 2 grandsons!

  117. Hosting the family on Christmas Eve is a favorite gift always, as well as getting the little gifts for the “socks” that Santa brings. Loving your whole list, but probably the candle…or the socks…or that mug…! Thanks for sharing!

  118. I’m giving my daughter a camera and my son wants a TMNT lair! I’m so excited. My daughter is getting into photography and she’s pretty creative with it and my son is dying for the turtle lair! Can’t wait to see their faces Christmas morning!

  119. Loving that nail polish color!
    My girls are getting American girl dolls from Grandma. Cannot wait to see the looks on their faces!!!

  120. Love the socks! I am super excited to give my husband a foosball table. He is loves the game and has always wanted one! so looking forward to seeing his face!

  121. I want those slipper socks–I guess I better get to Target before they sell out. And then I can get another pair when I win the giveaway. πŸ™‚ I’m really excited to give my girls a play tent this year.

  122. Love your list!! Just looking forward to spending a peaceful Christmas with my husband and kids! Baking lots of gifts for others….beats shopping any day!!

  123. The Lower Lights CD sounds wonderful! It looks like something perfect to bake to. (Our favorite growing up was Frank Sinatra’s Christmas RECORD!) Two favorite gifts I’m giving this year are: Photo calendars of the kids for grandparents; and – no joke – hand-made snow globes from this site for the grandparents! πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas OBB!!!

  124. I like your reusable cup for the kids hot chocolate. They are 5 and 6 so we are passed the sippy cup stage yet I don’t want it spilled on my carpet either! Favorite gift we’re giving this year are American Girl dolls to the girls.

  125. I am hoping to receive another piece of the Patience Brewster nativity. I have received a piece each year for the last few years. I love it’s whimsical style.

  126. What fun stuff! Love the polish. Not giving anything too exciting this year but the hubby and I redid the kitchen as our gift!

  127. I love christmas music so the album speaks to me, As soon as the local radio station starts playing it, I have it playing in my car (shh don’t tell my husband). My favorite gift I am giving this year is a heated electric throw. My son asked for it and I can see him snuggled up on the couch with it for many years to come. I love a gift that keeps on giving. I may also have plans to snuggle up with him!

  128. I’m loving that veggie peeler – I’m tired of peeling my fingers every time I’m peeling vegetables! The thing I would like the most this Christmas is a Silhouette Cameo, but I think I’m going to have to wait another year for that one!

  129. Those fried pecans look wonderful to me. I’ve been on a nut kick lately, and I’m a sucker for anything with squirrels. I am most excited to spool my new nephew with books this year.

  130. The soft socks speak to me! I have always LOVED soft socks and I ask for them EVERY Christmas! This year we have decided to give personalized ornaments as part of a new tradition. So very excited about it and we think it will make many great fun memories for years to come.

  131. My mom had that Kenny G cd while I was growing up that she played in the car NON-STOP. Looking at that picture of the cover just made me car sick:)
    I think the pecans look fantastic! And the slipper socks too…

  132. I love the peeler the best . I had one, but it disappeared. Never to be seen again. I would love one. It was the best peeler ever. Thanks for the giveaway. Merry Christmas.

  133. the peeler. I if I don’t win- I’m buying it for my hubby anyway πŸ™‚ and my favorite holiday gift to give is target giftcards. all three of my sisters are getting one!

  134. I would love the cinnamon frosting candle! Yum! My most exciting gift that I’m giving is a sewing machine for my 10 year old daughter. She has been really into sewing and helping me sew lately and she will be so excited to have her own sewing machine. I can’t wait! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win all these goodies – it was hard to choose just one favorite!

  135. I love the slipper socks from Target! I’m all about warmth and comfort any time of the year! My son is getting his 1st suit now that he has entered the “REAL Business World!” He should be pretty pumped!

  136. I would love to have the smell of that Cinnamon Frosting candle wafting through my house. I’m most excited about gifting cowls to my sister-in-laws that I’ve been knitting. Hopefully I can finish on time!

  137. That folksy Christmas CD sounds right up my alley–the whole list looks great! I’m most excited to see my kids on Christmas morning. They are just old enough now to really be getting excited πŸ™‚

  138. I got my husband a big screen TV and a leather coat. He is having a big year this year. I love your potato peeler. My sister was eyeing one at Thanksgiving. I might have to send this to her.

  139. Love your list…especially the slipper socks. My favorite gift I’m giving this year is a personalized owl coffee cup from On Display Graphix on Etsy! So cute!

  140. Those socks are calling my name! They look so cozy. The number one thing on my list this year is a kindle fire. My 5 year old ruined mine a couple weeks ago, and boy, do I miss it!

  141. Those socks look so cozy and perfect for those cold winter nights. My favorite gift I’m giving this Christmas is a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for my mother in law who has bought one for all her kids but won’t buy one for herself! I can’t wait to see the look on her face!

  142. Hmmmm…my favorites on this list are a toss up between the socks and the candle. I have both on my wish list as it is…My favorite item I’m giving this Christmas is a soccer goal to my 8 year old son who is going to bust the basement windows with his kicking if we don’t!!!! =)

  143. I’ve been having a “thing” about Christmas music this year, so I’m really interested in the Christmas CD. And this sounds really lame, but my favorite gift I’m giving this year is a Quantum Nuka Cola bottle lamp from the game Fallout that I got for my husband. I’m pretty confident that it’s going to be his favorite gift this year!

  144. The pecans and the socks are calling my name. I love Kenny G’s Breathless. My dad listened to it all the time when I was a kid and now it’s the thing I put on when I’ve had a hard day or just need comfort. I found an awesome pirate ship for my daughter and she’s gonna love it.

  145. I would love the Lower Lights Christmas CD. Christmas music is my favorite thing about the season. And I’m excited about the speakers I’m giving my husband so we can stream BYU basketball play-by-play through his phone in the living room while we watch.

  146. I thought the words were β€œhey, ho the mistletoe” too! Mind. Blown. I’m digging that peeler! Always love a kitchen gadget. The “gadget” I found to gift this year is a pastry cloth. A friend introduced them to me this year (it’s one of those “my grandma had one” type of things), and I ordered a bunch off amazon to gift to friends.

  147. Um, I have to pick a faavorite from this list? Hard, but right now my toes are cold, so maybe those socks. I am excited to give my son walkie talkies, he is going to die from excitement!!

  148. I’d love to try these Bath and Body Works candles you rave about! And I’m giving an easel to my daughter that she’s going to love!

  149. The gift that “speaks to me” would be the vegetable peeler. Being a left handed person has always made using any kitchen tool an embarrassing hassle! A gift that in excited to give (if it comes out nice looking and not like scary looking monsters ) would be a hand drawn portrait of my family to my dad who has been extra lonely since his kids have moved out.

  150. I love Christmas music but cringe at the crazy upbeat stuff so that CD sounds right up my alley…I am really excited to give my children their gift this year of flying to visit their grandparents, and some cousins whom they haven’t seen in over a year. Time spent with family & friends will be my favorite gift as well.

  151. I can’t decide if I like the vegetable peeler or the slipper socks better. I want to wear the slipper socks while peeling vegetables, is that fair? πŸ™‚ For Christmas this year, I am giving my husband the 12 Dates of Christmas – one fully planned and fully funded date for each month in 2014. I think it’s pretty awesome!

  152. I love that vegetable peeler! I made bracelets for my sisters-in-law and mother-in-law that I can’t wait to give them!

  153. I am really interested to hear the Christmas CD–I love folksy and not too cheesy, so I may have to buy the iTunes version if I don’t win. This Christmas we really would LOVE for my husband to have a job contract in hand so we know where he’ll be working once his fellowship is finished!

  154. OH the nail polish! And the slipper socks – need those! πŸ™‚ Excited to give my 9 y.o. a digital piano/keyboard and piano lessons this year – she’s been dying to take piano lessons, and is going to be soooo excited!

  155. Oh Kate, I too have a love/hate attitude about vegetable peelers…never seen one like the one you use! That sounds awesome. My gift giving consists of homemade treats really, really, really packaged way cute as possible! Roasted almonds-we live in NUT County, homemade pomegranate syrup-acres of those little gems and cookies of all kinds!
    Thanks for the give-away, that too is awesome!

  156. I love the vegetable peeler for all the reasons you mentioned! The best gift I am giving this year is a leather cuff bracelet. Printed on it is a quote that will remind my aunt of her father.

  157. I bough some Bath and Body Works soaps for my mom for Christmas, and I got that lemon meringue one because it smelled SO good! I loved it too!

  158. To be honest, the vegetable peeler is the most appealing! I’ve been through quite a few terrible peelers! And I am most excited to give my 2-year-old son a big fire truck. He’s been asking about it for months!

  159. Well the #1 thing on my list is a set of those “hook-up” crockpots from the post a few days/week back. Hopefully hub got the memo since I didn’t win the giveaway πŸ™‚

  160. OH, I will have to check out that Christmas CD even if I don’t win! I always love new Christmas music. And, the favorite thing I’m giving this year? Handmade beard hats πŸ™‚

  161. The vegetable peeler!! I hate peeling veggies because I’m always slicing my hands too!! My hubby is a d&d geek and I got him a 20-sided dice that blinks and plays music when you roll a 20. He’ll be really surprised πŸ™‚

  162. It’s not ‘hey ho the mistletoe?! ‘. Those sweater socks look pretty good right now, since it’s 5 degrees outside now. I most excited to give my daughter the sewing machine she’s been asking for! Thanks!

  163. Those socks look soooo comfy and warm! I can’t wait to give my parents a gift basket I put together with stuff from Trader Joe’s!!

  164. I also have a obsession with bath and body works soninwould have to say my favorite item would be the candle an soap!

  165. I’m intrigued by your fancy veggie peeler and I am most excited for our trip home across the country which is a pretty pricey Christmas gift for our whole family every year.

  166. I love the vegetable peeler. I’m a total klutz with sharp things. I’m really excited about giving my Dad this awesome handmade bread knife that I found. It was made locally and has a wood handle. My bread making dad will love it!

  167. Those socks look amazing! For Christmas I want to keep gift giving simple. Luckily my little boys asked only for some coloring books and a ball.

  168. That nail Polish is gorgeous! I’d love to share it with my little girls who LOVE painting their nails. I’m most excited to give gifts to my cousin’s family. They’re struggling a bit and my family chose to do Christmas for them this year.

  169. The slipper socks speak to me, mostly because my sister has told me my teenaged niece needs/wants warm socks that are about mid-calf length. You’d think that would be an easy thing to find, but noooooo. Are you aware actual companies are selling actual socks that are mismatched? I mean, that’s just crazy. But those slipper socks look cute AND THEY MATCH. Amen.

  170. I’ve recently discovered the Lower Lights and would love their CD. My gift this year is a trip out west to see family.

  171. The Lower lights Christmas Album…I love listening to music! And I am anxious for my girls to open the box of BearPaw boots I got for them.

  172. The vegetable peeler looks intriguing! I’m going to check it out!
    Looking forward to giving my mom a sign I made with my silhouette!

  173. Out of these items I’m most intrigued with the nail polish (gorgeous color) and the Christmas music (always looking for different renditions). I would have to say the most exciting thing we’re giving this year is flight lessons to our son. He is going to be soooooo excited!

  174. I am most excited about the nail polish – such a gorgeous shade! I’m most looking forward to giving my sister and my mom these super cute Christmas aprons I ordered off of Etsy. So fun!

  175. I hate peeling veggies too, so I would be really interested to try the peeler out! I am most excited to get books this year for Christmas (as I always am because I LOVE books). Thanks for the giveaway!

  176. I love the candle. I already got the gift I was excited about. My husband bought me the Silhouette design studio during the last sale.

  177. Number 7 for sure! I love supporting small business and love any kind of nut! I’m giving my best friend a personalized Christmas decoration from a local designer, can’t wait to give it to her!!

  178. The socks look divine! I love me some good socks. And my favorite gift I’m giving is marbles. To my Mom. I KNOW. But she collects them and has been banned from buying any more, so I’m getting her some. Marbles for my Mom. Awesome.

  179. I would love to try the bath and body works candle! I see people raving about them all the time and I don’t know why I haven’t gotten one yet!
    But the gift I look forward to giving most is all of the car characters to my son! He’s going to go crazy!

  180. I’ve been searching for a perfect winter nail polish color and I think that is it! My favorite gift I’ve picked up so far is some locally made jewelry for my mother in law.

  181. The veggie peeler def speaks to me because i have the same aversion! Also my fav gift i am giving this year is a food basket to my hubby. I think I will have to throw a few of these things in there!

  182. I love those wintry socks! Sitting in my socks with a candle that smells just like a real Christmas tree sounds FABULOUS!

  183. I just added the slipper socks to my wish list! I also love that veggie peeler – its one of my favorite gadgets that I own

  184. I love the fuzzy sock slippers! My daughter asks for fuzzy socks every year and it has become our (my husband & I) favorite thing to shop for…we actually go out and scour the stores for interesting or unique socks.

  185. I love the candle. My mom used to leave a candle going all Christmas eve, and it would smell so good Christmas morning. This year I’m pretty excited to give my daughter a bike. She’s a bit obsessed, and I’m excited to see her get it.

  186. I would love that vegetable peeler. I always always hurt myself and so I tend to avoid peeling. The number one thing on my list this year is a new vacuum!!

  187. The vegtable peeler – love anything for the kitchen, but a very close 2nd would something from Bath & Body, I can’t go in there “just to look”, are you kidding me!?!. Thanks for the fab giveaway so many great gifts!

  188. I am in the process of shedding a few pounds so new clothes would be at the top of my list. I LOVE watching my daughter open her gifts. She is such a sweet-heated girl & just loves everything so she is my favorite gift recipient. Happy Holidays everyone!!

  189. Oooooohhhh the cinnamon roll frosting candle! I have a candle problem too….lol. Im making a lot of gifts this year due to budget constraints. I’ve made a super cute cone wreath that I ha ve made for several people after my son saw the first one….he claimed it for his teacher and then several other people wnated one….I STILL dnt have one for myself….lol

  190. Where has this vegetable peeler been all my life?! I too, am prone to peeling accidents. Guess what needs to appear in my stocking this year!

  191. First,I love the palm peeler! I have one and got rid of all my other vegetable peelers. I would love to listen to the Christmas album and I’m super excited about what Santa is bringing this year!

  192. What a great group of favs! I am a 7 on the scale of excitement due to family health issues. Hopefully I can get a holiday charge of excitement soon!

  193. After seeing the candy can soap from Sarah’s list I had to run out and get it.now I have to do that with the Lemon soap!

  194. The gift I am most excited to give is “Zoomer” to my 5 year old son. The item I am most excited about on your list is the Christmas CD, but it all looks fun!

  195. Those slippers look awesome. We have tile in our house and it is FREEZING! The candles also look awesome. I’m all for it smelling like I just baked cinnamon rolls.

  196. Those socks look amazing! The candle is pretty cool too especially since I really wanted to do a real tree this year but with a 3 1/2 year old and a baby due any day it will probably have to wait until another year. My favorite gift I’m giving is a quiet book I made for my niece.

  197. I LOVE the socks πŸ™‚ And, instead of my girls getting a mountain of toys, we’re taking them to an indoor waterpark for their Christmas present!

  198. What a fun giveaway! The things that speak to me from your list are the vegetable peeler, the nail polish, The Lower Lights CD, and the cozy socks. At the top of my Christmas list this year…I really don’t know. I just want to be with my family and watch the magic through my children’s eyes.

  199. Those warm fuzzy socks are calling to me!!! I think the thing I am the most excited about giving this year is a personalized calendar for the family. Love looking at it each month!!! Lasts the whole year….

  200. A veggie peeler I won’t peel my thumb with? Yes. Also, the toblerones. I’m just excited for Christmas. My kids are at the perfect age. I could wrap up tha

  201. This year I’m asking for a memory foam mattress topper. Because I’m in my 1st trimester of pregnancy with my 4th child, I want something soft for my aching body!

  202. I am giving my parents a hand painted portrait of there home, which was torn down this summer to make room for apartments. It’s the same home my Grandma went to as a widow from WWII, with two young boys, then became a widow again just 8 years later, with 2 more young boys, when my dad was only 6. I literally CANNOT wait to give this to them! My kids will also be thrilled with their gifts, but I want a food processor desperately!

  203. I would love to try the pecans. My #1 Christmas present this year is spending time with my newborn nephew who came on the 3rd of this month.

  204. Those socks look so cozy! And I love that Kenny G made the list! I’m asking for a toaster oven this year (such a cool chick right here)!

  205. I love it all! I think I’ll have to check out the cup though, and I love that color of Essie nail polish. And I love B&B works too, but have banned myself from shopping on their website for at least 6 months, so it would be fun to win. πŸ™‚

  206. Awesome giveaway! It’s a toss up between the socks and the bath and body works products πŸ™‚ I put together a surprise gift for my parents and in laws and can’t wait to mail them out. It’s a collection of our family photos in cute frames.

  207. What speaks to me most is that Cinnamon Frosting Candle–I have a terrible candle-hording problem!! I buy them at lightening speed and then hate to burn them for fear of running out! Ha! What I’m most hoping to get this Christmas is a stand mixer from Santa! πŸ˜‰

  208. Hmm, the nail polish and travel mug really speak to me! But I totally want that veggie pealer too … great stuff! I’m excited to give the Divergent Trilogy to my cousin. She loves to read and I’m obsessed with the trilogy right now, I know she’ll love it!

  209. So many great ideas! I want one of those vegetable peelers… And the CD sounds so good… My list – a new watch!

  210. I love the make up bags! This year I’m excited to give all the ladies on my list bracelets made by a company called 31 Bits. They are made by women in Uganda out of recycled paper beads. That are gorgeous! They are meaningful to me because my son is in Uganda as a missionary for 2 years. We will miss him

  211. I am expecting my first child (due Dec 26th) so the absolute #1 thing for me this Christmas is for him to arrive a little early so I can enjoy the holiday with him. πŸ™‚ And I absolutely MUST have those fried pecans!!!

  212. The slippers definitely speak to me the most because my feet are ALWAYS freezing! And I’m most excited to give my husband his annual ornament and continue a lifetime Christmas tradition from my own family!

  213. I love, love comfy socks, so I’m super excited about the ones you posted. The present I’m most excited to give is to my husband….a super awesome remote control monster truck. We got one for our son last year and my husband is always saying he wants one so they can head out together to race them. He’s going to be SO surprised!!

  214. Do I have to choose just one? How about two? Those hot drink holders would be great, especially since I discovered a hot drink, Crio Bru, that doesn’t give me a sugar headache. And those Target socks– I have major issues with cold feet, like mine get super painful, so I’m always looking for good cozy socks.

  215. I’m past due for a new pair of slipper socks! I’m super excited to give my patents a nice collage of pictures of all their grand kids. Special times!

  216. I love that Christmas cd. I am feeling like quite the scrooge/grinch this Christmas and cannot stand Christmas music this year! I would love a more spiritual feel to Christmas, and would LOVE to check out this cd!

  217. The socks are my fav gift in this bunch. I just love comfy warm socks for winter. I’m most excited to give my daughter her new kitchen. She is going to be so happy.

  218. I have one of those veggie peelers, and I love it, too. I also love the cup (purple is my mostest favoritest color anyway)–I keep buying one for me and my kids keep adopting them; I can never find a clean one when I want one. I’m making a gift for hubby that I’m super excited about and I sewed some cute little hand warmers for all my nieces and nephews. Thanks for the chance to win!

  219. Love the Bath and Body works soap! I haven’t tried that scent and would like to. My best gift I am giving this year is a train table for my 2 year old. He is obsessed!

  220. I’d love the plum travel mug! I’m addicted to those reusable coffee cup style mugs lately and use them for hot tea and coffee. Keeps my drinks warm and toasty. πŸ™‚

    I don’t really have anything on my list, but I love getting either new (to me) books or music or even an Amazon gift card so I can indulge here and there over the coming year.

  221. I’m excited to give my mom a surprise visit from us next month! Also, the CD looks great. I love music at Christmas time!

  222. I worked retail a couple years, so I can totally relate on the Christmas music thing. Thank goodness for MoTab and Sufjan Stevens!
    I am most excited to give my husband a vintage Bones Brigade t-shirt I found at the thrift shop. It will remind him of his skating days in high school.

  223. Not gonna lie I want the chocolate and I’m getting my twin 18 month olds quiet books for Christmas. Although that’s really the gift of quieter church meetings for my husband and me. πŸ™‚

  224. If I don’t win, I think I will still go get those socks from Target. And the gift I’m looking most forward to giving is either my 4-year-old’s Switch & Go Dino that he’s been talking about non-stop or the quilt I made for my parents from the fabric we used to make pioneer costumes when we were in the Old Nauvoo pageant.

  225. Those slipper socks are cute!

    This is my oldest child’s first Christmas where she is old enough to understand all the fun. I can’t wait to see her on Christmas morning. She is getting a toy story Woody and Buzz that she will love.

  226. I always love a good scented candle! This year is my baby boy’s first Christmas so it’s fun getting to give toys again!

  227. I LOVE the reusable mug. And I know we’re a little behind the times, but we finally are getting a Wii for Christmas! I’m so excited for my girls to open it!

  228. Those socks look pretty spectacular, I think it’s a toss up between those and the chocolate! My favorite gift I’m giving this year is a National Parks Monopoly game for my sister (who collects these)- she is going to love it!

  229. I’d say the vegetable peeler and those socks! Makes my heart go pitter patter. I’m pretty excited to give my parents some framed art they’ve been wanting!

  230. My friend’s husband will be coming back from a 12 month deployment right before Christmas. I’m going to watch their 4 kids for a weekend so they can spend some much needed time together.

  231. Your phone cover/make up bags are super cuter….I’m most excited about the little blue tooth speaker I got my husband. Gift success!

  232. I love the slipper socks. Especially since our power went out for 4 hours last night with freezing temperatures outside, and I could not keep my feet warm!!!

  233. I love that plum-colored nail polish. And I can’t wait to give my 19-month-old her baby doll and accessories. Thanks!

  234. I love the socks, and the #1 thing on my Christmas list this year is a ton of picture frames so we can decorate all this wall space in our new house

  235. This is an amazing stash of gifts! My favorite is the vegetable peeler, because I can definitely relate to giving up halfway through peeling a sweet potato out of frustration. My favorite gift I’m giving this year is Essie apricot cuticle oil to my girlfriends. It’s one of my favorite products I discovered this year – smells so good you’ll be smelling your fingertips all day!

  236. It’s a toss-up between the Tolberone and the Copco mug. We love chocolate and coffee at our home.
    The gift we’re giving is concert tickets to our kids to their favorite group. They are so looking forward to the concert (we gave it early as the concert is this week.)

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway and a Merry Christmas to you!

  237. I would love the slipper socks, veggie peeler and the nail polish (love the color). Favorite gift to give: the money we raise from our light display to Make a Wish.

  238. I love those slipper socks! So cute! My favorite gift I’m giving is a goody bag to my brother-in-law. I fill a bag with all sorts of stuff he loves like snacks and gift cards. It’s always fun to shop for!

  239. I already have TONS of the lemon hand soap – I agree with you it is soooo yummy but have you tried the limoncello hand soap and lotion from their Italian collection? Check it out sister!!! It’s the bomb!!!

    My #1 item on my Christmas list this year is a glass kitchen aid bowl. I’m tired of washing my metal one between patches of everything.. I’d love to have a second one on hand.

    BTW: I think I bought Costco out of the cuddly socks Sara posted – they are the best!!!

  240. I love the candle. I’m most excited to give some great bath sets I picked up and a fishing game for my son who is obsessed with fishing.

  241. i am a big nail polish fiend, so i have to choose the polish. in fact i’m giving nail polish and hand lotion as gifts this year!

  242. I love the nail color! And the socks! Aaaand, the Christmas music recommendation!
    My favorite gift to give is fulfilling my daughter’s wish from Santa…nothing like that magical moment when you know they truly believe…

  243. I LOVE the Lower Lights and Bath and Body Works, and those socks are super cute. My three year old asked Santa for a dollhouse, and I’m pretty excited about that particular gift. She’s really into pretend, roll-playing activities right now, and I know she’s going to love it. I’ve been resisting the urge to put it together and play with it myself.

  244. OK, my favorite thing that I’m giving this year is chocolate-covered roasted pecans. It’s a tradition, and I couldn’t NOT give them because I think my friends would revolt… Probably because I’ve been roasting and chocolate-covering pecans this past weekend, the FRIED PECANS are calling me today! I’ve never heard of them, but my goodness, they sound like something I’d love!!!

  245. I love the candle! I totally need a new scent and my son just broke my favorite one. πŸ™‚ My favorite present I’m giving is a toy for my son. Christmas is so magical with children!

  246. I love the makeup bags on your list!
    I’m not sure what I am most excited about giving b/c I haven’t gotten one gift yet! πŸ™‚

  247. The socks look oh so comfy and I’m always looking for new great Christmas music. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  248. We do a lot of homemade gifts, so we’re building a play kitchen, sewing some aprons, chefs hats and tiny oven mitts for two of the kiddos. Our oldest is getting an art set. I’m hoping for a sheepskin rug from our own sheep farm. I love your Winter Favorites, and that music CD is especially tempting me to buy… (P.S. I had no idea it WASN’T “hey-ho the mistletoe!” Ha.)

  249. Those pecans are calling my name! I love candied nuts & those sound fabulous! The gift I’m most excited to give is a grill I bought for my newlywed daughter & son-in-law with a copy of a recipe book she loves & a handmade apron.

  250. I have been wanting a candle from bath and body works since fall.! They all sound so yummy! I am excited to give these cute monogram wreaths I am making for Christmas!

  251. I tend to gravitate towards kitchen gadgets, so the palm peeler looks really interesting, and only $7.00. This year for Christmas, I’d like a new watch, hoping it will help me keep track of time – good luck.

  252. I love Bath and Body Works, too, so the lemon soap looks great to me! This year, I am giving my 11 year old daughter a Wizard of Oz snow globe that lights up. I can’t wait to see her face when she opens it!

  253. I have a candle “problem” too so that candle is calling to me. Cinnamon candles are my all time favorite! We’re keeping Christmas really low key this year so my favorite gift I’m giving is to my grandkids. Some fun toys and books that I know they’ll enjoy but I’m most excited about them opening presents this year. This is the year they’re just old enough “get” Christmas and opening presents. It’s going to be so much fun!

  254. I, also, love Bath and Body Works, especially their candles and Cinnamon Frosting sounds fabulous as does the Lemon Meringue hand soap. I lost my Dad this year and my Mom’s been gone for over four years. My health isn’t good so I’m filling a bucket list wish this year. For probably the last thirty years, I’ve wanted to have season tickets to the ballet at least once in my life and this is the year. My daughters enjoy the ballet as much as I do so I’ve given them season tickets for Christmas so we can go together. Saturday, we will use our second ticket and go to Nutcracker and the Sugar Plum party afterwards…provided the weather lets us travel the three hours to the big city!

  255. I love the Orla Kiley bags from your list. I’m super excited to give my kids some headlamps this year. I know they’re going to love them for dog-walking and camping.

  256. I’m all about the chocolate! I’ve found that gift giving can be somewhat stressful. Everyone worries so much about what someone wants, that it seems to take the joy out of it. That said, my favorite gift that we are giving this year is a custom art piece done by a local artist that we designed. It’s not anything that was asked for, but I’m pretty certain it will be enjoyed.

  257. I am torn between the Essie polish and the socks. Who am I kidding–I am totally getting both! I cannot wait to give my hubby an ottoman. He has been talking about getting one for years and I have decided to just pick one out for him!

  258. Oh those slipper socks. I want some right now as I’m looking at the outside thermometer that says -2 degrees. Yikes. I’m super excited about giving my daughter her first legit baby doll. She’s going to love it!

  259. Oh Orla Kiely! Love her designs. This year the neighbor/friends gift is herb salts. We found the cutest little glass jars for it. I think the wrapping is nearly as much fun as the making.

  260. I’m most excited about the veggie peeler and the cozy socks – I think I need to go put on a pair right now! And the gift I’m most excited about giving – ??? – Chick-Fil-A calendars.

  261. Love the Essie nail polish, the mini toblerones, and the socks! I’m most excited about giving my mom an adorable apron from Anthropologie.

  262. Those socks would be perfect with our first snowfall and Christmas music playing on Pandora. (Baby, It’s Cold Outside!) I can’t say that I’ve even started my holiday shopping yet… gasp!… but I’ve seen some amazing kid gift ideas in my magazines this year. (Kinetic Sand! Cool!) Maybe after this next cup of cocoa…

  263. the fingernail polish. i have three kids, ages four on down. let’s just say my toe nails need some love, because they sure haven’t had any in a while!

  264. I can’t wait to give my girls dolls and a doll bed, they are really into that right now! I totally want that nail polish and those socks, so cute!

  265. We moved into our forever house last year so my Christmas wish this year is a new couch for my empty living room.

  266. What speaks to me?! I would love the vegetable peeler and the lower lights CD…I have neither of those things and think they look awesome! Thanks for the giveaway

  267. I am asking myself the deep “What do I REALLY want for Christmas?” this year. Still working on the answer. I do love candles! I love how they make the whole house smell good!

  268. I am making your Creamy Chocolate Fudge recipe this morning for all my neighbors. I am going to be a superstar for it, thanks to you! Your favorites list is awesome! That vegetable peeler looks like something I need in my kitchen. But I also need those Target socks too to keep my feet warm while I’m baking πŸ™‚

  269. ooh!!! just last night i said to my husband, “so the other day, kate posted these socks on insta and i loooved them!” then he said, “who’s kate?” and then i realized that i talk like we’re best friends in real life. so yeah, the socks are what’s speaking to me the most from this list! as for the gift i’m most excited for this year, my husband is a rockstar and decided to give me tickets to the Lower Lights Christmas concert! we’re driving from rexburg, id to salt lake tomorrow and i.can’t.wait. best Christmas gift EVER!

  270. that cinnamon frosting candle sounds amazing! I love anything cinnamon and eat big red till my mouth is raw… not the smartest here ;p

  271. I love your give aways! The vegetable peeler is getting me excited- if I don’t win I might have to buy me one and put it in my stocking!

  272. I also love anything lemon so the lemon meringue soap would be my favorite. My daughter and I made 125 mulling spice packets for gift giving.

  273. I would be most excited about the fried pecans. I mean, I already love pecans and everything is better when fried! I’m most excited about my 5 year old getting the Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtle hide out…it’s the closest we’ll ever get to a doll house in this little fraternity house I run.

  274. I absolutely love Christmas music! I am addicted to County Christmas on my satellite radio; I will have to check out the CD you recommend . . . if I don’t win! πŸ™‚
    I am looking forward to spending the holidays with family in Colorado. We haven’t traveled over the holidays in a few years so it will be fun to do so this year!

  275. I LOVE the Lower Lights! Favorite Christmas music ever! Stars of Glory is my favorite as well. Bring a Torch from their new CD is a close second. Those make up bags catch my eye every time I’m at Target but I haven’t bought one yet. My nine year-old is getting really in to cooking so I’m most excited to be getting her some of her very own cooking stuff πŸ™‚

  276. Oooo, the Fresh Balsam Candle from B&BW. It’s my mom’s favorite too. My favorite gift I’m giving this year is taking my 4 daughter to The Nutcracker this Sat! Thanks OBB!

  277. I love everything on this list! And I also thought it was “hey, ho, the mistletoe” until I just read your post. So glad you’re including the cinnamon frosting candle because I was seriously considering that one the other day and didn’t get it. B&BW candle addict here, all the way.

  278. Are you kidding me? The lyrics are not “Hey ho the mistletoe”?!?!? Whoa. I think I need to sit down. πŸ™‚ I’m loving your list, and feeling like I could totally eat that entire bag of fried pecans! As for my own Christmas list, my husband and I don’t do presents for each other, just for the kids. So I haven’t really thought about it. But seeing as it’s -12 degrees outside right now in good ol’ Cache Valley I’m thinking I need to ask Santa for some sub zero thermal underwear!

  279. I would love to have those fuzzy warm socks (it’s -2 degrees in Denver right now!) and so far my favorite gift is a “Bell” stuffed dog from Hallmark that talks and barks in response to the book you read to it! My daughter is going to love it!

  280. I love the bath and body works soap! Love that scent too. I am excited to give all the things I have gotten for my boys. They make Christmas so fun.

  281. i want the slipper socks! my favorite thing I’m giving this year is a printed, hard bound, beautiful copy of my moms journal (she passed away 8 years ago) to my dad and all my siblings. It was a neat experience typing, editing and printing it. Now we can stay close to her in another way.

  282. wow – immediately had to listen to the Lower Lights samples on amazon – I want it! And I am super happy about a gift I am sending all the missionaries in the family (daughter, nieces, nephews) albums with a bunch of memes from conference printed on photo paper.

  283. I really want a lime green kitchen aid pro mixer, but I’m most excited to give my son and my dad matching metal detectors. They always go on hikes together so I know they’ll love going treasure hunting together. πŸ™‚

  284. I love that vegetable peeler!!! For Christmas, I am most wanting to snuggle up with my 3 month old baby girl and my 3.5 year old boy during my vacation time. I also can’t wait to open the new dutch oven that is on my list!

  285. Everything on the list looks great, but my favorite is the Individual Toblerone! I’m excited to give my husband a movie he’s wanted for a long time. Life is Good πŸ™‚

  286. We are getting our boys bunk beds for Christmas. If I know my boys they are going to love them! Also, all I want to do is smell that Cinnamon Frosting candle… I wish we had a Bath and Body Works closer to where I live!

  287. I really want to try the fried pecans! But the nail polish looks like a color I’d like too, so its a tie… I’m moving into a new house soon so most of my Christmas is going to be getting stuff for it πŸ™‚

  288. The Christmas music CD sounds great! Christmas music is the best. My favorite gift that I will be giving this year- restored home videos for my parents!

  289. We’re doing a minimal Christmas this year, but if I had to pick a gift I would give someone, it would be a gift subscription for Birchbox.

  290. Toblerone!! Extra yum. I’m hoping to surprise my husband this year with all kinds of things he’s asked for, but that aren’t on his Christmas list. Let’s hope that doesn’t backfire! πŸ™‚

  291. It’s a toss up between the candle and the socks for me!

    I’m most excited to give the early Christmas gift to my kids of going on the Polar Express train ride this weekend. Here in AZ, the train that usually goes to the Grand Canyon the rest of the year turns into the Polar Express complete with Santa coming and giving the kids a bell.

  292. I would love to try a new style of veggie peeler; my son finally helped with peeling the potatoes at Thanksgiving and promptly cut himself. A new gadget might get him to try again next year.

    This Christmas, I made a few gifts (I like being crafty but don’t have the time). I made one of those terrariums with a winter scene, and my 7 year old was able to help! We included a church, a few trees, lots of snow, and a couple tiny deer. It is so cute! Can’t wait to give them away…

  293. Seriously love the purple nail polish. I am super behind on the Christmas shopping this year but my favorite thing is finding something that I know one of my kids will love!

  294. Love those makeup bags! I’m really excited about giving my little boy the Perplexus ball he loved so much at our family reunion this summer.

  295. The nail Polish is gorgeous, and I would love some scented hand soap and candle! I am giving my sister’s fam some snowball and snow fort making stuff- so fun!

  296. Those slipper socks (#10)! It is cold in Texas and my feet are always cold. I am excited to give my newborn her first Christmas presents ever! Also, thrilled to give my oldest daughter (6) her very own crane machine, it is a small one. She is obsessed with them, and very good at them. It might have a dual role of entertainment and a piggy bank!

  297. It all looks so great! I love Bath and Body Works candles and always love having more! I am making a quilt for my daughter’s bed and I think she’ll be really excited about it.

  298. These all look awesome! I’m especially excited about the candle. I love good smelling candles! My favorite gift I’m giving this year are nativity blocks I’m making for my nieces and nephews,

  299. Loving all your favorites but I really like the makeup bags. They are so cute!! One of my favorite things to give is games. Some of our favorite memories are playing games around the table for hours on thanksgiving and Christmas. (Or any time really)

  300. Love those socks and really interested in that Christmas music. I’m most excited to give our daughter a toy keyboard piano. She is always singing and loves music. She always plays on my parents piano when we visit.

  301. Some people can’t have enough clothes and shoes…….I can’t get enough pajamas and slippers/socks. I love to slip on all those comfy things, sip a hot beverage, munch on some sweet heavenly treat and settle in on the couch with my husband. It is so bad that my sweet little grandkids call me Gramma Jamma. I love it. Merry Christmas Everyone.

  302. That vegetable peeler is shouting at me. Other than a Lego set for my 6 year old granddaughter I haven’t even thought about shopping

  303. Wow. I love this list. Lemony candy hand soap-I must try it. I think I’m a scent-aholic right now. It seems there is so much this season that is about the smells and memories. To feed my addiction, I asked for a Scentsy.

  304. Those gifts all look amazing–especially the vegetable peeler!! I’m looking forward most to giving my son a large dump truck for Christmas. At age 2 1/2, he is loving all sorts of construction vehicles and I know he will LOVE it!

  305. the two music cds look great, i will need to check them out! i am looking forward to giving my wife some clothes that she is not expecting. very excited!

  306. That Essie polish is GORGEOUS. I’m excited to give my son a dollhouse (his Christmas dream!) and I’m hoping for a nice blender.

  307. I almost said the reusable mug is my fave, but I have a mug collecting problem! I really like the plum polish though. keeping my toes polished in the winter (can’t have fingers polished due to work) makes me happy!

    Favorite gift I am giving is a gift certificate to my spouse for a Segue Tour of St. Louis. I think he will really love it! Well, also both of my big kids are getting bikes and I think that is going to make for a cool Christmas morning surprise!

  308. I’m lovin that Essie nail polish!
    I’m excited to give my 2year old more magformers magnets. We have some already but he’s getting more shapes. Obviously this is something I enjoy playing with him that isn’t mind numbing!!!

  309. Toblerones look great πŸ™‚
    This year I am excited to be giving a family history DVD to grandparents. Lots of work!

  310. Those socks sound wonderful, the high for today is 8, eek!! I am most excited to give my 4 yr old daughter her karaoke machine this year.

  311. The slipper socks; can’t ever have too many pairs of slipper socks. And my favorite gift I’m giving: new tires for my husband’s Jeep. He did a 360 the other day in the snow. Can’t have that happen again!

  312. I can totally relate to the bit about hurting myself in the kitchen. My husband threaten to get me “metal” gloves to keep from cutting myself, but that won’t help with the burns. . . And I really am not that much of a spaz, I just randomly hurt myself, all. of. the. time. So the peeler looks great to me! I am super excited to make the OBB luminaries for gifts. So sweet.

  313. What a generous offering!! The #1 thing on my list to get or to give is Cathy Zielske’s 31 Days To A Healthier Happier You ecourse.

  314. Eyeing those socks! They sound perfect as I’ve just come in from shoveling my driveway while it’s all of 6 degrees outside!

  315. The candle sounds awesome. I love fall and winter because my favorite scents are acceptable then. The gift I’m most excited about giving is a pretty handblown glass perfume jar from Egypt that I am giving my grandmother. My mom is giving her her favorite perfume that my grandpa always used to give her when he was alive.

  316. So many things on that list are awesome – the socks, nail polish, toiletry bags, music, etc…The top thing on my list this year, though, is a new jacket – I need one so badly!

  317. Tough call – we peeled about 10 pounds of sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving unlike it was nothing, so that’d be amazing…but I’m also watching the snow whipping by my windows and thinking about how cozy and amazing those socks look. My favorite present I’m giving this year is viewfinders (yup, like the toy) with photos of a recent family trip to all of our family members who were there. Pretty excited about it!

  318. Those slipper socks look fantastic! I think I will go get some from Target to give to my friends. Thanks for the great idea and the giveaway!

  319. Everything on this list stole my heart…but oh the vegetable peeler! This year, the gift I am most excited to give is a family tree necklace. We just lost my dad a few months ago, so I am enjoying getting my mum a gift that will hopefully help her feel connected to her whole, beautiful family. Merry Christmas!

  320. Those socks look nice and warm! I haven’t figured out what to give my husband for Christmas yet but my #1 gift on my list that I’m getting is a kitchenaid! So excited.

  321. The slipper socks! I am in my last monthish of Pregnancy and those sound heavenly! My favorite gift I am giving is a surprise gift for my husband who is a HUGE Star Wars fan, and I found a book about Darth Vader and his daughter to give him. We are having our first in January, so excited for our little girl!

  322. I am totally digging that vegetable peeler. The one I use is my husband’s Grandma’s old one, and I am getting worried that it will rust and I won’t have one anymore. πŸ™‚ I am excited to make some new sleep sacks for my little niece. I know they will appreciate it because they are poor, and their baby is growing WAY too fast out of her little sleep sacks. πŸ™‚

  323. I’m giving my baby girl a jumperoo thing. I’m super excited about it, though she doesn’t even know what Christmas is since she’d just 6 months old. πŸ™‚ I’m totally intrigued by the peeler on your list – sweet potatoes are the worst to peel and I’d love to give this a go!

  324. Those slipper socks look amazing! The gift I am looking forward to is our new pots and pans set (I am having a hard time waiting till Christmas to open it up!). Our old set is getting pretty sad…

  325. It all looks great, but I’d love to check out that CD. I LOVE Christmas music!
    And the gift I’m most excited about this year is the immersion blender I’m giving my parents. They love homemade milkshakes but have always made them terribly runny- because of the blender. The immersion one is going to rock their world!

  326. HI! I am seriously cracking up over here because I never knew that song DIDN’T say “Hey, ho, the mistletoe!” Thank you for enlightening me as to the real lyrics! πŸ™‚ I’m most excited for the presents my daughter is getting. Not so much WHAT we’re giving her – more just the actual giving. She just had her second birthday and was in heaven ripping open gifts. I can’t wait to watch her eyes light up again!

  327. Hard to pick a favorite–but I might have to go with the mug. Hot chocolate every day sounds perfect when the weather hasn’t been above 20 for the last two weeks.

  328. I’d love the Lower Lights cd. I’m most excited about helping my kids all make fleece blankets to give each other for Christmas.

  329. The Lower Lights music and the vegetable peeler are both things that I’m going to look into trying! Thanks for sharing your favorite things and all the awesomeness of your blog!

  330. The socks!!! My feet are always ice cold…I would love those cute socks. And I am very excited about the gift I’m trying to work out for my dad. Ever had nachos dulces? My dad loved to get sweet nachos at Javiers restaurant before they moved to AZ a few years ago. He still talks about them but hasn’t been able to find them where they live. So I am going to try to fly some out with me this Christmas (without the ice cream of course). Hope it works out.

  331. I would love those slipper socks!! I’m excited to be giving my son a Wii. He has wanted a system for a long time but we keep telling him no…he’s going to be shocked:)

  332. All of the gifts look amazing but at the moment, the socks are really speaking to me. Probably because I am sitting here barefoot in my house and it is 4 degrees outside and the tootsies are cold.

  333. Those slipper socks are perfect for our frigid idaho winters! The gift i’m most excited about giving is The Book of Mormon to a friend from my grad school days….on a side note i didn’t know that song didn’t say…”hey ho the mistletoe” either!

  334. The fried pecans sound AMAZING! I’d love to try them. This year I’m really hoping for some warm boots. I am not adequately prepared for Minnesota winters.

  335. I LOVE the peeler! Peeling potatoes is pretty much my least favorite thing in the world. I essentially don’t do it.

    I’m giving my mother-in-law a bunch of coffee cups and they’re just so cute πŸ™‚

  336. I totally thought it was hey ho the mistletoe too! I am now enlightened! This is the first time I’ve ever entered a giveaway…I would love the BBW candle…love their stuff for making my house full of boys smell tolerable! Fav gift I am giving this year…a house deep clean for my sister…who couldn’t use that?!

  337. I’m loving those striped slipper socks! My favorite thing to give are pajamas–they’re practical! But I know not everyone is as excited to get them, so I’ve stopped gifting them.

  338. Those slipper socks sound so comfy! And the Essie nail polish is really speaking to me too. I’m trying to be more girly and I love that color!

  339. I would love to have that CD! My gift I am most excited about giving this year is to my father in law, a beautiful canvas of his seven grandbabies that are ALL LOOKING AT THE CAMERA!

  340. It is so funny that you have a cd of Lower Lights. I just heard a song by them yesterday on a radio station and I loved it!! So I would be really excited to get one of their cd’s.

  341. Last year my sister gave me the Chef’n PalmPeeler – LOVE it!! …The gift I’m most excited about giving this year is actually multiple gifts – a little sled for each of my kids (that they should be able to carry up the hill themselves, but we’ll see). We just got some fresh powder and I am so excited for them to try them out that it’s hard for me to wait until Christmas! =)

  342. I have both of the Lower Lights Christmas CD’s…like them both, but same as you, the first one is my favorite. I’ve haven’t tired of listening to it yet. My gift this year is your recipe for Homemade Vanilla. I have a love hate relationship with peelers too. Still haven’t found one that I actually love and doesn’t peel my fingers in the process.

  343. The Orla Kiely bags, look great! and I love the Copco Mugs, have a bunch myself that I use daily! At the top of my list this year is Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume.

  344. That CD is speaking to me! My favorite radio show got cancelled a few months ago and my morning commute has been super lonely lately. I could use some good music. I’m excited to give my bro-in-law a fancy hole-less belt we saw on tv. Or a StarWars windshield sun visor. Undecided.

  345. The lower lights CD looks most interesting. I love Christmas music.

    Favorite thing I am giving is books. Every year each kid get s carefully selected book or series. I definitely put the most thought here.

  346. I love the purple nail polish!! Purple is my favorite color. The gift I’m most excited to give away is a mother’s ring we got for my mom. 9 kids = 9 stones. She will love it!

  347. The palm peeler or the Christmas music both look so awesome! My gift of the year to give as a family gift is the game telestrations, in the party pack size. Merry Christmas!

  348. I’m really digging that vegetable peeler! If I don’t win, I’m going to buy one of those (based solely on your awesome review of it!). I’d love to find a new Garmin watch under my Christmas tree, to magically excelerate my running πŸ™‚

  349. The slipper socks are my fav because I feel like my fingers and toes are non stop frozen from Nov-March each year. I am excited to give my 4 year old a play kitchen that she has been asking for since June! πŸ™‚

  350. Love the lemon soap for the holidays and I’m excited to give “hand”made snowman ornaments this year using my kids hands πŸ™‚

  351. I’m so intrigued by the potato peeler! And the pecans. And the chocolate, of course. πŸ™‚

    The set of gifts I’m most excited to give this year is everything we are giving our 11-year-old daughter. Of our 6 kids, she was by far the easiest to shop for and I know she’ll be the most excited on Christmas morning to open her first curling iron, new boots, and a pennant from her middle school. That girl embraces life and I can’t wait to see her embrace Christmas morning.

  352. I love the Bath and Body candles πŸ™‚ Most favorite gift I’m giving is our wedding pictures from this past June!

  353. The Palmpeeler speaks most to me because I have been “healthy living” for a year now and have 80 pounds because of it and my veggie peeler, well, needs to give up the ghost because, for lack of a better word, it stinks.
    My gift most excited to give this year is one of service. Our family decided to give gifts of service to the Savior, so each day this month our family has been doing an act of service for someone. Exciting!! Maybe you will be the recipient of a free McD’s meal because we are in the drive thru ahead of you!! So fun!!

  354. BBW junkie too. Those soaps and candles speak peace to my soul. For Christmas, I would like a new body pillow. Mine is more like a body wet noodle now a days.

  355. So nice of You! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas. Being that I live in the South now where boiled peanuts are popular, I have to say the fried pecans rang out to me from your list as something to add to my try list.

  356. I would love to get some new Christmas music, and the thing that I am most excited to give is the bike my son has been wanting for a long time. He has been riding his sister’s pink hand me down for too long…

  357. LOVE Bath and Body soap! And I am so excited to give my little boy a skateboard ramp this year… but it’s actually for his monster trucks. πŸ™‚ He’ll be so excited!

  358. I really like the idea of the Fried Pecans. Makes my mouth water.
    Our family is really into movies. so, I’m picking up Despicable Me 2 for the gift exchange – a guaranteed winner and triple steal.

  359. Fried pecans?!? Yum! Everything looks amazing on your list. I think the most appreciated gifts I’ll give are calendars featuring the grandkiddos for my parents and in-laws.

  360. Those fleecy socks are calling to me right now since my feet are freezing! I’m most excited to give my 1 year old her presents this year. Yes, this is her 2nd Christmas, but last year she was so brand new that this year will be much more exciting. It’s like her first Christmas all over again!

  361. I’ve been eyeing those Orly Kiely bags at Target but I can’t seem to pull the trigger! I’m excited to give my dad a new hiking backpack- he’s going to love it.

  362. The practical side of me gets excited about the potato peeler and the indulgent side of me is pining for the Toblerones! I’m excited to give my son the whole collection of Harry Potter I found at a second hand book store, however, I think he’s going to be more excited about the Skylanders! Fun giveaways, thanks for your generosity!

  363. The item that speaks to me most from your list is the cinnamon candle. I lost my grandmother earlier this year, and she was a wonderful baker! I remember helping her in the kitchen when I was growing up and anything cinnamon-y brings back wonderful memories!

    My favorite thing I’m giving this year is holiday cards that I made myself to all the soldiers in my husbands battalion. It’s not much, but it shows them that they’re appreciated.

  364. That vegi peeler is awesome! My favorite thing I am giving is a shiatsu massager for my husband’s work chair. He’s wanted one for a long time and it will be a huge surprise!

  365. CUTE socks!!! Me and my toes are excited to wear them! (Especially when it’s -2 outside!) πŸ˜‰ BTW – I love lemon meringue pie. The soap makes me think of Marie Calendar Restaurant’s Double Lemon Cream Pie…have you ever had one? My mouth is watering just thinking about it. YUM! My birthday is New Year’s day and usually is the start of a clean slate for many and their goals for the year. (My sister and I have birthdays the 1st and 3rd of January…we never start our New Years Resolutions until after our birthdays. The last few years we’ve celebrated our birthdays with the said pie above. I think you might just fall in LOVE with it! May I make a request? Give it a try AND then come up with a recipe for your blog…I’m anxious to see what you two can come up with! Merry Christmas!

  366. All of these things look amazing – I especially love the candle. There’s nothing a yummy smelling candle to make your home feel cozy during the holidays. I can’t wait to have our own little Christmas with our three little ones this year. I will miss seeing my family, but I am so excited to not have to travel.

  367. I had no idea they had individual mini toblerones. as soon as I am not iced in to my house, I am headed to target! I got my husband and kids the disney infinity starter pack that I am pretty excited to give. I think I am most excited about the good price I got on it before Thanksgiving.

  368. To save my husband from my whining, I think that the thing that speaks the most is the socks. My feet are always freezing! The gift that I am most excited about giving is a curling lesson for my hubs. We love watching curling during the Olympics and seeing as how it is an Olympic year, I thought he might like to learn how to do it πŸ™‚

  369. I would love the peeler! I have a love/hate with peelers too. I’m excited to try it! I’m excited about my daughter’s Lego Dollhouse. She’s going to love it (after Daddy gets it all put together!!)

  370. We’re surprising the kids with a trip to Disney World for Christmas (well, we’re going in April but they’ll find out Christmas morning) and I cannot wait!

  371. The pecans look amazing! And fried would be totally awesome. Yum! My favorite gift I’m giving will be for my daughter: I’m making her a Christmas nightgown from some super cute Hello Kitty flannel.

  372. Definitely excited about the yummy candle. I’ve been burning my delicious holiday candles as much as possible. YUM! And I’m most excited about my kids getting a trampoline (from their Grandma) for Christmas. Yipee! Thanks for another awesome giveaway.

  373. Fried pecans? That sounds super delicious and probably really bad for me. So cool! I think the coolestt thing I’m giving someone for Christmas is a seam ripper that is handcrafted by my brother. I love handmade gifts.

  374. The items all look fun but I’m probably most interested in the Christmas album! And the one thing I wanted for Christmas (and already bought myself!!! (blush)) is a real (starter) camera. Like the kind that has manual settings. Gasp!

  375. The Kenny G CD really speaks to me! My aunts always play it at their house on Christmas day. It reminds me of home πŸ™‚ I’m planning a huge surprise gift for my husband that I cannot even say on here for fear he might find out. Thanks!!

  376. my feet are always cold so the socks look great! i’m excited about handmade things this year… tablet case, art portfolios, toddler back pack!

  377. My feet are always cold and those socks look super comfy. I actually wore my thermal wool socks to church yesterday caring much more for warmth than how I looked. I’m also into any good Christmas smells to counteract the stinky boy smell that comes from having 5 boys in the house. Thanks for the fun ideas!

  378. I absolutely love making mashed potatoes with my husband. We make a fabulous team – however we both hate peeling the potatoes. I would love to get a new peeler and try it out for Christmas dinner. Also I have been loving giving a bag of Black & White Kettle Corn (with a bow tied around) as a gift. Everyone loves it and it’s an easy gift.

  379. I am most excited about the pecans, yummers! I wish I could give my seven year old what he wished for from Santa: Infinity non-stop dollars. But most excited for an easy bake oven for my girl who has been asking for 2 years for it.

  380. A potato peeler that doesn’t cut your fingers? I’m in love with that one! My favorite gift we are giving this year is poems that we wrote for my sister and her husband. Nothing like a homemade gift full of love! Merry Christmas!

  381. I am intrigued by the fried pecans. I love pecans! This year I am most excited to give my daughter a toy kitchen. I just know she is going to love it!

  382. I love Essie fingernail polish and that color is beautiful! I also am crossing my fingers that the super, top-secret present my husband has planned is a tablet of some sort. Thanks for the great giveaways!

  383. I love the veggie peeler and the favorite thing I’m giving this year is homemade vanilla that I learned how to make from you! Thanks!

  384. I’m a gadget geek, and also clumsy, so that peeler looks awesome to me! Fun gift I’m giving – to all of my coworkers since we’re being laid off in a couple of months: a mini-jar of play-dough, scented and unscented votives, and bubbles – with a gift tag that says, “Whatever the future holds, may it be bright, bubbly, and full of dough!”

  385. I love the slipper socks, they are so cute. May need to stop by Target and pick up some for my nieces. And the best Christmas gift is having my son home from College.

  386. those slippers look divine (I’m always cold), and I’m super stoked to give my brother a new sketch book I found. It’s hand bound leather and perfect. He will love it!

  387. Lovin the lemon meringue cheer and wouldn’t mind trying the fried pecans! Fave gifts going out this year would have to be a fresh pine wreath for my mom (purchased from a fundraiser – a bonus blessing!) and hand knitted Minion caps for my boys.

  388. I want that vege peeler! I’ve been trying to teach my 8 year old how to peel, but she doesn’t seem to handle the 2 peelers I have very well. I have a train table to give one of my boys this christmas, and I can’t wait! I love giving gifts….especially to my babies

  389. The vegetable peeler looks like a lifesaver. I am excited to give my stellar husband a print of the stars in the northern hemisphere.

  390. I love the Christmas music CD you picked out. I am always looking for good Christmas music. The gift we are giving most this year are pinecone decorations made from ribbon and a Styrofoam egg.

  391. I am definitely ordering some of those pecans for my husband (and maybe me). They look amazing! I ordered an Anywhere Chair for my little girl from Pottery Barn, and I’m so excited for Santa to give it to her. I thinks she’ll love it. πŸ™‚

  392. My favorite item from your list is the CD; I haven’t heard it yet but I already love it. Have you heard anything by Anonymous 4, who do medieval-style chants? They have a great Christmas CD also.

    The thing I want most this year is to go to see the ballet. A night out, dressed up, with good music and good dancing… perfect.

  393. Ok, I love all of it but the nail polish is my fave. Why? Because not only am I too cheap to ever get the “real stuff” but I have about 100 bottles of the stuff that comes off just by washing your hands because my 3 cute girls love nail polish. Annnd, oh man it’s hard to say what I’m most excited to give this year because I got some good stuff;) My oldest two kids are getting electric scooters and they are going to FREAK!!!

  394. Those slipper socks?!?!?!? Love them. Gosh, I may go buy them to give and hope someone gets some for me too.

    This year I already received my big present. My mom paid to have half my bathroom redone. It is wonderful! I went months without a working toilet and hated my tiny shower. Both are new and I’m so thankful!

  395. The fried pecans are totally intriguing! And the palm peeler because I’m a klutz and have cut myself with my vegetable peeler more times than I can count. Thanks!

  396. What a lovely round-up. I think it’d have to be the socks or the album. Kenny G is great…never knew that’s what he looked like! AND I’m most excited to give these viennese spatulas I discovered this year and finally found on amazon and now I’m giving one to everyone I can get away with. It’s the little things, right?

  397. I think that vegetable peeler is calling my name πŸ™‚
    Im excited to see me kids faces when they see the Dr. Who shirts I got them

  398. I think the Christmas music CD would make my day! I keep thinking this year MUST be the year to go through all of our Christmas CD’s, half of which we don’t like very much, but don’t remember until we start to listen. Anyway, that would be awesome!
    Probably my favorite gifts to give this year are the ones I’ve made: lemon-ginger marmalade to the neighbors and little fox-shaped rice freezer packs for some friends. Still working on gifts for the fam…

  399. I love the socks and the nail polish color (its a tie!) I am excited to give the paper pinecones that my daughter and I have been making!

  400. Love the nail polish! I am excited to give my husband Home Depot gift cards for Christmas because that is what he needs more than anything.

  401. Oooooo the candles and soap for sure! We don’t have Bath And Body Works up here in Alaska and I still miss them twelve years after moving here!

    I can’t really pick a favorite gift I’m giving this year. I started making them last year, believe it or not. Although I have to say I’m most proud of the twin sized quilt I made for my son followed by the pink camo apron I made for my daughter. Excited in the gift giving department this year *laugh*.

  402. This is a great list, what speaks to me most, though, is the Toblerone. My dad used to always buy the big one and share it with me when we were out shopping just the two of us. So, not only is it delicious, its sentimental too! I’m most excited about giving my daughter a Lalaloopsy this year. They kind of weirded me out until I started looking at them more and then they just grew on me and they are so cute and they have a back story and I got sucked in… now I’m giving her one and I have grandma giving her another. She’s going to be so excited!

  403. Those socks are looking amazing on this cold day. I’m especially looking forward to giving gifts to my 2-yr-old because it’s so new and exciting for him. He’s going to love the superheroes and sword!

  404. I have been wanting the Lower Lights cd for some time and I hate all vegetable peelers, being a leftie, so I am intrigued by your peeler pick. I am super excited to give my boys bikes this year. It’s a big deal, because we have been in a condo until this year and they have never had a bike, with no where to ride and store them. I hope they are as excited about them on Christmas day as my husband and I are!

  405. the Socks! I’m a sock freak! Love all different kinds of socks. The gift I’m most excited to give this year . . . I got my son some Legos and Linkin logs!

  406. As I was reading the post, I was thinking this would be perfect for (insert name) at just about every entry – so if I win the box I would have something for everybody in my family! Lots of great stocking stuffers.

  407. Those slipper socks are awesome! I’m mostest scored to give my little girl her doll house for Christmas, she’s going to love it!

  408. You worked at Kneaders?! I just realized it isn’t “Hey, ho, the mistletoe”…..
    That veggie peeler is calling my name! I’m excited to give my little 2 year old his first, big battery powered train set! He is going to LOVE it!

  409. Favorite item I are those toblerone bars!! Great to see those in single serving packages.
    I’m looking forward to tracking down the items on your list as well as Sara’s and giving as gifts. Perfect!!

  410. So many fun items on your list! That nail polish really speaks to me, though. Love it. My favorite gift this year..hmm…the stationary set I got for my mom. It’s super cute!

  411. I love the cd Lower Lights, the mugs and the peeler… My favorite gift I am giving this year is a Posterity Book I made for my Grandparents… it took me hours but I know they will love it!

  412. The vegetable peeler most speaks to me. I think maybe that’s sad, but it does! My favorite gift I’m giving are books for my kids.

  413. Those socks look super cozy and I can’t wait to give my son his iPad mini I bought on Black Friday. He’ll be SO excited!

  414. I absolutely can’t get enough of this blog! I’ve loved all of the giveaways lately too! So fingers crossed, I sure hope I can get my hands on this beautiful giveaway.

    The number one thing on my wish list this year is a buggy full of Bath and Body Work’s candles! I am, also, in love and obsessed with hoarding their candles. They’re so perfect and always fill a house with the most beautiful, pleasant scents! <3

  415. I love the Bath and Body Holiday Lemon Meringue soap! I usually pick out the soaps based on the color and not the scent (I’m weird like that) so yellow is one of my colors for the bathrooms and I don’t like the kitchen lemon soap smell but I like the color…so I am very happy that they have a lemon that smells good this year! My favorite gift I am giving this year is a electro-pulse back massager…mostly because I am sure I will get to use it sometimes too!

  416. The one that speaks to me the most is the slipper socks from Target!!! They look comfy and cozy!! My number one wish for Christmas is a lot of gift cards to my favorite stores!!

  417. I would love to check out The Lower Lights CD…we listen to a lot of Bing Crosby in this household. My favorite gift I’m gifting this year is nesting dolls for my daughter.

  418. The socks look SO comfy! Would love to have a pair. The favorite thing I’m giving this year is a Willow Tree nativity set starter. I plan to add to it every year until the set is complete.

  419. Favorite things on that list are the socks and Toblerone! (I am so easy to please!) Favorite thing I am giving….My husband is the lucky recipient of a huge, fat D&C reference book from Deseret Book. He is so super lucky!

  420. I love those slipper socks! I’m excited to give my nephews goofy t-shirts, since I found an option for each that exactly matches their personality.

  421. The thing that speaks the most to me are the slipper socks. I am up here in cold, northern Minnesota and we currently have a warm spell with a high of -4 F. Which is a big improvement from the past few days. (This isn’t a normal winter for us this year, so we actually are experiencing the temps. that we usually have in January). But anyway, socks are a commodity at our house, with three girls and their constant need for new socks it seems, they just help themselves to my sockdrawer, so socks is also something I like to give my three girls for christmas.

  422. I NEED that vegetable peeler! I have been looking for something like that. πŸ™‚ One of the favorite things I’m giving is also Bath & Body works holiday soaps. The Candy Cane Bliss is amazing!

  423. I absolutely love Kenny G and would love this package πŸ˜‰ I am most excited about the gifts we are giving our son! I think he will be very happy with his gifts and play for hours

  424. I love bath and body works candles. They get the whole house smelling great, and I love that they burn down evenly. I haven’t tried the cinnamon frosting candle, but is sounds great.

  425. That palm peeler looks pretty darn fancy! I would love to get one, my peeler stinks. I have a Blendtec OR Vitamix on my list. I’m not picky – but hubby can’t fathom spending that much on a blender. What is your preference out of the two?

  426. After working retail at Christmas time I also grew to only like religious Christmas music (except I do like to throw Bing Crosby in the mix). I’m excited to give my boyfriend a torque wrench, I’m still not completely sure what