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We’ve been giving you some sneak peeks of our new cook book over the past couple of months, and we thought it was time to announce all of the details!  If you haven’t heard yet, our newest book, 400 Calories or Less with Our Best Bites officially releases in just a few weeks!

400 Calories or Less Cover

Over the 7 years we’ve been blogging, we’ve always posted a good variety of healthy recipes, but many people didn’t recognize them because they also taste amazing!  There’s a common misconception that delicious food must be bad for you, or, on the flip side, that in order to lose weight or simply live a healthy life, you can only eat steamed fish and vegetables. We wanted to show people that both of these ideas are faulty. When I shared my own 50lb weight-loss experience a while back, the number one question people asked was, “What did you eat??”  What most people were surprised to hear was that it wasn’t any specialized regulated diet.  I made real, normal, great-tasting food.  The food that’s in this very book.  This is exactly how Kate and I manage to have careers that require us to cook (and eat!) constantly and still maintain healthy balanced lifestyles.  We’re never “on a diet,” we simply make smart choices, and this book is full of those smart choices.

400 Calories or Less Recipes

This book isn’t about hiding vegetables or tricking your taste bus into thinking black beans are brownies.  This is the real deal- tried and true food your family will eat, food you’ll want to eat, whether you’re actively trying to lose weight or if you’re simply striving for a balanced diet.

honey lime shrimp

We’ve included meatless, low-carb, and gluten-free chioces.  There are recipes you could easily serve at dinner parties, and recipes your kids will ask for again and again.  And because we’re big believers in balance in everything, we also have some sweet treats and easy snacks to keep you on track no matter what.

Chocolate Crepes with Banana and CaramelMini Cheesecakes_hrz

The book design is a little different than our previous books.  This book is listed as a paper back, but it’s somewhat misleading because it’s actually more of a flexible hardback.  The cover, and all of the pages are incredibly thick and beautifully colored with a soft gloss.  It’s a very high-quality book and we’re so thrilled with how it turned out.

Here are some items of note:
-Every single recipe has a full page, full color photograph
-Every recipe includes nutritional information
-The book contains healthy favorites from our blog (never before published in books) and also brand new book-exclusive recipes.
-Recipes include “Add-on” options to customize your serving
-There are tags included for gluten free, low-carb, meatless, etc.

In the sidebar of every recipe, you’ll not only find nutritional info, but also ideas for things we would serve along with a particular dish, and how many calories that would add.  We’ve also included our popular “Rollover Index” like we have in previous books which is designed to help you find other recipes where you can use certain fresh ingredients that you’ll probably have rolled over from the given recipe.

Side Bar

Another favorite feature is The Salad Bar.  A huge index of all of our favorite salad ingredients including proteins, fruits and vegetables, grains, condiments and more.  It’s an easy way to craft your own personal salad and know exactly how much to put in and know what you’re eating.

The Salad Bar

All in all, this is our favorite book yet!  It’s what Kate and I use in our personal lives and kitchens, and we’re so excited to share it with all of you!

How Do you Get One

You can buy our book right now on Amazon!  It’s also available for pre-order at Target, and also the locations listed below.  The official release date is April 7th, but many of you who pre-ordered got notice that your pre-ordered copies are shipping as soon as this week!  You may start seeing it pop up in stores earlier than the release date as well.  It will be available at select Costco, Barnes and Noble, and Walmart locations nationwide as well as many independent retailers and Deseret Book.

Want to come see usWe’ll be in the Salt Lake City area next month for some really fun events, so keep your ears open for details on that, they’ll be coming soon!  For now, mark your calendars for the weekend of April 10th!  We’ll also each most likely be doing local book signings in our own towns of Boise, ID and Louisiana.

hashtag usIf (or when) you’ve got your hands on a book we’d love for you to tag us on social media so we can see!  Use #OBB400CalsOrLess so we can connect with you and see where the book it popping up.  And who knows, we might reward those who use the hashtag!

Who’s ordered already??


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    1. Don’t worry- from our experience right about now the “backordered” and “out of stock” notices are only because the books are in transit to Amazon warehouses. Yours will most likely be come soon!

      1. Thanks for letting us know the Amazon may not actually be “out of stock”. I am so every excited for this book!!! Thank you so much for doing a “low-cal” book!

  1. I ordered mine at Christmas time and it’s supposed to get here Wednesday!! I can’t wait!!! I love you other two cookbooks, and can’t wait for this one!

  2. Yes! I ordered from Amazon over the holiday and have a shipping notice for this Friday! It is certainly going to be a weekend highlight … watching the mail this week 🙂 Also found the feature in LDS Living Magazine with a few recipes to get a jump start … slow cooker pot roast is on the menu … It’s going to be an exciting month, can’t wait to see you in SLC ladies 🙂 Congratulations on another successful cookbook release!!

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