OBB Fit Club Workout: Plyo, Strength, and Agility

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We have a brand new workout designed by Trainer Jani that will kick your behind in the best way possible! If you’re interested in joining our DietBet for this month, there’s still time and be sure to check out our past weekly workouts for more amazing ways to mix up your exercise routine.

Fit Club Blog HeaderTrainer JaniThis workout is a total body workout combining plyometrics, agility, and strength. You will need a HIIT timer, and a set of hand weights. The workout is intense, so modify the movements as needed. For instance, drop to your knees on the push-ups, take the impact out of the plyometrics by just doing a leap, step back lunges, or squats. If you have any questions on how to modify, just leave a comment below and I will do my best to help you out. (P.S.–In round 2, the 1st move is a hand release burpee to tuck jump. The video does not show the tuck jump simply because I forgot I had specified that variation. Oops.😉 And a modification for 180 squat jumps is shown in the video).

Set HIIT timer for 10 rounds of 2 minutes work to 30 seconds rest. Do 1st exercise (plyo) for 30 seconds; 2nd exercise (agility) 30 seconds; and 3rd exercise (strength) for 1 minute. Rest 30 seconds. Repeat each round 2-3x.

Round 1:
Jump lunges
1 pushup, 1 preacher curl
Repeat 2-3x

Round 2:
Hand release burpee to tuck jump
Run forward run back
Plank row plank knee
Repeat 2-3x

Round 3:
Long jump forward, double hop back
Mountain climbers
Tricep push-up lunge
Repeat 2-3x

Round 4:
180 squat jumps
High knees
Side plank reach through (30 seconds per side)
Repeat 2-3x

Jani Dittman has over 20 years of experience working in the fitness industry.  She has a BS in Health Promotion and is certified in many disciplines including personal training, group exercise, yoga, Pilates, TRX suspension training, Insanity®, Zumba®, and water fitness.  She currently teaches a variety of group exercise classes for the Treasure Valley West YMCA in Boise, ID  and also owns her own personal training business, Body Balance Training.  As a busy mom of five kids she understands the challenge of finding a balance between  family , church, work, maintaining a home, and taking care of ourselves.  She believes that if we can make our own health and well-being a priority, we will be better equipped to handle the demands of a busy lifestyle and enjoy a better quality of life.


      1. Oh no! I see that I should have clarified a little better…it’s not actually squat jumps 180 times, , it’s 180 degree turn squat jumps for 30 seconds. Lol! I hope nobody actually tried that! My workouts are challenging, but not impossible.

  1. Hi Jani, Are there any workouts that you recommend for during pregnancy/muscle strengthening for labor? Thanks! Ellen

    1. Hi Ellen! Exercise during pregnancy is considered safe and recommended. However, the type and intensity may need to be modified. Check with your Dr, but typically you can continue the exercise routine you had pre-pregnancy, depending on your fitness level and as long as you have a healthy pregnancy. Obviously as your belly increases in size, you will have to modify some exercises and/or activity. I loved doing deep water aerobics during my last few weeks of pregnancy. You don’t feel so heavy in the water, and the water resistance is great for toning those muscles. It’s also a great workout! There are several other options as well. You can check out classes at your local gym or even rent fitness dvd’s at your local public library if you prefer to exercise at home. I would also get on YouTube and just type in a search for pregnancy workouts and you will find several options. Hope this helps! And congratulations btw, hope all goes well, such an exciting time!

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