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A few weeks ago my husband walked into the room where I was sitting with our  2 month-old baby, took a look at my outfit, and said, “Babe!  Back in the skinny jeans?  Niiiice!”  To which I replied, “If by ‘back in the skinny jeans’ you mean, ‘Babe!  You went to Target today and bought really huge skinny jeans!’ Then yes.  Yes I am.”

Many of you will remember that about a year ago I shared my experiences losing weight and getting fit.


I accomplished that a few years ago and successfully kept the weigh off until recently.  I know there are lot of people in this world who can carry a child for 9 months and then pop back into their skinny jeans a few weeks later.

I am not one of those people.

I knew that going into my pregnancy and I was actually okay with it.  I knew I would probably gain quite a bit of weight, and I did.  The difference between this post-pregnancy and my 3 previous ones is that now I’m not afraid and depressed of the “after.”  Right now I look a lot like I did in that “before” photo up there, but it’s not scary for me anymore because I transformed my body once and I know I can do it again.  I know exactly how to do it and I have the confidence I can.  Even more importantly, I honestly and truly don’t care how many pounds I have to deal with when I have this to show for it:

Sara Wells Baby

Not to get all cheesy, but I can’t hate my belly rolls when I look into those little blue eyes.  Carrying a child inside you for almost a year is an amazing, and also rigorous thing to put your body through, so I had a tendancy to reward that body with things like ice cream and onion rings-which is now very apparent.

SO.  Why am I talking about all of this again?  Because when I was working to shed those pounds a few years ago, I did it very privately.  And when I finally shared my story last year, the response blew me away.  Hundreds of you commented, and just as many have sent me emails, Facebook messages, and Instagram comments about how that post inspired YOU.  I cannot even explain how awesome it has been to read your stories and cheer you on from the other side of the computer screen.  So many of you had questions and needed help, guidance, and support, and now I’m in a unique position where I’m doing it all over again- so I figured a lot of us out there could do it together!


(Let’s be clear- I’m back at the “then” in that photo!)

Kate and I would like to do a regular series here focused on health and fitness, but we want to cater it to your interests according to your feedback.  Obviously our main focus here at Our Best Bites is food, so we won’t take away from that.  For all of you out there who don’t give a flip about all of this health and fitness stuff, no worries. Yummy recipes are still coming, and will always be the focus around here.  But we thought it would be cool to use this great community for an OBB Fit Club for the next few months.  Some random ideas I had were a weekly series,  group challenges, workout plans, maybe a Facebook page to chat- some cool giveaways and prizes??  We’re up for anything.  I just know from experience that it helps to have a support network.

A goal without a plan is simply a wish

So speak up.  If this is something that interests you, you MUST leave a comment on this blog post!  If you’re reading this via email, click here to hop over and leave a comment.  If there isn’t much interest we’ll bag it and do it on our own!  We don’t know unless you leave comments and tell us.  If you guys speak up and want this to happen, let us know, and tell what you’d like to see/learn/do and we’ll make it happen!  Together we can crush those New Year’s Resolutions!



  1. Yes, Yes, Yes, and YES!!! I need some motivation! Something! My son is coming home in 4 months and I need a transformation, a fairy, something! I mostly just need a friend to help me along this journey!

  2. Yes please. The more I am supported (and inundated) with healthy ways to get my butt in action, the more I do it!

  3. I desperately WANT to be in… life makes me so tired though! I need easy things I can make (and do) that fit in with my regular life and food that my super picky kids might eat! Also, snack ideas that are easy. I want to be healthy AND strong!

    1. I 100% agree with this comment. Plus I work 3+ nights a week until midnight, then get up bright and early to get my elementary age kids off to school.

    2. I couldn’t agree more! The only excuses I have are family and work. I believe that I am my only obstacle. But I am bound and determined to make 2015 my year. With your encouragement I believe I can be another success story.

    3. I think sometimes you just have to say, “I’m tired, and that’s just the way it is!” I found myself thinking/saying “I’m tired” a lot over the last few months and realized that I’m just going to be tired, so I might as well do something because I’ll be tired no matter what. Just a thought–hopefully taken the right way. Life is exhausting! You can do it!

  4. I loved reading your story! Although I am personally not ready to diet and exercise it gave me encouragement to know that when I am ready there are success stories like you!

  5. I’d love there to be some sort of group challenge! Your post did really inspire me and got me to start weight training again. I would also love some nutrition tips!

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