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Okay, where are all of my jewelry lovers?  Have you guys heard of Rocksbox?  This is so fun.  Rocksbox is a monthly subscription service, for JEWELRY! 

RocksBox Jewelry Subscription!

Here’s how it works.

You take a style survey and pick actual pick pieces you like: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings- in all different styles.  Chunky, dainty, gold, silver, bold, delicate, you name it.  Then you get 3 pieces of designer jewelry mailed to you (averaging about $200 in value).  It might be something specific you noted that you liked, or it might be a surprise based on your tastes.  You keep it for as long as you like and then pop it back in the mail with the packaging (and free shipping both ways) that comes with it and they ship out another box with 3 new items.  You can keep jewelry for as long as you like, and trade it back in as quick as you like.  Wear it once or wear it 20 times, whatever.  If you get something you love and want to keep, you can just hold on to it and purchase it as well.  It costs $19 per month, which I thought was really reasonable.


They’re letting me try it out and here’s my first experience.  I love jewelry, so I am having so much fun with this!  You get a cute little box like this:

Rocksbox Review

It might be embarrassing to know how excited I was when I pulled the ribbon and saw my name. Just sayin’.

Personalized Rocksbox

Inside was a statement necklace that I had starred as one I would like, plus a really cool ring and another sparkly little necklace. 

Rocksbox Note

This is all designer jewelry so it was good quality.

Rocksbox Monthly Jewelry Subscripton

I actually wore the necklace in my Christmas card photo I took the day this came.  I like trying new things I might not normally buy, but that are fun to wear.

Rocksbox Jewelry Surprises

I popped this box back in the mail and I can’t wait to see what I get next- I’ll post it on Instagram, so follow me there if you want to see.  Check out RocksBox, and if you want to try it out, use the code:  ourbestbitesxoxo and you’ll get your first month FREE.  If you try it out, tag me on Instagram so I can see what you get!







  1. Very cool!

    My thoughts and prayers have been with you during these difficult times. I’m sooo glad you’re back and doing well!

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