Sara’s Fall Home Tour (And a Game-Changing New App!)

I often share little peeks into my home on Instagram, and each time I do I get requests for a blog post with more photos of my holiday decor.  I don’t go completely crazy, but I do really love to change my decor around for certain holidays.  For smaller holidays like Valentines Day, Easter, and 4th of July (smaller in terms of season of celebration, not in terms of importance- just to be clear the Independence of our nation and the resurrection of Jesus do rank above the jack-o-lantern fest in my book), the only thing I usually do is put up a festive little display on my kitchen mantle.  

Fall Home Decor

If you’re the kind of person that’s overwhelmed by (or uninterested in) decorating for holidays, I love the idea of having just one special shelf, or maybe it’s an entry table or little corner somewhere, that gets a seasonal spruce-up.  It’s a fun way to stay festive without feeling like you have to decorate your whole house.  

Fall Home Decor

For me, that’s what I do for most of the year, but when we get to September 1st I am ALL IN.  I love decorating for fall and winter and have just as many giant rubbermaids filled with pumpkins in my garage as I do filled with Christmas wreaths, trees, lights, and ornaments.   I’m kind of a holiday freak.
Fall Home DecorSo here’s a little peek into my fall decor, which is mostly in the entry, kitchen and great-room of my house.   After a long, hot Idaho summer, I get ants in my pants to pull this stuff out on September 1st, but I don’t pull out anything Halloween related until Oct. 1st because September just feels way to early for skulls and candy-corn.  I warm everyone up to my fall-crazy before I go full-throttle pumpkin pallooza.

Fall Home DecorOne of my decor tips I’ve shared before, is if you have kind of a color theme in your house, incorporate that into your seasonal decor instead of working against it.  

Fall Home Decor

You all know I’m pretty obsessed with aqua tones.  I love aqua and orange for Halloween, aqua and pink for Valentines Day, and aqua and red and green look fantastic at Christmas time.  So if you have, as the Old Navy dressing room attendant told me as she carried my 12 different aqua colored clothing items, a “comfort color”- go with it!

Fall Home Decor

I have about 847 pumpkins (okay, exaggeration, but lots) that I just sprinkle everywhere.   You can find these in craft stores and even dollar stores. Many of my decorations came from the Target Dollar Spot, and when used in the right way, they look polished and chic. 

Fall Home Decor

My tradition is pulling out the Halloween stuff on October 1st when my kids are at school so they come home to the surprise.  

Fall Home Decor

I haven’t always been into Halloween, but after 12 years of marriage to a man who loves the holiday and giving birth to four boys who took after him, I have fully embraced this holiday and an now am kind of a Halloween nut.  There is NO way that 12 years ago I would have put a giant skull canvas on my family room mantle.

Fall Home Decor

Here is my Halloween kitchen mantle.

Fall Home Decor

My favorite Halloween tradition is this one.  I frame a photo of our kids dressed up in their costumes each year and we line them all up on this shelf just during October.  It’s so fun to look back over the years and see how everyone has grown and remember how we all dressed up. 

Fall Home Decor

Also- if anyone is building a house, I love shelves like this that have plugs on them so you can light up seasonal decor!  My builder thought of that and put in a few spots that I love. 

fall home decor

If you’re in the fall spirit now and excited about pumpkins, make sure you check out these things!

1.  This post about the time I tried a TON of seasonal pumpkin spice flavored things. 
2.  This instagram account where I share fun seasonal finds from stores I love.  Right now it’s all about fall food but I am holding back alllll the peppermint-chocolate. 
3.  This link for TONS of amazing pumpkin recipes.
4.  This link for TONS of fall baking recipes!

And don’t forget to check out the Gigmi app to get organized!

PLUS- I made something amaaazing the other day (kind of by accident) and I’m going to share the recipe only with Newsletter subscribers THIS weekend!  If you want it- subscribe!  The link is on the sidebar, and the home page!

Pumpkin Pie Rolls



  1. Beautiful! I love your style. Your kitchen is awesome! I think you had an awesome builder too. He has good ideas. Thanks for letting us have a peek into your kitchen. Lovely!

  2. It all seems very busy, so much stuff they eye does not know where to go…….not being mean, jut being honest

  3. This app is going to be LIFE CHANGING!!! We are crazy outdoor Christmas decorators and have ALL the lights and inflatables. After 8 years, you would think I’ve developed a better system for taking it all down and organizing each bin as I go, but nope! I am giddy with excitement to download this app (I’m not sure what that says about me…)

  4. Can I be annoying and ask where you got your Idaho string art and the wooden/painted LOVE on your bookcase? We recently moved into a new house and decorating is not my forte in life. ?

  5. Soooo I’m just getting ready to pack up my whole house and put it in a storage unit until summer, a unit where I can get into it off and on to get into my stuff when I need….this app is just in time for me!!!! So excited to try it!!

  6. So lovely! I always love your and Kate’s home posts. In a similar vein to decor and organization, do you have tips for cleaning? A schedule or something you use?

    1. Yes! I have solved ALL of my cleaning problems. After 12 years of marriage and home ownership I finally hired a cleaning service. Best decision of my life. haha!

  7. oh my goodness… that app is amazing & your house is even more amazing!! I want to move in RIGHT now. 😉

    beautifully done.

    1. Hi Karen, I got those at Gordman’s (do you have that store where you live?) It was a few seasons ago but I’ve seen them there the last few years around this time! They are whitewashed branches on a wood base. I have a few single “tree” style ones in other places in my house, too. They were really cheap so I grabbed a bunch!

      1. Perfect! I was going to ask the same thing! We don’t have a Gordman’s that I’m aware of near me but I’ll have to check it out.

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