Silhouette Cameo Giveaway


Note:  This giveaway is now closed.

Congratulations to lucky number #274 Aimee Jongejan!
Aimee, I’ve sent you an email!

For the rest of you…stay tuned.  I will be posting details for the Black Friday Silhouette deal in a new post very soon.  For those of you already mapping out your shopping strategy, I’ll tell you that Silhouette is offering a 30% discount on the entire store starting on Black Friday, and with a special OBB code you can get another 10% on top of that.  So yes- you can snag a Cameo for 40% off!  They will however sell out; there are limited quantities, so think about it and if you want one, be ready to pull the trigger!  All the deets are coming soon!

If you’re not familiar with Silhouette, it’s a digital craft cutter.  It’s sort of like a computer printer, but instead of having ink, it has a blade, so it actually cuts out designs.

Using the Silhouette software on your computer, you can design just about anything you want.  The machine itself comes with a library of 50 exclusive digital designs, and you can purchase from a huge library online.  One thing I love is that there are no cartridges, like some other craft cutters use, everything is online and it’s so quick and easy to get shapes, fonts, and projects.  It’s literally about 1 click and it’s ready to go.  It also cuts any custom font that is in your computer already.

You might remember last year when we gave away a Silhouette SD.  So what’s so great about the Cameo?  It’s bigger and better folks!  The new Cameo cuts paper up to 12 inches wide and up to ten feet long.  Let me show you some things you can do with it.

It’s a scrapbooker’s dream, obviously

photo from

But you can do so much more with paper.  One of my favorite things to do with my Silhouette is make 3-D designs, like these little goodie containers.  These literally took less than 10 minutes to whip up!

And I love these advent calendars that have been popping up on craft blogs

photo via

And foodie fun galore…

The machine can also cut heat transfer material, and make rhinestone templates so you can embellish clothing and accessories

photo via

Our friend Ashley made these aprons for Kate and me using my handwriting and doodles that Amanda turned into a font you can download!  Love love these.

Then I stole Ashley’s idea and made shirts for my kiddos

You can also create stencils and use fabric paint.  I love this valentine bunting from Crap I’ve Made.

The options are endless when it comes to vinyl.  I’ve done a lot of projects at home with vinyl and I love it for little things, like labeling

You can put it right on your walls (and easily remove it too)

photo from

And you can even replace the cutting blade with pens and have it draw these cool designs.  I make a lot of cards this way, it makes me look super artistic! (The black floral design is actually drawn on with pen)

photo via

So, it’s pretty much awesome, right?  Who wants one?

One lucky Our Best Bites winner will get one of these babies.  Your prize includes:

The Silhouette Electronic Cutting Machine ($300 value), along with:

  • Silhouette Studio® software for Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac® OS X 10.5.8 and higher
  • 51 exclusive cuttable designs
  • Power cable, USB cable
  • 12″ cutting mat
  • Cutting blade
  • $10 gift card to the Silhouette Online Store
  • Basic Instruction Guide

You will also get to choose a starter kit of your choice! It includes materials to start creating things with vinyl, heat transfer, fabric, or rhinestones.

To Enter:

One comment per person, on this post.  (If you are reading this via email, do not hit reply.  Your email will be deleted.)  Just tell us why YOU want a Silhouette Cameo…what will you start creating first?

Check out the Silhouette Pinterest page for inspiration!

Winner will be announced next Tuesday, Nov 22nd.  And then stay tuned.  For all of you who don’t win, we will have a great Black Friday deal for you!





  1. I want a Silhouette Cameo because that machine just has endless possibilities! I love to scrapbook, make cards, and create home decor — a Cameo can do all of that and what fun it would be!

  2. Oh my gosh why would I not want one of these!! But I think the first crafty thing I would do would be vinyl on cute plates to give away to my neighbours etc. for Christmas gifts!

  3. I would definitely get right to work on my scrapbooking. I’m so excited for the larger cutting area of this machine. It will also allow way more flexibility in home decor projects.

  4. I would love one of these amazing machines to cute-fy my home! What to start with? How about cute vinyl signs for my home. (I’ve wanted a rustic home rules one).

  5. i have been dying to get one…i have a cricut but it is so expensive with the cartridges and can’t afford them anymore. I love, love, love the Silhouette!!!

  6. I would absolutely LOVE to win this bad boy! There are just so many pinterest projects that I have to do and this would make them SO much easier 😉

  7. Oh my goodness… So many possibilities!!!! Christmas crafting or making something for my daughter to wear would def be at the top of the list! If I get it I’ll totally send ya pics of whatever awesomeness I manage to make!! ; )

  8. I would love to have the cameo so I can use if for vinyl designs and also for adding that special touch to party food & decorations! I sure hope I win.

  9. I just moved in to a totally white and boring apartment and this could really help me spruce the place up! Plus I think a scrapbook of my new nephew is on the list!

  10. I want to label everything! Somehow everything just seems cuter and more organized with a nice little label on it.

  11. I would love love love one. The possibilities are endless. This time of year I would do Christmas decorations etc. Oh you would make me so happy!

  12. I MUST have this. The amount of crafting I could do with this is endless! I’ve never seen anything like it! The first thing I would do is create an amazing matte for a picture frame. (-:

  13. I’m just starting to branch out my decorating skills and this would be so fun to have. My first project would be to create a design to add to pillowcases that I want to make for my kids for Christmas.

  14. Umm, there’s so many things I would do with it, I honestly have no idea where I’d start! Oh wait, yes, I make a sign that says “Dinner Choices: 1. Take it 2. Leave it.” 🙂

  15. oooh, a Cameo! I’m dying to try to use it on fabric crafts! I also have been to chicken to enter the world of vinyl yet… Here’s hoping! Fingers crossed!

  16. I would go totally nuts and label everything in my home. Even the people that live in it, depending on how I’m feeling about them at the time!

  17. Oh, how I have been longing for one of these! I would start with some home decor & Christmas presents for my extended family.

  18. Just like everything on this blog, I didn’t know I wanted it until I read it! I could have so much fun with this tool and all of the fun inspiration I’m finding on Pinterest.

  19. I “visit” the silhouette machine every chance I get at the store! I dream of super cute girly shirts for my two girls, or creative gifts for family and friends, spend hours on pinterest and etsy looking at the all the awesome things and think I could SO do that if only I had a Silhouette!! my first project would be a 16X20 photo collage of our family! I found the cutest inspiration and have been dying to make my own!

  20. I would love the Silhouette Cameo to finish my baby girl’s nursery! I want to make a large tree with a monkey hanging from it. I will also start making tons of cute onsies!

  21. How awesome!? I would love to win a Silhouette Cameo, so I would be able to design all things vinyl for home decor and the homes of my friends! I’m in the middle of redesigning my room, so this would be perfect!

  22. I would love one of these, imagine all the cute teacher gifts I could make! And birthday favors. And love gifts. O, the ideas are bountiful… Happy Thanksgiving.

  23. Oh my gosh, I want this SOOOOOO bad. I could finally finish all my sad little scrapbook pages and I LOVE the wall decor. Pick me please please please!!!!!!!

  24. I will have a new baby niece being born in the next few weeks and I’m dying to make her cute little cut outs for outfits and things…
    ps.. did I mention this is my very first niece ever, and I don’t have children?? 🙂
    pss.. I’m a little overly excited for her to be born…

  25. Oh my gosh I would LOVE one of these! I make stuff for my 3 girls all the time. And I do lots of cards and other crafty things. ALL by hand! I just can’t justify buying something like this. So winning would be super sweet. Especially because my birthday is next week 🙂

  26. OH boy Oh boy! Wow, I would love this, I would work on the scrapbooks of all my kids 1st I think, then start making some cool shirts and so many things.
    You guys ROCK!

  27. I do t-shirt designs, I usually have to cut out the designs with a exacto knife! this would make my life much easier!!!!!!!!

  28. There are so many things I would make with a Silhouette! I would start with every way possible to use it with fabric, and then I would probably use it to put some art or words on my walls.

  29. OOo Christmas is quickly approaching! I am thinking homemade cards, pillowcases, stockings, and and AND! I love to entertain and OHHHH the possibilities!

  30. I can think of 100 things I would do with it. I’d stay up all day and night for weeks playing with it! The advent calendar is so cute! I love the custom clothes too.

  31. I love this! If I had one I would be doing a “crap load” of glass etchings! Not to mention all the other way awesome stuff it let’s you do. I love that it will do it up to ten feet!

  32. Oh my gosh, how awesome would it be to win this!! The love of my life & I just got married a month ago — first thing I would do is create a really special scrapbook for both our parents to thank them for all their love and support they gave us with the wedding.

  33. I would start with my bland looking apartment. I really does need some loving and a cameo is the perfect thing…..oooo wait maybe I would finally do some of the cute sewing projects I want that require a handy tool like this…it’s hard to decide.

  34. I want to win this because the first thing I would create would be super awesome cut-outs for my holiday cards/envelopes this year! 🙂 I love your guys’ blog, please let me be a winner!

  35. I would so love to have one! I have a mental list of all the projects I want to make. Vinyl labels, t-shirts, calendars, and the list goes on and on!

  36. *raising hand* Me! I want one, I want one! I have tons of projects running around in my head just WAITING for me to get a Silhouette Cameo to come to life.

  37. Boy oh boy where do I begin…I would definitely do something on fabric. Then I would label my whole house with vinyl. Next, I would scrapbbook something cool. Lastly, I would make gift boxes for all the teenagers in my life who will be getting gift cards for Christmas! and that’s what I would do if I win 😉

  38. I was just telling my husband I wanted one of these… There are sooo many things I want to do with it, decorative stuff for my house, presents for others, clothes, oh the possibilities are endless. I really want this.

  39. I would love to win a Cameo to get some “me” time! With a 9 month old, 24 month old, and 30 year old I need mommy girl time! First thing I would do is a wise men still seek him cut out for my wall! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  40. I would absolutely LOVE a Silhouette!! Mostly to do cute vinyl things…but a little bit to do handouts and projects for the classes I teach! 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us!

  41. I would love to have one of these!!! I could actually finish my scrapbooks and start the ones I need to start!!! Pick me Pick me!! hehe

  42. My daughter and I would love having one of these. I love scrapbooking and this would make it so much fun!! The wall stencils would be so cool to make and decorate with too. Fingers crossed!

    1. Just had a baby. My very first. I’m dying to go decorating crazy in his nursery. It’s incredibly boring right now. But we’re poor. -who isn’t these days- this would be AMAZING to have to get a good start on some really cute things.

  43. I would like to win this so I can make this holiday season extra special for friends, family and co-workers! 🙂

  44. I think it would be really fun to make custom decorations for my sister’s baby shower in February. It is her first baby and I can’t wait to throw her an amazing party.

  45. I would use it with my adult daughter and we both have a list of things we would love to make. I am wanting to make this sign, Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful. Crossing my fingers!

  46. I think I just fell in love again! I don’t even know where I would start with the endless possibilities! I’ve just started making rocking horses/stick horses. I would love this for the stencil option to embellish my horses!

  47. I would l.o.v.e. one of these magical tools to help me transform my house into a home. I would make lettering for wall hangings. I would create scrapbook layouts, finally creating scrapbooks for my little girls.

  48. Cool! I admit I’m new to the Silhouette world – my mind is blown! I like the heat transfer idea. And that ink feature is pretty awesome, too.

  49. Endless possibilities. Crafts heaven. I don’t know where to begin. Organizing . . . calendars . . . labels . . . and fun fun fun stuff.

  50. Oh my! It is bigger and better and I would LOVE to get my hands on one of these! I would make treat boxes and scrapbook and make some home decorating ideas that I’ve seen on pinterest!

  51. I’ve never owned a Silhouette and I am intrigued and entranced by what this beautiful machine can do. I hope I win!

  52. I would love a Silhouette to help make a fabulous scrapbook for my mom serving a mission in Canada and to help make decorations and handouts for my kids’ classrooms and for Young Women girls camp.

  53. I would use this little beauty so much it’s not even funny! I love it love it! So many fin projects that I don’t even know where to begin!

  54. I am seriously amazed by this thing! It can do so much I don’t even know where I would begin!!! I love the wall decals I would definately make some of those and I love making my own cards and stencils! This is amazing!

  55. I would love this for my sister. She just built and moved into the most amazing home and the possibilities with this are endless!!! (and i’m sure I’d be borrowing it often!) 🙂

  56. I have wanted one of these since I first laid eyes on them! I really would like to do the advent calendar with the little boxes- so CUTE! And then the possibilites are endless…especially since I have 3 crafty daughters who also love to make wonderful things!

  57. I’d label everything!! Make wall decorations! Use it in my classroom! Make pretty things for packages. Oh man, I can think of six trillion ways to use this! I love that it’s via computer/internet and not cartridges. That is just plain cool! Happy Thanksgiving!

  58. I have been trying for three years now to start my Potsmith business (bringing Gardening to all walks of life, especially GYO) but I am lacking the funding being a SAHM.

    One of these would be enough to get started as I would be able to make all my own aprons, t-shirts, labels just about everything and anything I would need to get started!

    <3 Good Luck to Everyone! <3

  59. I would love one to create personalized Christmas gifts for all the special people in my life. I would love to win!

  60. How fun! I would love a Cameo because of its crafting versatility, not being bound by cartridges leaves you free and the options are endless. The first project I would do would be completing party favors and decorations for my annual Christmas Cookie Exchange! Thanks, Andrea

  61. I’d be happy to make the advent calendar and give it away… ok, I won’t give it away just yet but I would love that calendar for my 3 year old. Thank you!

  62. Vinyl letters. My husband really wants me to make him a sign that says, “Vinyl lettering is over-rated.” 🙂

  63. I have been wanting one of these for awhile now! I was recently married and am wanting to make a wedding album for my husband and myself. Also, I just discovered my love of crafting! Since we are trying to have a baby I know something like this will come in handy when making fun things for my kids!

  64. I would LOVE to win on of these for my Campfire club. I am always doing new fun crafts and with kindergarten and 1st graders I could have so much fun with this. Thanks for the opportunity!

  65. I have a friend who has one and I just drool over hers every time I am at her house! I can’t even begin to tell you where I would start creating with this thing!! Cards, gifts, decor, EVERYTHING!! I am sending my good vibes your way with this post!!!!!

  66. I would use it to create a magnetic (via vinyl) behavior chart for my 4 year-old daughter! Then I would move on to wall decals…

  67. Would love to win – not sure what I would do first! Those flowers you posted are superadorable. Those, and the banners – my son has a birthday coming up and a birthday banner would be so cool.

  68. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win one of these so I can spruce up my house. First thing I would work on though are scrapbooks for my 5 kids!

  69. I LOVE the idea of the heat transfers… I have a handicapped daughter that drools constantly. I wind up buying a lot of black shirts for her to hide the stains. I REALLY DISLIKE the glitter embellished shirts since she tends to chew on her clothes too. I would love to fancy up some shirts for her with this machine so she can look like the pretty little princess that she is… when she is not the devil in disguise 😉

  70. I want one of these so bad!! If I win the first project I’m going to make will be our family’s traditional Christmas t-shirts!

  71. I would LOVE to have a Silhouette Cameo! I plan on making a variety of party decorations, vinyl, holiday decorations, designs to go on clothes for my little girl, and so much more!!

  72. I don’t think I could list just one reason why I would want a Silhouette! I love to scrap, make cards, make goodies for my boys parties, Christmas tags, any craft thing you can think of I would like to try to do!

  73. My kiddos have requested that we decorate more for the holidays so I would use it to make decorations for each holiday to create memories for them!

  74. I have a Silhouette SD and I would LOVE a Cameo to cut out larger things….there’s just so much you can with this amazing tool and being able do those amazing things on a larger scale would be phenomenal! Thanks for the giveaway!

  75. I would LOVE this because I live overseas on a military base where our options are so limited. To be able to make so many different things would be too KOOL!!!

  76. I would absolutely LOVE to have one of these! There are so many things you can do with it that I might have a difficult time deciding what to do first. For some reason the vinyl application intrigues me so I might start there. Then again there are the paper cut-outs. Decisions, decisions!

  77. I want the Silhouette Cameo because I am expecting my second child… Ten and a half years after the first! I was very poor when I had my first child, worked too many hours, and never had the time or money to create the momentos that would mean so much to us already. We’re at a better point in our lives now, and we’re being careful to cherish every memory, even before the baby gets here. The Cameo would be a great way to create scrapbooking perfection, and I could use it to enhance my first son’s life too, making decorations for his room and classroom and allowing us to craft together!

  78. I would love one!! I am going into Grad school to get my Masters in Ed. This would just make decorating a classroom sooo much easier and fun! Plus I scrapbook and make lots of fun things for my friends. I would probably use it everyday. 🙂

  79. Oh Wow! I would love to win this. I have so many things I would want to do with it, but I think I would start with the advent calendar. What a great way to kick of the holiday season, and maybe my kids will be fooled into thinking I am crafty 🙂

  80. I have been wanting on of these for years!!! My first project would be an advent calendar. I have a million pinned on pintrest and I am just dieing to make one =)

  81. This is soooo cool! I would love to have one for all kinds of projects…decorating, scrapbooking, kitchen goodies, partyware, etc. The possibilities are endless!

  82. I’ve decided to learn how to sew. It’s one of those things I wished I would have listened to my mom about when I was a kid. I think I would use the Silhouette for making pillows and aprons to start.

  83. I admit that I have yet to jump on the scrapbook wagon because, well, I just don’t have the patience! BUT, I would love to win this because I would like to try my hand at vinyl stuff to put on some walls. I admit, kinda scary, but this machine sure would make it easier!! 🙂 Love your blog!

  84. Oh goodness, what would I do with one of these? First off I would imagine all the different projects that would be made easier with the Silhouette including projects I’ve already done to things I see on Pinterest. I mean talk about inspiration heaven… Anyway, I think the most realistic thing that I would actually use this for first would be to put designs on clothes for my nieces, nephews, and my boys.

  85. What wouldn’t I do with a silhouette? There are too many cute things you can do. I love the vinyl and the cute goodies decorations. What an amazing machine!

  86. So cool! There are so many times I think of a vinyl project I would love to make, but having to order the vinyl stops me. I would love to be able to create it all by myself! That’s called being self reliant – hehe!

  87. I am in the process of trying to save up to buy one of these (I asked that my b-day & Christmas gifts be money towards one)! I have a few things I would like to do with it…1) Some fun games out of fabric! 2) Shirts for my 5 kids. I could go on & on………

  88. Oh my goodness, I would love one of these! I’d make cards, use it for scrapbooking, birthday posters…crossing my fingers!

  89. I would love to win one of these! I think I would pick the heat transfer kit. I would love to make some matching shirts for my 2 year old and baby on the way! Thanks for the opportunity <3

  90. I would *love* one for scrapbooking, card making and cute food gift labels! Yay! The first thing I would make would be a Christmas advent calendar!

  91. The first thing I’d like to do if I won a Silhouette is design and create a unique nursery for our next baby!! I’d also use it for cookie and cake stencils, apparel, organizing and holiday decor!!! *folds hands to say a prayer* Plllllleaaasssee!

  92. Haha! Should have read the entire “WHY” part! I’d love one because I hate it when I see something I KNOW I can make for cheaper! This is just the tool I would need! 🙂

  93. OMG, this is awesome! I would have a blast using this for my scrapbooking as well as creating cool designs for my girls’ clothes! So many possibilities and so much this can be used for!

  94. I would LOVE one of these and it would be awesome to win it in a giveaway!! I would love to decorate my home with some vinyl sayings then try my hand at the heat transfer to make some cute things for the kiddos.

  95. You guys are pretty darn cool, but I’d hang a picture of you in our house if you gave me one of these. Oh yeah, I’d be that excited!

  96. Oh my… do i EVER want one! I would love to do some vinyl. i have so many ideas (thanks to pinterest) that I’d love to actually do! I hope I win….

  97. I love this! I have been considering purchasing a Cricut for a few years now, but this is so much better. I had my first child this year and would use the Silhouette to plan her first birthday party(invites, decor, and such!)

  98. Do I have to pick just one!? I love anything for the kiddos…so t-shirts, labels for toy organization, party decor, etc, etc. FIRST, something scrapbook-y for the grandparents with the kids’ photos because they deserve something lovely to display photos of their adorable grandkids!

  99. Wow, so many comments already? This hasn’t been up that long! I know, I’ve been watching your site. What would I create first? Probably something for my Christmas cards. After that, the options are pretty endless, right?

  100. I have the sd and have been dying for a cameo for bigger cutting capabilities. I love cutting vinyl for projects. I LOVE your blog & cookbook-ya’ll have the BEST recipes! Thanks for sharing with us!!!

  101. I would like to add magic touch of Silhouette to my little projects: decorations for family-friends parties, gifts and so on. It would be a wonderful X-mas present for me as well.

  102. I can only imagine how many comments you’ll get here. Innovation is awesome. I’m sure I could think of lots to do with this. My house needs some vinyl action for starters. I think I am the only LDS person with zero vinyl lettering in my home.

  103. oh…I think I would start with fabric printing first…or maybe the rhinestones…or wait, vinyl…I would LOVE to have this. Pick Me..Pick Me 🙂

  104. I want this because health problems have recently forced me to quit my job and become a stay-at-home wife . . . and I am bored out of my mind! I have already baked everything under the sun and it’s time to move on to crafts! Pick me, pick me!

  105. I would start with scrapbooking since it’s the only crafty thing that I do. But with something like this, I might even expand to other crafty things. I love the idea of making personalized t-shirts and aprons.

  106. I’m very challenged in the crafty department so this would be great help to me. My first project would be a plaque I want to make for my grandma’s Christmas present using the vinyl kit.

  107. There are SO MANY projects that I would make if I won this Silhouette Cameo. My first project would be the awesome advent calendars that I have seen recently in all of the blogs. I would love to start this tradition with my 2 year-old-son!!!!

  108. You are just so darn clever! Love those aprons. But the vinyl? That is just beyond cool. I can think of a dozen things off the top of my head to do with that vinyl. So cool!

  109. I am drooling over this machine…so cool! I think the first project on my list would be some cute wall art for my kids’ rooms. I’d love to try the rhinestones on something for my little girl too!

  110. I would LOVE a silhouettee!! I have so many ideas, but the first thing I would do…I would cut out vinyl names and put them on some clipboard chalkboards I am making as Christmas gifts for people. When you have a large family, things get confusing and kids things get mixed up. It would be nice to be able to put the kids names on their clipboard chalkboards so they wouldn’t get confused with whose is whose.

  111. Wow, I can’t tell you the huge happy dance I would do if I won this! I would probably start with Christmas projects, then move on to labeling anything that sits still long enough in my house. The possibilities are endless!

  112. I would love to win a cameo. I didn’t even know what one was until you ladies and this post, please hold the laughing. But this would be so awesome for things I have tried to do by hand without tools to help me along (or make then look a little better lol). The first thing I’d like to make though is an advent calendar for my kids..

  113. Every time I see everything a Silhouette can do I am completely amazed. I can only begin to imagine the fun I would have with one of these. I love making gifts for my kids teachers and this would be a time saver 🙂

  114. Pick Me! Pick Me! I would love to make some cute art for my Family room and Living room, Get caught up on my scrapbooking, make some really cute cards…! I could go on forever! Thanks for the great give aways!!!

  115. Oh my word! I’ve been drooling over these for a couple years. I want to make shirts, bags, cards, decorations, just about anything everything. Plus I scrapbook and want to be able to design my own stuff. The Cameo is what I’ve been holding out for.

  116. I want a Silhouette for so many reasons, but I would probably start with the heat transfer and make some shirts for my kiddos!

  117. Why would I love one….cause they are AWESOME for anything crafty!!! 🙂 I have been drooling over the Silhouette for a while. Unfortunately I bought the “other” brand of cutter before I knew about silhouette. I am so tired of paying $50 for a cartridge and only really needing one or two images from it.

  118. I love to do all sorts of crafts, and with the Silhouette Cameo,the options for using it would be epic!! I would especially use it for personalizing gifts. Since my birthday and Christmas are both coming up this would be the ultimate gift!

  119. Oh, to dream a crafty dream! I would use to scrapbook my baby’s adoption trip to China. She’s been home too long and needs a really cool book to make up for my slacking! I so want to win:)

  120. I have been drooling over the cameo ever since it came out. I have many projects in mind but first off I will begin with decorating my baby girls bedroom. But, oh! Think of the possibilities for Christmas wrapping and gifts!! Its waaayyy out of my price range so pretty please pick me!! Thanks for hosting the giveaway and for being my go-to source for new recipes!! Love you ladies!!

  121. I would love to have a Silhouette machine. I want one of these so bad. I am due with my first child and I have so many projects that I would use this for. My first project would be to make some onesies with appliques.

  122. I would LOVE to have one of these amazing machines!!! I am a pre school teacher and would love to share this with all of my coworkers! I get giddy thinking of all the amazing things we could create!!!!

  123. Why wouldn’t I want one seriously?! I’d never heard of this brand before BUT I love the idea of no cartridges, honestly it’s why I haven’t bought the other brand! I could make SO much with this, the possiblities are endless!

  124. I would be so stinkin’ excited if I got me one of these!! I would definitely use it mostly for fabrics and paper projects. I’m a music teacher with few children’s choirs, so I can make tons of fun games/activities for my kiddos! Oh, pick me!! 🙂 And thanks for a VERY fun blog!!

  125. I would love the Silhouette Cameo. Love that you can load 12×12 scrapbook paper. I would like to get started on my Christmas cards.

  126. I need to scrapbook my wedding! And I have a goal to make birthday cards for all of my family members for next year; that’s about 50 cards. Having one of these would help so much and make each card unique! I would also finally get to make some of the home decorations that I keep seeing on Pinterest but haven’t been able to make because I don’t have one of these bad boys!

  127. Oh my goodness! I would love one because it would make my crafting a wee bit easier. It seems to get put on the back burner with a toddler running through my house! I cant even decide which kit I need first.. Not wants.. Needs .. 😉

  128. Oh my goodness! What wouldn’t I make? I think the first thing I would do is make a craft to help my daughter learn the alphabet!

  129. I would love one of these – I have been drooling over them since they came out and before that I drooled over the original. The list of things I want to make is a MILE long. But I love the idea of taking the magnetic paper printing a nativity set that I have onto the paper and then letting the cameo cut them all out. Then my kids will have a nativity set to play with on the fridge.

  130. Oooo…How will I use it? I love paper crafts and sewing. I probably would spruce up my walls in vinyl and play with making cards, goodie boxes for Christmas gifts. The list goes on. I would just be so excited if I received one.

  131. Oh my gosh! I would love to own this machine! I have no idea where to even start! Vinyl wording for something in my living room…Christmas gifts… endless possibilities!

  132. I would love one of these because, well, by myself I am not very artsy when it comes to scrapbooking etc. However, the Cameo would make me look good with minimal effort;) I just graduated from grad school which allowed me no free time before, so now I have about 3 years of scrapbooking to catch up on which would be so much more fun with the Silhouette!

  133. Oh, the possibilities! Probably the first project would be using the heat transfer to make shirts to announce to the world that we are having our 5th boy! Cute boy clothes are hard to make without being able to do this stuff. I’d have a blast using it to decorate a new nursery.

  134. I would use it for decorating, labels, crafts,to help embellish my son’s big boy room and switch up the nursery a bit for baby #2

  135. Oh how I would love to win this. I can think of three projects right of the bat that I would do. First I love that laundry room picture, second silhouettes of my children s profiles, 3rd some vinyl writing for my boys room!!!

  136. I have so many projects in mind! The first thing I want to make is a bib for my husband that says “My wife put my cape on backwards”

  137. I dream of owning a silhouette cameo nearly everyday! I know I am unable to buy one this year, therefore I would LOVE to WIN one! The crafty ramblings in my head are ready to explode!

  138. Oh, it would be such fun to have a Cameo! Since it’s close to the holidays, I think I would use it to make Christmas cards and not have to purchase a generic box this year. Love arts and crafts! 🙂

  139. If I won this great prize, I’d have to give it to my mom. She’s so into her card-making and homemade gifts. I probably couldn’t surprise her with it though. Not good for her heart!

  140. I would make some throw pillows or curtains possibly. Maybe some handmade Christmas gifts for family members.

  141. This would be so amazing! Think of all the party decorations I could make with this? And it would be so helpful with putting together my wedding album scrapbook!

  142. I have wanted a Silhouette machine for quite sometime now. I would love it to cut out fabric for all of my many sewing projects. I also have several vinyl projects that I want to do and this would be perfect for that!!

  143. I want a Silhouette Cameo because I am addicted to my Silhouette SD! My daughter-in-law loves it also! She is a teacher for special education kids and I think she would love to have this! It would be my gift to her!

  144. Oh man, I am dying to get one of these! I have so many home decorating projects I want to do that need one of these, and I would love to have one to make my third grade classroom all cute! I’m getting tired of the plain old die cut machine in the faculty room!!!

  145. Wow what couldn’t you do with that little beauty!! Card making , scrap booking, stuff for the kids and house, decorating for events at church…. Oooooo stop me craft overload eeeeeeeee!!!!!

  146. I am not much of a scrapbooker but I would love to make my son all kinds of personalized shirts. I think the iron on material is super cool and he would have lots of sassy/funny sayings.

  147. So many fun ideas to make with one machine?! My first project would be to make the Christmas Countdown calendar, it’s so cute.

  148. Oh, I would LOVE to win a Cameo! There are lots of projects I would want to make, but I would definitely start with making cute t-shirts and creating vinyl sayings for my walls.

  149. Wow, my crafting brain is spinning!! I would defi Italy use this for vinyl cutting and wall decor. Then shorts and shoe design…and jean pockets would be fun to add some design too. Birthday cards, fancy wrapping, party favor boxes. Wow! I had my eye on a cricut but no longer!! I absolutely love that there’s no cartridges and works with your computer!!

  150. i would love this!! My kids are always wanting to change the decorations in their rooms so this would make it SO easy!! I also have a great idea for my arch way that I need vinyl for! oh my mind is racing 🙂

  151. I just recently became a stay-at-home mom and it would be so great to have one of these for whipping up all sorts of fun things for the kids and I to do. It would also help out with my job as a Den Mom for the group of scouts I work with. Basically, the possibilities are just endless! <3

  152. My sister has a Silhouette and I’m DYING to get my hands on one! I love making homemade cards to give to friends and neighbors, so I’d definitely be making plenty of those if I had one of these babies. 🙂

  153. I can see a Cameo application for quilting! I also love doing vinyl, scrapbook frameables, aprons, pillows…bottom line, I NEED this!

  154. I would LOVE to win one of these! I’d go crazy making little signs for my home, for my two soon-to-arrive nieces and gifts for Christmas! SO FUN!

  155. I would love one of these. I’m always mailing packages, cards, coloring pages to my granddaughter in Virginia, and this would make those things even more special to her.

  156. I want one to use in my classroom and make fun things for school. And since my birthday is Sunday, it would make the big 3-0 a little less painful!!

  157. I have never worked with the heat transfer stuff, it looks so fun! That and the vinyl… I wouldn’t even know where to start! Christmas gifts for sure!

  158. Oh!!!! I really want one of these! I want to cut lots of fun stuff for a birthday coming up, and never stop making all kinds of things with this baby!

  159. I would be so excited to add rhinestones to things. How awesome would that be! I love all the cute containers you made. I would love to win your prize

  160. I’d love to create cards, vinyl stickers to put on my wall and other things, cute things to put on and make out of fabric/embellish clothing, an advent calendar would be great, and really this would open up a whole new craftiness part in me and the options are quite endless. Love your blog! Thanks for all of the inspiration. Life is Good 🙂

  161. I would love a Cameo! I would make so many things with it. The first thing would be labels for my Lego storage bins.

  162. Oh how I would love one of these!!! The first thing I would use it for would be to make things to decorate my daughter’s room.

  163. I would use it to make signs and decorations for my wedding in december!! Then home decor after that. The crafty wife I will be.

  164. some awesome new fun graphics for my children’s rooms. We are headed to a new home… after a rocky divorce, and I will need to spice up the atmosphere to help it seem more like home.

  165. I’m DYING to win one of these! Oh, I would make gifts for friends with etched glass, I’d make vinyl art for my walls, I’d make labels upon labels for household items, the possibilities are endless!

    Thank you SO much for the giveaway and also thanks for your blog. Everything that I’ve ever made off of here has just turned out fantastic! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!

  166. I would LOVE the Cameo. I have the SD, but having the ability to cut 12″ would be fabulous. I would start with Christmas cards.

  167. I always mean to prepare things ahead of time but usually end up making every thing last minute. I love that with the Silhouette no one would be able to tell- everything would look like I had spent a lot of time on it. Here’s hoping to win!!

  168. Love this giveaway! I would start making some Christmas presents, pillows, and a special little choo choo shirt or something with a train for a little boy who will turn 2 in a few weeks. Thanks for the awesome giveaway and the chance to win! 🙂

  169. *___* the description and uses of this makes me want this even more! the first thing i would use the silhouette for is cutting out a bunch of prints to make christmas cards!! but i might just want to use it for cutting out iron-ons for diy clothing designs!

  170. I dream of having one of these. It is not something that is in our budget, so many other things come first, but someday I will have one! I would love to be able to add extra special touches to the items that I make for my kids! I would love to have the fabric kit so that I can add to the items that I sew or even the vinyl wall kit to add loving touches to the walls in our home!

  171. With this machine, I will take over the world! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Or just make super cute paper stuff. 🙂

  172. I would love this baby! Haha! Really I would love it so much! I would use it for vinyl projects for sure! I also want to try to do fabric with it!

  173. I would love to win this for my wife. She has been eyeing this thing since it came out. She is big into scrapbooking.

  174. Pretty, pretty, pretty please. I would be SO thankful. I work with kids and could do so many fun projects with them with this. Not to mention use it to create endless personalized stationary for myself!

  175. I would love to get one of these because my beautiful, wonderful wife has asked for one for Christmas and I’d love to get one for her. She would use it for PTA, in her job as a teacher, for scrapbooking, to help me with Cub Scouts, and many other various craft projects. This would be awesome!

  176. I would DIE if I won a Silhouette Cameo!!!!
    I am a first grade teacher and my first project for my classroom would be sharpened pencils/unsharpened pencils vinyl letters for buckets. My first home project would be a vinyl monogram…I am a Southern girl, after all! 🙂

    Love y’all so much! Thank you for great recipes AND fun giveaways! 🙂

  177. I want one SOOO bad!!! I have all sorts of things I want to vinyl-ize! And I’d love to use it for my sewing projects!

  178. I would love to have the Cameo! I love to make creative packaging for gifts (bags, boxes, etc), and the wider cutting platform would allow me to do so many projects like that. I also love scrapbooking, cardmaking and just plain papercrafting.

  179. I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to have one of these! I’m new to crafting in general, but I’m yearning to embark on a new creative journey. We just bought our first house and funds are short, so I would use it for decorating the entire house! I would also love to work on Christmas gifts for family, this would help me realize our goal of creating an entirely “homemade Christmas!”

  180. Hmmm….what to *start* with….I’m thinking the vinyl. There are so many phrases I want to put up on my walls around the house 🙂 How fun would that be?! So cool!

  181. This would be the best birthday present ever! (my birthday is the 23rd)… I would use this for so many things, especially my scrapbooking and card making… Thanks for the chance to win!

  182. I’ve wanted a silhouette for a long time! There’s so much you can do with them! I’d probably do a craft project for my baby boy’s nursery first!

  183. What WOULDN’T I create with this? For starters, Birthday boards, wall quotes, Christmas cards, valentines cards, birthday banners and shirts and oh so much more!! I am dying to have this! I never win anything! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this!!! You guys are awesome! One more thing I’m gonna have to ad to my wish list! I’m sure my husband thanks you. NOT! Lol.

  184. I would LOVE to win the Cameo!! I have so many ideas floating around in my head, that I don’t know what I would do first…scrapbook, cards, gifts, decorations. Wow!

  185. I’m in the process of making a Michigan Football shadowbox for my nephew. He just went to his very first football game a couple weeks ago and I’d love to have this to cut out block Ms and other football shapes!

  186. I love this. I think I’d make a birthday banner first and move in to all sorts of crafty things! Thanks for the chance to win.

  187. I have been wanting a Silhouette for a long time! Now, what would I don with one? What wouldn’t I do? I would probably start out with making some great holiday decorations. What a great Christmas present this would be!

  188. I would LOVE one of these! I would start by making a family calendar and magnet chore charts, we are desperate for some organization 🙂

  189. I love that laundry sign – I’ve been trying to find a way to jazz up that room and that is so cool! Thanks for the opportunity!

  190. I would love a Silhouette Cameo so I could create scrapbooks of memories for my family. I am just getting crafty, so I think it would help me be better. 🙂

  191. Oh pretty please, pick me! I have a new niece on the way and would use it with transfer paper to make her a onesie that says “I’d rather be with my Aunt”.

  192. I have wanted one of these for so long!! Well, first the SD and now the Cameo. I have a Family Rules sign waiting to be made for our dining room. That’s what I’d do first. Then I’d vinyl the crap out of my house 🙂

  193. I would love to start making some shirts with the heat transfer!! But I’d also love to make some decorations…I mean, the possibilities are endless!

  194. Oh goodness, this is an awesome giveaway! I would love to use it with the vinyl option and label *everything* in my sight. 🙂

  195. Is it really a question as to why I want one of these???! I would make vinyl labels, quotes, and wall decor, clothes, cards, It would REALLY help out with christmas gifts!! Oh, I would make one of those advent calendars, too! agh. I really want one.

  196. I would love the Silhouette and have been waiting for years for it to be compatible with a Mac. I’m a new clothing designer and would love to have this to help in my design. I can’t afford more expensive, traditional equipment for heat transfers/stencils/etc. This would help me so much! I also love sandblasting glass gifts and this would save so much time cutting the stencil manually!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  197. Oh my goodness… that. is. AMAZING. I would love a Cameo! I would make cute cards to give to people and make vinyl wall art to put up on my bare walls that are in desperate need of some lovin!

  198. oh man! i can’t even explain how awesome it would be to win something like this! i’m a big papercrafter (among other things) and would LOVE to not have to make my friends digitally cut things out for me anymore!! i’m sure they want me to win this also!! my husband wants me to make a sign to go above our pantry door, so that would be my first project.

  199. I have been dreaming of this machine for a while now. I would use it endlessly for home decor, party decorations, scrapbooking, labels and gifts! I would LOVE to have one this Christmas for labels and personalizing gifts to give to the less fortunate kids in our area. I am hoping to make their gifts look more beautiful than I can normally pull off!

  200. My daughter is starting to love to make things and it would be fun to do crafts with her, this would make for endless ideas!!

  201. I want this soo badly to be able to do a bunch of projects I have been dreaming to do for a long time. It would let me do some fun wall art as well:)

  202. I would totally start with the vinyl and make things to decorate my daughter’s room, the kitchen, the living room…I can see so many possibilities!

  203. I would love one of these and would use it in SO many ways. I’m currently going to school so it would be used for all kinds of school projects and might help me get back into a bit of scrapbooking too!

  204. For some DIY wall art! And custom t-shirts for my kiddies! And all things crafty! Awesome giveaway. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  205. The greed is literally dripping from my pores. If I had this, I would finally have that gorgeous pantry that the idealized internet world says I should…

  206. Such a versatile tool! I’d use it for creating scrapbooking elements like alphabet letters, or for freezer paper stenciling!

  207. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have a silhouette! I teach preschool and can think of a TON of ways this little baby would make my life easier! Pick me…I’d love an early birthday present!

  208. I would love one of these silouhette machines, but with a hubby in grad school, buying one is priority “never.” If I did have one, the card making / vinyl label making would not stop… Thanks for the opportunity to win one obb! I love your site and cookbook!

  209. I have recently taken up the crafting scene and don’t have a lot of basics. I think this would help me inspire me to build more and more on my talents. I think I would start out by using the vinyl set and see where it took me!

  210. I would love a Cameo! I think I would start out with Christmas decorations and then just go crazy and get my “if only I had a Silhouette” to do list done 🙂

  211. Oh please oh please oh please!!! I’m a graphic designer and I’d absolutely LOVE cutting out my designs and everything else I can get my hands on!!!

  212. I seriously want one of these beauties! This is the second giveaway I’ve entered for one…let’s hope I have better luck here. 🙂
    I want to make one of everything… I think first I would do heat transfers and of course awesome scrapbook pages.

  213. Would I ever like one! I am going to be a grandma and NEED to get to work spoiling that sweet little girl due early next year! (vinyl and fabric!)

  214. I want to win this so bad! I love my silhouette sd, but could do so much more with the wider cameo. Thanks for the chance.

  215. I would love one of these!! The first thing I would do is create announcements, invites and other things for my lifegroup! This would add a creative flare to many of my projects!

  216. I would love to make party decorations with this baby! My husband says I go a little (ok way) overboard but if I make them myself he can’t get mad :). It would be great for scrapbooking and cards as well. Just think of the possibilities for Christmas cards!! I cant believe how versatile it is If you can’t tell, I would LOVE to win this!!!!

  217. Oh my gosh, that thing is AWESOME! The possibilities are endless, but I would love to have it to make personalized gifts for teachers, my kids, neighbors…everyone!!

  218. What wouldn’t I do with one of these?!?! The sky is the limit. But first, I would maybe try to put some fun things on my boys plain tees and spice up my walls/pictures a bit 🙂

  219. oh wow! I want this sooo bad! The things I could do seem endless. my favorite would be using it for vinyl wall art, crafty gifts and cards! oh my! I would be forever grateful to have this

  220. Ohhhhh….. The things I could do!!! I would make a subway sign first, vinyl words for inspiration, freezer paper stencils, banners, scrapbooks…..the list goes on!

  221. I could go on and on about what I’d do with a Cameo. My first project would be making t-shirts using freezer paper and fabric paint. My cousin does it and it’s AWESOME! I’ll make them for my son first because little boy shirts always have such cute pictures and then some real dumb saying on them. It drives me crazy.

  222. I think the vinyl wall art would be really cool! Love the idea of making custom labels with it, too. Thanks for a terrific giveaway!

  223. oh my oh my can i pleeeeeeeeeeease have this? i would do so many fun things with it! i would probably start with some thanksgiving name cards, love notes, and holiday gift tags! 🙂

  224. I would create everything I have been saving up on Pinterest! Oh the possibilities, the vinyl, the cards, the mod podge ideas, the cake stencils, I have now decided that my want for a Cameo has become an urgent need. 🙂

  225. I would do a lot with it. I love scrapbooking, organizing parties, and doing some painting on clothes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  226. I would love a CAMEO!!! I like to make homemade cards for friends and family and this would be a great addition to my growing craft obsession!!!

  227. I am a stay at home Air Force Wife. I love doing crafts with the kids and this would make our designs so much nicer! We aren’t able to afford a cricut or anything. But this would be a great awesome wonderful gift to us.

  228. I have seriously probably entered at least 20 different silhouette give-a-ways. Maybe today will be my lucky day!?

  229. I desperately want one of these to make stencils, vinyl prints, cards, everything! It would be so handy to have, and since I’ll never be able to buy one winning one would be fantastic!

  230. I have wanted a Silhouette for SO long. I mainly want one for vinyl wall are and paper crafting! I think if I won you wouldn’t see me for a week….I would be too busy crafting!

  231. The question is really who wouldn’t want a Silhouette!? They are just awesome, I want one for that reason and because I would love to cut shapes for cards, sewing, treat packaging, my kids birthday decorations and so much more!! What a fantastic giveaway!!!

  232. I think it would easier to answer what wouldn’t I use the Cameo for?? I would love this machine and use it all the time!

  233. As an avid crafter I would almost die for a new tool! :). But seriously, I’ve started saving my pennies for a machine like this. Needless to say its gonna take a LOT of pennies! I’d put it to use with my scrapbooking obsession immediately upon its arrival! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  234. I would love to win the Cameo! I can already think of sooo many things I can make and design with it!! Please please please! 🙂

  235. Ive wanted one forever and I would use it all even though I’m not a scrapbooker, I would make clothes for my boys, aprons, the vinyl (yes please!) and paper stuff for packaging food. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the advent calendar!!!

  236. I think I’d start with one of those mobiles that’s made with somewhere around 20 butterflies hung on a large embroidery hoop (I have lots of pretty paper that is begging to be cut). And then I’d make about a million cute onesies and shirts for my kids. And for myself.

  237. I would use it to make cards and vinyl art and goodie boxes {so awesome!} and embellishments. It would be so much fun! Thanks. 😀

  238. I would love this so I could decorate my house more during the holiday’s on a more affordable budget. Being a student doesn’t allow you to go buy new decorations every holiday, but I still want my house to feel more like a ‘home.’ This Silouhette would give me and my family that.

  239. I would love to win this. My son was going to buy me one and then he got laid off from his job. I don’t know what I would make first because there are so many things I want to make.

  240. I would love to give the Cameo to a good friend who is an amazing crafter! She’s wanted one as long as I can remember, and would use it for vinyl wall art, making custom wood signs, and making party accessories. She truly deserves it. 🙂

  241. I would LOVE LOVE a cameo!! I do marketing for my husbands chiropractic office and each month I do something creative with the lunches I bring. I try and box them up cute and do creative monthly themed thank you cards. I have been wanting something to help me with our logo:) I also just started doing the white bodysuits with 0-12 months for friends having one of these would make it so much easier:)!!! I scrapbook, just started sewing, party plan and love making decorations, banners, and am just getting into vinyl:)!! I would be so very very thankful if I won;)!! What an amazing machine!!

  242. I would love to win this! I think i would start labeling everything i own. this would help with organization so much!

  243. I would love to have a Silhouette Cameo! I am always looking for new creative things to use in making things for my students and my classroom…not to mention all of the home decor and scrap booking uses!

  244. I have been dying to get my hands on one of these! The easiness of downloading images, using your computer instead of buying cartiages is something I want to be a part of! I would definitely do something with vinyl, possibly a wall saying as my first project.

  245. Where to start with a Cameo…?! Probably scrap booking, first, but I’d love to get into wall art and amazing YW hand outs. 🙂

  246. I’ve never had something like that, and since my cutting skills are sub-par I just don’t get to do so many of the awesome crafts out there.

  247. I want this because i live in the middle of nowhere on a ranch and it could keep me entertained for the rest of my life. 🙂

  248. I would LOVE to have one of these! I would use it to create gifts for my family, friends, teachers of my children, myself. So many, many ideas!!!

  249. This is a phenomenal surprise for one lucky reader. Thanks for offering. I love your blog and refer to it every day!

  250. I would soooooo love to win this! I could think of about a zillion fun projects on pinterest that I would just love, love, LOVE to try out!

  251. The real questions is… Why would I NOT want one? There are so many beautiful things that can be made 🙂 Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  252. sooo many options…not sure how I would focus on A project!!! I’d likely start with a vinyl wall project…

  253. The possibilities are so endless I would have a hard time deciding where to start… Nativity blocks, scrapbook calendar for my parents and the in-laws, personalized coat rack, gift boxes and tags, preschool cut ABC cut outs, glass etching, pics of spices for spice rack, custom pillow cases for the kids, labels for kids toys, sprucing picture frames, adorable invitations, and baby announcements. I think I’d start with Christmas ornaments, oh so much fun 🙂

  254. I’ve been wanting a Silhouette for a long time. So many things to create. But would probably start by making our Christmas cards with it.

  255. I want this so bad! My husband & I are doing the Dave Ramsey plan so I have not bought one yet. I would make signs for Christmas gifts & I love the little boy shirt great idea.

  256. This machine is really cool! I have never seen one before I saw it on your website. My parents are celebrating 50 years of marriage next June and I am starting to work on a memory/picture quilt for them. I can see using this machine to really make that quilt look really special for my very special parents.

  257. I would love this! I’ve wanted a personal cutter for years. Now I’m in charge of all the young women in our church and I would use it EVERY week for activities with them!!

  258. Wow as a mom of 3 I would work on getting scrapbooks going for them. Also this will help my gift / decoration budget as I can make vinyl decor for their rooms and gifts for my friends for the holidays, or birthdays, or days ending in y.

    Thanks for all the great ideas!!


  259. I would totally turn our house into the Batcave with labels. I mean, who doesn’t want a Batcomputer in the Batoffice? A certain six year old boy would be ecstatic.

  260. I have entered every Silhouette giveaway I have found for the past two years! I really, REALLY want one! The first thing I would do? Christmas cards and 2012 calendars!

  261. WOW. the cameo is amazing. where to begin? i am in love with the vinyl wall saying possibilities. and the advent calendars! and decorating for any holiday? oh man – i am in LOVE.
    triplea826 at gmail dot com

  262. Oh dang, this would be so awesome to win!! I would love to make all the things you mentioned:)

  263. I would absolutely love one of these to decorate my house, make cute things for my daycare, make cute gifts for others and the list goes on! There are so many things I could do if I had one of these.

  264. I would LOVE a Cameo so I can make home decor, t-shirts, paper crafts….the possibilities are ENDLESS!! The Cameo is so convenient to use since I can bring my computer to the machine instead of the machine to the computer! The image selection is ENDLESS! I would LOVE a cameo!!!

  265. Ohh I want one soooo bad. Please pick me, I know I will do heat trasnfer projects and vinyl and rhinestone and paper and… well I will do it all so please pick me!

  266. i NEEEEEEEEEEED this in my house – i have a list a mile long that can only be accomplished with a silhouette!!!!!!!!!! :o) :o)

  267. Endless possibilities! I think I’d start with helping my daughters kindergarten teacher, though, with some projects that she has in the classroom — wall boards probably

  268. I would love to win this! I love doing crafts & scrapbooking and this machine has endless possibilities. It would be so fun to try cutting vinyl & fabric also!

  269. Swoon. I would love, love, love one of those bad boys. If I was lucky enough to be the winner, I would like to make some homemade Christmas presents.

  270. So I thought I knew what I would make first with one of these babies, then I went to the silhouette pinterest page and I have way to many projects to name! I need one of these.

  271. I would love to use it to create cuts for my homework (graphic design) and also just the vinyl would be awesome to stick anywhere! 😀

  272. I never thought I’d want one of these things, but the more I’m seeing them the more I’m wanting one! I’d love to make an advent calendar!

  273. Oh my word! I would LOVE to have one of these! The things I would do are endless…scrapbooking, invitations, lettering for my kids’ rooms, labels…

  274. I think I would die if I won a silhouette cameo- my life would be complete. I LOVE the idea of vinyl cut-outs, especially the ones to put on walls! I would have even more fun scrapbooking!! But, I think the first thing I would do is start making decorations for my son’s 1st birthday party!!! You girls at obb are my heroes!!

  275. I have been wanting one of these forever. Really hoping I win one. 🙂 There are so many things I want to do with one.

  276. I think I would start with the vinyl…. make some labels, some signs, and use it to do some glass etching on some hurricanes I have. I’d love to be able to make cute t-shirts for my little boy as well. Basically…. I’d love to make anything and everything with this machine!

  277. I would LOVE a new Cameo. I have a baby girl on the way and need to get cracking on her baby book and LOTS of vinyl room decor!

  278. Would love to win this!!! I so want to try some of the vinyl and fabric applications – looks like so much fun!!!

  279. I would do a ton of scrapbooking for sure, I would love to make my own cute labels for food gifts that I give at Christmas, I would also make my boys some super awesome superhero capes and masks for Christmas!!

  280. I would love to win this! I am making scrapbook recipe books for some of my family members this year (with of course some of my “Our Best Bites” faves!) and this would help me so much. You guys are awesome- thanks for all you do. Hug!

  281. If I won one of these it would make an unforgetable present for my two teenage daughters and the best part is that I could craft with them. Quality time I hardly get anymore!

  282. I would love this fabulous machine. There are so many projects to be done. I would start with making cute shirts for my little boy.

  283. I would start by making some fantastic holiday cards for everyone on my mailing list. Then I’d make cute labels for everything, everywhere in my house and office. Then, I’d just tinker.

    My husband has been wanting to get me one as a gift. I’d love to gift him with the $ he would have spent on me to spend on himself.

  284. Sounds like something I need to make more of my famous cards. Okay so they’re not famous, but I bet they would be if I had a Cameo 🙂

  285. I recently got up the courage to do a card party with a group of my crafty friends. I spent HOURS working on my cards with the few tools that I had. I was pretty excited about the end result…until I got the chance to see what everyone else had created.Theirs were all amazing (and not hand cut might I add) I then put the Silhouette at the top of my Christmas list. This would be a dream come true for a new crafter like myself!

  286. Wow, wowie, Wow! WOW! Okay, what would I create with this . . . what WOULDN’T I!? I dabble in just about everything, I can see so many applications, but more important, my daughter is a graphic designer who is suddenly finds herself forced to try to make a living for herself and her two children . . . SHE would have the most pressing and wonderful uses for such a wonderful machine! I can imagine the beautiful artwork that she would produce with a tool like this! Thank you for the opportunity!

  287. I’ve been drooling over these forever. I think I would poo my pants if I won! 🙂 I would love to have one of these for cards and for vinyl art, just for starters.

  288. Vinyl, Vinyl, Vynil! I would make darling things for my home, my kids, the school, the office and of course lots of cute party stuff!

  289. Ooooh! I definitely would love to have this!! I love working with photoshop and have a lot of ideas for scrapbooking and nursery items that would be so much easier with this cutter. 🙂

  290. Are you kidding?!? If I ever win anything … this would be the best time! I’ve been wanting one of these so bad. Our family just finished a PhD program with 5 kids and money is tight. After two months in our new home state, I was put in as the Primary President. I can think of SO many things I would do with this machine — including lots and lots of Vinyl most likely 😉 If you want specifics … I just ordered the Primary Theme in vinyl to put on a tile as Thank-You gifts for the outgoing Presidency. Could’ve totally saved $$ doing it myself.

  291. I would love one of these to make decorations for my house, scrapbook, make cupcake decorations, cards… the list is endless!

  292. To decorate my amazingly boring walls. I want to do lettering that says “Your hand in mine makes it good,” for my master bedroom.

  293. I would love to win a Silhouette Cameo for making cards, decor, candy boxes, etc for my kids parties! And some vinyl labels for kitchen jars. And so many more things that I could make with this!!

  294. I need this for my nursery. Just had my first and this would be amazing to have! I could make so many things. Love it!

  295. I would start labeling with vinyl like crazy. It would be great if it made my meals too, but I’ll settle for cute stuff!

  296. Oh my gosh, why wouldn’t someone want a big digital cutter. Vinyl, scrapbook pages, making your own 12×12 lace paper, 12×12 decorative pages, borders, cards, etc… The possibilities are endless.

  297. I want to start doing labeling with vinyl (and maybe even put sayings on the walls of our new house). My baby is finally to the age where she lets me actually do things again, so I am itching to get my craft on in any way I can. This would be so awesome!

  298. I totally want a Silhouette because I like the freedom you have to buy just one design at a time rather than committing to a cartridge full of designs that you’ll never use, and It seems like you can do more with it than some of the competitor digital die cut machines. I think I would first make some vinyl wall art for my kids.

  299. I would’ve loved one while I was planning my wedding! I would still love one so that I can create gifts for loved ones and decorations for my house. And maybe even scrapbook our honeymoon!

  300. OMG! This is such an exciting giveaway! What an awesome machine! Is it possible to wear one out, I wonder, because I’m going to give it my best shot if I’m lucky enough to win. I have so many ideas brewing…Thanks for having this giveaway! 😀

  301. Oh my gosh, I would love to win this! I would start out by making something cute and crafty for my neighbor gifts this year!

  302. How awesome!!!! Where to start on what I would make… I would love to make cute t-shirts for my boys! I have so many ideas all ready….

  303. never was into crafty stuff until I got married a year ago and now I can’t get enough. I have so many things I want to do I don’t know where to start. It will probably be something for the home we will soon be buying.

  304. I’d start with some vinyl lettering for the bathroom and move on to Christmas! Gifts, decor, packaging….

  305. I just bought my first house with my new husband. This would aid so much in helping me decorate the new place. I have so many ideas for my bland living room and this machine!

  306. Wow–what an awesome prize–that I WOULD love to win. Thanks for the chance. I need to start scrapbooking my grandson who is almost 3 already.

  307. I would totally do my Christmas cards and use it to help my son’s teacher. As a full time working mom and full time student, time is short for me!

  308. I would love one of these for so many reasons!! But mostly I think I would spiff up a lot of plain stuff in my house. So many possibilities!

  309. Oh I’ve been wanting one SO bad. There are so many things I would use it for but mainly scrapbooking. Plus Nov. 22nd is my birthday and that would be the best birthday present of all 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  310. Your blog inspires me to try new things and be creative. This silhouette would be awesome to have to help bring to life my imagination! Awesome!

  311. Wow! I would love to be able to use one of these to cut my felt pieces for the puppets I make. Cutting felt pieces by hand can be a pain, especially since they are repeat shapes.

    What a cool idea. Thanks.

  312. I want one so I can split it with all of my friends that want one and we can stop ordering stuff from Etsy and start making it ourselves. First thing would be vinly letters for the mirror on my mantle, then vinyl designs to decorate my washer/dryer, then I would do modge podge subway art. Then I don’t know, that would take me a while to get that far. 🙂

  313. I would use it for EVERYTHING. But I would really like one so I can make things to sell so I can feed my family during my husband’s first year of law school where you’re not allowed to work. It would really, REALLY be a blessing to win this. Thanks for the giveaway!! 🙂

  314. With Christmas around the corner I would give it to my sister. She just had a baby and it’s been a rough road for her. (Her new baby had to have surgery a few weeks ago). This would really brighten her life. I know she would make amazing things with it. (Of course, I would need to borrow it every once in a while). Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  315. Oh wow I want this! I would use it to make about a zillion things, but firstly I would use it to cut out paper flowers for wreaths I make. Doing them by hand takes forever!

  316. I’ve wanted a Silhouette since they first came out, for crafting and decorating. I’ve been trying to save for one but so many other things have come up. It would be great to win one. 🙂

  317. Oh, I would love, love, love to get one of these! I am still trying to pull my house decor together and would love to make some throw pillows and wall hangings with this. I would also love to use it to start the process of scrapbooking for my four kids…yes, start. Plus, I do photography and would love to have a better way to creatively display my prints. Please, pretty please! 🙂

  318. I would love one of these to help me with all kinds of crafty projects…labeling, decorating, making cards, and most of all to help me decorate our church for events/holidays, etc. I’m a pastor’s wife and this would help me to save time and still have things looking cute and crafty!

  319. Oh my!! My head is spinning with all that I want to make with this baby!!!! Christmas decorations, scrapbooks for my daughter… fun!!!!

  320. I’ve just started getting crafty again, and I’m working on christmas projects. I would love to be able to do the vinyl and fabric stuff, my hands are getting so tired of cutting out tiny pieces of fabric, and man does my house need some things on the walls!

  321. I would love the vinyl starter kit! I already have a list of projects. Vinyl is one of hte best solutions for unpaintable apartment walls!

  322. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE one of these! Oh, I have a few vinyl ideas for Christmas along with some fabric ideas I’d LOVE to try!

  323. I would soooo love to have this! I have two grandaughters and a grandson due in 2 weeks – my grandaughters love to do crafts and I tend them while their mom works – WE COULD HAVE SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! PLEASE PICK ME!!!!

  324. Oh how I long for one of these! Since the amount of parties significantly increases this time of year I would get busy making fun decorations, cupcake holders, signs for food etc…

  325. This would make so many projects easier(and more fun) as well as open up a whole bunch of possibilities. I would probably start by making vinyl for decorating an old dresser I have