Simpel Watch Giveaway


NOTE: This giveaway is now closed.

Congrats to #246: Pam, #1318: Michele, #332:Shirley Elizabeth and #644: Tanis!
All winners have been contacted, congratulations!  Remember, you still have until Dec. 15th to use the code OBB25 to get 25% off your entire order, so get shopping!


If you’re looking for a unique gift idea for people on your Christmas lists, I’ve got the perfect thing for ya!

I love these watches.  My husband has had one for a while now, and I finally got my own!  These have super soft silicone slap style bands, which- as you might remember from the 90’s, are super fun.  Just ask my kids.  I keep telling them these are functioning adult watches and they insist they are swords/light sabers/super hero collars/slapper-thingies.  Did I mention they are sturdy?  Very sturdy.

They’re really comfortable too.  I love the size of the band and the modern style makes them cool to wear every day, but they’re functional enough to wear during a workout too.

The fun thing is that the bands and faces are interchangeable.  Everything comes in the six colors you see in that first picture so you can mix and match.  Any Boise State fans out there??

If you want to see what certain color combos look like, check out this link– I spent way longer than the average person should playing with that fun little feature.  (And if it doesn’t work for you, try it in a different browser.  For some reason I had to switch from Firefox to IE)

My husband has a black Simpel, and I have a pink and a white one.  That makes for lots of fun mixing and matching.  If I could only convince him to stop trying to wear my pink one….  kidding, kidding.

I’m the type of person who will totally buy a book for its cover, so I always appreciate good packaging.  I loved the design and packaging when our first watch arrived in the mail.  They come like this, but in a hard plastic case- which I would definitely show in this picture if it wasn’t also being currently used as a weapon of some sort.  Are you gaining lots of insight into my life with three sons??

I think my favorite part might be that it comes with specific instructions to “Slap it like it’s 1991”.

Not gonna lie; they are pretty fun.  But they’re also trendy and stylish and look great on both men and women.  I think it’s an especially great gift idea for those hard-to-shop-for teens and young adults on your list.  If you’re wondering what’s cool, this is definitely cool.  And don’t be fooled by the cheap knock-offs you see around at discount stores these days.  These are really nice quality watches.

Now that I know you want one…

The Giveaway

*Four* OBB readers will get a Simpel watch of their very own, in any color combo they choose!

To Enter
– Visit the Simpel website and check out all of the fun color combinations.  Leave a comment below with the color combo you’d choose.

-For a bonus entry, head on over to the Simpel Facebook page and *LIKE* it! One click, folks.  Easy peasy.  Leave an additional comment here on this blog post stating you did so.

Email entries are not counted, make sure you are on our website!

Discount Code!
If you’re ready to do some shopping right now, then you’re in luck.  Simpel is offering OBB readers a 25% discount!  I love me a good discount.  Just use the code OBB25 for 25% off your order, valid until Dec 15th.  What are you waiting for?  Get shopping!




  1. What a great idea! My grandkids would love these! I clicked the “Like” and would love a pink band with a white case. You did it again, thanks for a fun giveaway!

  2. I would go with Laguna strap and Stone face or Stone Strap and Laguna face.
    Love this colour combo. Great watches, definitely adding these to my wish list

  3. I love all the colors, but I know me and I would end up getting the white on white so it would go with everything. Great gift idea (I pinned it!) and thanks for sharing.

  4. Blue is my favorite color, so I was thinking blue with a white face… but that blue with the orange face that’s pictured looks really nice too!

  5. I like the snow band with the maui face. I love how toddler friendly these seem to be!! My last watch didn’t quite fit that bill… 🙂

    PS I am super excited that you guys are coming to Orlando with TOFW!!!

  6. My niece would love this – definently Maui band with Snow face for her. The logo made me LOL. I had a ton of slap bracelets in the 90’s

  7. I guess I’m boring – or maybe just practical? 😉 I would take the snow band with a snow face, so it would go with anything! Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Speaking of 1991, I remember having a watch set that had interchangeable bands and faces. I think I’d have to go with mamba with a laguna face. It’s about time I went back to a watch instead of always carrying around my phone. FB, done.

  9. also “liked” their fb page.

    Thanks for doing fun giveaways like this! I love being introduced to new products.

  10. I love the stone color, you can really use any face with it and it would be cute but I would do the pink or the white!! By the way, totally not giving mine away as a gift

  11. I think the stone band with the tangelo face is really striking, with a touch of local flair (local U is orange and black) without going full Halloween. Now I’d just have to decide if I was keeping it or giving it away….:)

  12. I like the mamba with snow face, or the snow with mamba face. Boring, but it would match most of my wardrobe. The snow with the maui face is pretty cute too. So many options.

  13. I would do the Maui band, with stone face, OR Tangelo with Stone face. I think, it’s hard to decide they all look awesome! Love them!

  14. laguna with snow face for me, maui with mamba face for my sister!
    Thanks for sharing (oh, and I liked them on facebook)

  15. I would choose the snow band with the maui face! I also LIKED them on Facebook, how could I not?? Thanks for this fun giveaway!

  16. I would get this watch for my son, who loves blue. I would get the blue (laguna) watch, either with the black center or the orange center. How fun.

  17. how cute are these?~!!! really likin’ the mamba on maui.. or the maui on snow… or the snow on stone… or snow on laguna.. shoot they’re all cool!

  18. I love the Maui pink/Snow white combo. Although I’d love just an all snow one too…and I’m sure I need a Mamba black one too. Better go write Santa and let him know we’ve got a few last minute additions!

  19. Do I go neutral or flashy? Hmm. It’s got to be tangelo with a snow face!
    Let me tell you this is a great idea for those of us who can’t find an inexpensive watch that doesn’t slip around. And maybe my 96-year-old mom should have one, too. Her wrist is really slim.

  20. I like the white on white! I know boring!:) I also like the gray on white…they would go with anything!

    btw, I’m so excited that you will be at TOFW!! And in Denver!! I’m hoping to see you there!

  21. I love the Maui colour combination. It would be a great gift for my niece, who is in the 9th grade, and wouldn’t remember the first time slap bracelets were out!

  22. My 4-y.o. grandson saw slap watches at Target and reeeeeally wanted one. We didn’t buy it for him because a watch is to let you know what time it is and he doesn’t know how to tell time. We ended up buying him a slap bracelet that said Harry Potter on it. He also, like your boys, uses it for a sword, weapon, boomerang, etc.
    I’d go with orange and white if I were to gift it to my daughter, and I think I’d pick blue and white (go Cougars!) for myself!

  23. I’m torn between the tangelo and the maui! I’d probably want a snow face with either one, though. Or maybe I’d want the snow band with a tangelo or maui face . . . tough choices! hahaha

  24. I’d definitely do the snow band with maui face! Love the white and pink combo…loved lots of combos actually. I see myself getting moderately addicted to owning all combos! Thanks for sharing these cool watches with us all. I had never heard of them before today! I have, however, noticed the slap bands making a comeback with my 4th grader though! 🙂

  25. white face stone band and I liked them on facebook
    I have been needing a new watch for a while now, this may be the one, Thank you!

  26. Ooh! My daughter has a similar one from a boutique called SlapTime Watches. I would love one of these for myself. I’d get the tangelo band, and a maui face.

  27. I was hoping for a blue/yellow combination! Oh well. 🙂

    I would probably pick the snow band, because I can see myself wearing a white band when dressed up (probably with a blue face, depending on what I’m wearing)!

  28. I love these! I’ve been wanting one for a while. I would love having the pink band with a white face. Hope I win won, Thanks!! 🙂

  29. Fun! I loved those slap bracelets! I’d pick the mambo band + maui face. Or the stone band with laguna face. Or … Too many choices! 🙂 P.S. I also liked the Simpel facebook page.

  30. I love the Mamba band with the Stone center. Classic and even professional! Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I’d love to win this for my watch-loving husband.

  31. I’m going back and forth on the Maui band with the Stone face and the Stone band with Maui face! Decisions, decisions!

  32. I would choose snow with laguna – makes me think of a beautiful beach with white sand and blue water! Can you tell I’m dreading winter?!?

  33. Oh! I’d get the blue band with the gray face! It’s really difficult to choose, so I’d probably end up getting a couple combinations to suit my mood for the day.

  34. I’ve never seen these….I must be living on another planet!!! I would go for a white band with the Mambo (black) face!!!

  35. These are so fun! And I love the instructions. 🙂 I would pick white with pink face. Or maybe a blue face. Or maybe black band with pink face. So many choices!!

  36. So many color combos and it depends on my mood. But today it would be black face, pink band. Sooooo cute!

  37. Maui and Mamba. It’s not just fun to say but they look good together. It’s for my 12 year old daughter anyway. Pink anything is good to her. She’s Asian so she always looks good with black accessories.

  38. Hmmm… how do you pick just one? I need the white & blue for the BYU games, the orange & black to wear all through October, pink & white for February… looks like I’ll need one of every color! Thanks for showing these — never seen them before!

  39. i’d do the mamba band and stone case – my husband and i both get rashes from metals, so this looks like it would work for us!

  40. I think I love the white band with orange face 🙂 Do you think they will fit kids (8-12 year olds)? It would make a great stocking stuffer!

  41. This is tougher than I thought…. Black and pink… or pink and tangelo… or maybe black and white… that might be cool Hmmm… 😀

  42. I definitely would get the Tangelo cover and Maui case. I wanted these to be our wedding colors but my husband refused. 5 years later, I still like the colors together! I also liked Simpel on facebook.

  43. I would love the white one with the pink face. My daughter (age 6) has a few slap bracelets, so she’d probably try to steal it!

  44. Maybe I’m completely boring, but I love the all-white one (all snow? ha). I also think it would be fun to mix it up with the tangelo. Love that orange!

  45. Well this is tough. If I were to use it for myself I’d get the snow watch with the laguna or mambo face…and wish they offered a green face. But it’s also Christmas time and I know my little sister would love it in white with the blue face. Looks like I’ll be making a purchase…

  46. I would pick the white with pink face, or the black with white face, or the white with black face. Can I pick three?!?

  47. I’m IN LOVE with these watches! I am a watch fanatic like some women are shoe fanatics…or purse fanatics….ok I like those too! LOL But I LOVE the Tangelo and pink watch! I WANT! May buy ALL watches for me to mix n match and then buy two for my son…because he’s a boy. He doesn’t want pink. hehe

  48. I’d do a stone band with a white face. Classic & goes with everything! I’d love to say that I’d do a white band, but who are we kidding, I’d never keep it clean!

  49. I like the black band with the pink face! 🙂 It matches my workout gear, so this would be a great watch to wear at the gym… I would be sooo stylish, even while I sweat!

  50. Hard to select just one, but I think I would like Laguna and Maui. It doesn’t matter which combination (surprise me!!)

  51. So many cute choices!! I think I would do the stone band with the maui face. Thanks for the chance to win one of these great watches and bringing to light a company I didn’t know about before.

  52. So hard to choose. I like the clean look of the white face. Maybe with the orange band, and then expand my collection from there?

  53. These are awesome! I would love one, it’d probably stand up to the abuse of my kids and come clean easy. Functional and cute, that is perfect for me.

  54. I would like the stone and snow combo. I could see ordering a few of these as gifts. Heading over to take advantage of the OBB discount. Thanks for the hookup.

  55. What a cool watch!! I would definetly pick the stone band with the tangelo face. I really like the white but I also have boys and it would end up filthy from little hands. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  56. I already have 4 slap watches…I am kind of addicted…plus I got then for free, but I am really diggin that these have SQUARE faces and the very vibrant colors. Seriously. So cute. I like the tangelo and stone a lot!

  57. I would love to have a new watch. I seem to have bad luck when choosing a watch, but these look fabulous. I would choose a Maui band and snow face. SO FUN. Thanks, Helena

  58. these are perfect! I don’t wear a watch because metal irritates me but my messy lifestyle irritates those leather bands (you know, baby boogers, food fights, the typical mom stuff). and the hubs is getting annoyed at my lack of time management 🙂 I would put the pink face on the stone band or put the orange face on the white band… or the orange face on the stone… oh, I guess I need a few of these 🙂

  59. Love these! I finally know what to get my brother for Christmas. Thanks for sharing! I would definitely get myself a pink one with the white face.

  60. I gotta go with the mamba band and maui face. Is it against the rules to say black with pink? I’m just not that fancy of a gal. 😉

  61. It’s so difficult to decide… I think I’d go with either a gray or black band, and a white or pink face… I’d probably just buy multiple colors if I’m being honest.

  62. You won me over – I liked them on facebook, and I’m strongly considering buying some for presents. Strong work!

  63. i was having a hard time to decide, but i would probably choose between a pink band and a white or grey face. those are super cute.

  64. This would be for my daughter, and I’m quite sure she’d choose the tangelo band. Not sure of the face color, though 🙂

  65. The color combos are to die for! If only I can choose them all. But, I’d go for Maui since the pink color just screams ME. Also done liking Simpel’s fanpage on Facebook. *crossing my fingers*

  66. Hi again I liked Simpel on facebook. my son the skater totally needs one of these. He wont ruin it skating AND he can see when its time to come home from the park. haha Thanks

  67. I love these! They remind me of an adult version of the swatches I had when I was a kid! The colors are great…I would either pick Mamba with the Stone face or the Laguna with Tangelo face to support my Gators!

  68. Either snow band with a maui face or mamba band with a maui face. I can’t decide. I also like the blue and orange for Boise State!

  69. well this all depends on if it’s for my hubby or myself! For him I’d pick the mamba strap with the stone face. For myself I’d pick the snow strap with a maui face. ….I think. What a tough decision!

  70. Mamba with Tangelo face. My son would love this – well Both sons would love this! But the Black and orange are the school colors!

  71. I’m thinking Snow or Mamba band with Maui face if I give it as a gift to my teen or Tangelo face if Santa gets it for me.

  72. I *love* the stone band! I think it looks great with all of the faces, but I especially like the gray/white combo. Looks so sleek!

  73. I love love love the pink. I would go for the pink with a white face – or maybe white with a pink face. Decisions, decisions!

  74. I like the maui band with stone face. or if I were going with school spirit in my town the tangelo band with mamba face. Or for state football spirit, laguna band with tangelo face.
    Stephanie A.

  75. I’d really want the snow band with the maui or stone face. But white on white would be awesome, too. BUT, I’d be afraid the white would rub on my jeans and turn bluish gray. So I’d maybe go with maui or stone band instead. They’re awesome. Slap it like 1991. HA HA. Gosh it makes me feel old.

  76. I love these watches! Thanks for introducing them to me. My favorite color combo is, the snow band with a maui face!

  77. black band, stone face…. that would match everything. or else something a little funkier- maui band and white face? they all look fun!

  78. Those are so fun! I love the mamba & maui, the mamba & tangelo, the mamba and mamba…I would love to wear this to the hospital where I work! I could wash it after every shift. ♥

  79. These are so fun! Thanks for the offer!!!! I would have to choose to match my Mustang – white band, black face. My Mustang girl friends would be so jealous & have to have to match theirs too!!!!