The “Happy Early Birthday, Sara!” Giveaway


lip butterSo can we talk about Sara’s birthday? It’s coming up, but it’s not for another couple of weeks. I’ve been collecting items for a little birthday box for a few months now and I thought it would be fun to do a little twist on our favorite things and that I would send some of my birthday picks for Sara to one of you!





1. Mason Jar MugI love these mugs! They’re cute and stylish and durable and easy to clean and they fit in your dishwasher. I love putting little trinkets, gift cards, etc. in mugs like this and giving them to friends and my kids’ teachers.

2. $15 iTunes Gift Card. Whether you’re buying apps or music or games or movies. it’s pretty hard to go wrong with an iTunes gift card. Unless you absolutely hate Apple, then you’re just kind of out of luck.

I generally don’t pick music for other people because it’s so personal. And. I was gonna tell you guys what my top 5 most listened to songs were, like that would be useful or something, but my list ended up being a nice mix of embarrassing and kid-centric (think Daft Punk meets “What Does the Fox Say?” meets “We Saw Three Ships.” Yes. The Christmas song. Not even my favorite Christmas song. What the heck?!) So we’re gonna leave it at that, but if you guys wanna talk folsky rock with the occasional pop song, you know where to find me.

3. Hello Kitty BandAidsBecause she cuts herself (on accident) a lot and even grown-ups deserve cute adhesive bandages.

4. Zapp’s Salt & Vinegar Potato ChipsSara loves chips, Sara loves salt and vinegar, I live in Louisiana, so I kind of had to send her a bag of Louisiana-made salt and vinegar kettle chips. I had to.

5. Essie Fashion Playground Nail Polish. In case you didn’t know, Sara  has a color–it’s  kind of a light blue-green. This nail polish is super pretty and a tiny bit sparkly, perfect for summer!

6. Aqua Stone Earrings from Lisa LeonardIf you’ve never checked out her website, you should–I have gotten some of my favorite jewelry and favorite gifts from her shop. These earrings were so pretty and versatile–you can definitely dress them up or down. Plus, they’re “the color.”

7. Nourish Organic Lavender Mint Body LotionI first discovered this lotion when I was shopping for a friend on bedrest and looking for something nicer and fancier than your average drugstore lotion, something that smelled good but wasn’t overwhelming, and something that actually worked. This was the one and now, I snag a bottle at Target (when I can find it!) because it makes a perfect gift. Even if it’s a gift for me.

8. Bath & Body Works Lanikai Coconut Candle. You didn’t think we were going to make it through this without a Bath and Body Works candle, right?! For me, coconut scents are kind of weird. Sometimes, they’re mixed with musky scents, and I’m not a huge fan of that. This one smells kind of funky when it’s cold, but once you start burning it, it smells like coconut-scented sunblock. It’s the one I cannot stop burning–so delicious!

9. Bath & Body Works Strawberry Lip Butter. The peach is also pretty delicious–hard to go wrong there. This lip gloss is healing and thick, but it’s not sticky. Plus, it tastes like my Strawberry Shortcake dolls smelled when I was a kid, so how could I not include it?

10. Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffles with CoconutYou guys…there’s just not a whole lot to say here. And I’m generally not a huge fan of chocolate coconut candy. But these won me over. And when I say “won,” I mean that if I look at them too hard in the store, I’ll fall under their spell and then I’ll find empty wrappers and I won’t know what happened. They’re dangerous and amazing all at once.

So. That’s it! Happy birthday (soon!), Sara! To enter to win EVERYTHING in the box, leave a comment saying what you want most in the box! Or what your most-played song is, just so I feel better about myself. The giveaway ends at 10:00 pm Tuesday, April 15 and I’ll announce the winner on April 16th. The winner must have a residence in the United States (it’s the law, not us being jerkfaces.) Ready?! Go!

ALSO. If you missed it yesterday, our olive oil is on sale to make room for some fun new flavors that we’re SO excited about! Use the code EXTRAVIRGIN to get a large bottle of our extra virgin olive oil plus one of our flavored oils (lemon, basil, or garlic) for $25!

OBB Extra Virgin SaleThank you so much for all your comments! This giveaway is now closed.



  1. I would never turn away the chocolate truffles. I’ve never tried the coconut variety but I’m sure they are just as dangerous as the others.

  2. The chocolate truffles. Today in the car the song “Home” came on by Phillip Phillips and my 2 year old said “turn up please. Like this song” and then proceeded to try and sing along with it. Not sure what that says about my parenting style.

  3. Happy birthday Sara! All of these items are killer… So hard to choose…
    I will pick the candle, just because a dirty diaper was accidentally left in our kitchen garbage this morning and our whole house smells like death at the moment.

  4. Happy birthday, Sara!
    I’m most excited about the lotion. My hands are always so dry and I’m always looking for great lotions that aren’t too intense

  5. Oh man, I want it all! But the earrings have particularly caught my eye. I might need to get me some of those… if I don’t win them that is 🙂

  6. The nail polish! Love that color! My birthday is coming up in a ca few weeks too so I’m hoping for this special little package! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I am going through a huge coconut phase right now (read: I’m pregnant), and all I want is to eat coconut, smell coconut, bathe in coconut-pretty much anything with the word “coconut” is a winner in my book!

    1. The lip balm, cuz my lips hurt real bad! (said in my best Napoleon Dynomite voice) But really, happiest early birthday!❤

  8. I would love the lip butter or candle. Also, I don’t know if I could tell you my favorite song because the only thing i have heard for the last four months is the sound track to frozen.

  9. #1 most played song according to my itunes is Beautiful by: Christina Aguilera and I belt it out every single time 🙂

  10. Those chips look awesome to me! Right now a big song we listen to is “Peggy Sue” by Buddy Holly. My Mom is actually named Peggy Sue and she hates the song but I love it and my 4 year old has started to sing it and then after the song is over she says, “I love my Grandma, too!” Needless to say, my mom is coming around to the song. 🙂

  11. So many awesome goodies. If I had to choose I would pick the nail polish because I love that color and it would be perfect to have this summer!

  12. happy birthday sara! hooray!!! oh my goodness what a fabulous birthday giveaway! my birthday is april 15th! yay for spring babies! i would just love to try the Essie Fashion Playground Nail Polish! looks absolutely darling!

  13. I so need the iTunes card! I just got certified as a fitness instructor and need to buy music for my classes. And happy birthday to Sara!

  14. That lip gloss looks awesome! I always want to buy everything when I check out BBW lip “section” and default to buying nothing because I can’t decide. It sounds SUPER yummy 🙂

  15. I like listening to Taylor Swift…and no I’m not a teen or in my 20s. I try to say my kids enjoy it, but it’s really me :).
    The Lindt coconut truffles are soooo good…our Target is already sold out of them 🙁

  16. You had me at chocolate & coconut. And my birthday is April 16th…. What a great bunch of gifts. I’d love them too.

  17. One of my never gets old running songs is Dirty Pop by Nsync. Fun beat and doesn’t get old. Maybe it’s my teenage crush that keeps this song in the top.

    I love my favorite lists and would love to win.

  18. Hmm…I think I like the candle the most…or the jewelery…or chocolate- it ALL looks AWESOME!! And right now “Happy” is the most played song at my house, or at least the most played when I lay down the law and enforce a Frozen break!

  19. Um, can my favorite thing be everything? LOL Seriously, that is a lot of awesome stuff!! I am constantly buying iTunes cards so I can shop iTunes and fill up my iPod and have a very eclectic mix of stuff on it, from Piano Guys to Don Williams to Bob Marley to Bryan Adams to Zac Brown Band to Def Leppard to, well, you get the idea. LOL I would have to actually look at my iPod to figure out my most-played song is, but I’m gonna say it’s one of ZBB’s LOL

  20. I am doing my bedtime ritual of heckling out food blogs and I must say the Zapp’s chips made my mouth water…so that my pic. Oh how I want that yumminess right now!!

  21. I think I would have to choose the chips. I love salt and vinegar chips and now I want some! Please tell me that they sell them online somewhere! I also love Lindt chocolates and I’m not sure how I never knew about the coconut ones because coconut is one of my favorite things ever! Happy Birthday Sara!!!

  22. Currently the most played song is a toss up between two different versions of “Humpty Dumpty”. We even have different actions for the different songs.

  23. If I were being more selfless, I’d say the Hello Kitty band-aids, because my three-year-old is obsessed with band-aids. But because this would be for me, I’d say the lip butter! Sounds delicious! And moisturizing!

  24. Most listened-to songs right now? Definitely “What Does the Fox Say”, the theme to “Sofia the First”, and the original Ninja Turtles theme. We’re rockin’ out over here. 😉

  25. Three things I can not live without: water (I’m digging that cute mug), a good moisturizing and refreshing lotion and a wonderful (& effective) lip butter/chap stick…You had me with healing, thick, but not sticky, & peach..yummm! That might just be the winning ticket right there! 🙂 Btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA!!!

  26. Happy Birthday, Sara!

    That’s a pretty darn amazing assortment of goodies. I think the lip gloss and chocolates are my favorites, but I do love an iTunes gift card. I don’t like to spend money on music.

    My most played sing, “Mr. Sun” by Raffi. That’s pretty indicative of my life stage. LOL!

  27. Ok. So many awesome things on this list, but if I’m really being honest it’s the salt and vinegar chips that i can’t get out of my head!

  28. I’m not sue what my all-time most played song is, but my most played workout jam is Juliet by LMNT 🙂

  29. It seems like my most-played song lately has been any of the Minecraft parody songs my boys beg to listen to. I rarely find a chance when I get to be the one to choose the music.

  30. Those all sound amazing but I am always looking for new nail polish colors and I am absolutely in love with all things coconut!! Not to mention- it’s my birthday on the 21st and this would be the best present!

  31. Love the lotion and candle for me!!! The kids(ages 10 and 5) have totally been getting into Michael Jackson lately. Don’t ask me how; I don’t know!!! I believe “Bad” has been listened to more than a million times in the last six months.

  32. Happy early birthday, Sara! I have a secret obsession with canning jars so definitely the mason jar mug.

  33. I love Lisa Leonard, her jewelry is AMAZING!
    You guys are the best!
    Happy Birthday Sara!

  34. My pre-weight-watchers self would say “The truffles! Give me the truffles!” I tried those things a month ago and they were TO.DIE.FOR! Now though, as I’m trying to get back into shape, I’d love the earrings!

  35. The lotion. I’m going to try to snag some in Target.
    I’d include a pretty spring scarf – love them but have trouble wearing them long in Florida! Such a sweet friend for putting this cute box together!
    I love the song “Best Day of My Life” by the American Authors. We Zumba to it!

  36. I love that shade of nail polish. It would make some toes very summery!
    I’d include a pretty spring scarf – love them but have trouble wearing them long in Florida! Such a sweet friend for putting this cute box together!
    I love the song “Best Day of My Life” by the American Authors. We Zumba to it!

  37. Happy Birthday Sara!! My fav chips are salt & vinegar and now I’m trying to figure out how to get those from Louisiana in New Jersey….

  38. I love Lisa Leonard and those earrings are gorgeous! What a great giveaway – thanks and happy early birthday Sara!

  39. I just moved from sunny Florida to not so warm Pennsylvania, and I am drying up! My stomach would love the chocolates, but my lips are screaming the lip butter!

  40. I love those earrings!! And the strawberry lip butter sounds yummy. Happy birthday Sara!
    BTW, I love this blog.

  41. How fun! These all look amazing, but I would love to try that lip butter. Happy Birthday Sara!

  42. So many good things to choose from! It’s a toss up between the candle and the iTunes gift card. I wouldn’t tell my 15 year old I had iTunes credit though, because if she even thinks there is a credit on the account suddenly her favorite boy bands have released a new son that she HAS to have. My most played song is let it go from frozen. Is that really surprising right now?

  43. I would love the earrings and the lotion and the chips and the nail polish…well, you get the picture. I would love the whole box! Happy (soon) Birthday to Sara!

  44. I would most want the Lisa Leonard earrings. I look at her site with longing, but haven’t had an excuse to purchase anything yet.

  45. As much as those coconut truffles are calling my name, I would have to go for the adorable earrings. I love “the color”. Happy birthday!

  46. I’d absolutely love the nail polish! I’ve always been a fan of Essie colors but on a college-student budget it has always been too expensive to own. I would love that color to add to my other bright spring colors 🙂

  47. Loving the nailpolish or candle….any win would be great right now. Feeling the need for something good to happen 🙂

  48. I have some of those exact chips in my pantry right now–I’m trying to restrain myself and not get into them! I also love that Essie nail polish. I have weird and random songs on my playlists as well and an embarrassing number of my most played songs are from Glee!!

  49. I love this basket! I am always looking for good lotion so if i dont win i might have to pick some up. I also love her color and REALLY want those cute earrings.

  50. I love the color Aqua too, and that candle and the truffles sound wonderful. Great picks, I bet she’ll love it all!

  51. The Essie nail polish. My daughter’s nickname is Essie, and so I love picking her up some cute polish made just for her!

  52. The chocolate for sure! I love coconut and chocolate so I’m sure they are right up my alley. And to make you feel better, we are rocking “wee sing silly songs” all the time at my house.

  53. How fun! I love the coconut candle. I love candles and totally agree that some coconut stuff can be weird. Thanks for the chance to win!

  54. First, “Happy Early Birthday Sarah”. I just love the earrings. They are darling, followed by the chocolate coconut candy.

  55. Those all look amazing! I have been on a coconut kick, so I’m thinking right now about burning the candle while eating the candy and listening to some Elvis!

  56. Seriously every looks great!! But since I am pregnant, I can’t get enough sweets. I would have to go with the chocolates.

  57. Ooh, that’s a tough one…right now I’m trying to decide if I’m most craving salty or sweet–I’m such a sucker for salt & vinegar chips, but I’m also crazy for those Lindt truffles. You (and Sara) have such great taste because everything in your birthday basket looks like a winner! I hope Sara has a wonderful birthday!

  58. What fun stuff! Don’t have any of these things! My favorite most-played songs are anything by Darius Rucker! Happy Birthday Sara!

  59. The earrings! I love them & have never visited her site….now I am in trouble. Looks a great way for shop for gifts for my sisters or friends. Love it! Happy almost Birthday, you guys are awesome!

  60. So many goodies! I’ve been collecting summer scents for my house recently, so that candle looks awesome! Thanks so much for the giveaway!!

  61. Happy (early) birthday, Sara! I think those earrings are too cute. Headed over to her website now. I’d also love the candle. Come on, summer!

  62. The most played song at our house is Let It Go (or maybe my daughter’s Suzuki violin book 3 songs), but I hardly ever turn it on — or anything else for that matter. When it’s finally my turn to choose what we listen to, I really just want a break from all the noise and I choose quiet. Is that pathetic? And I definitely want to try that lotion. What a fun giveaway. Happy almost birthday to Sara and happy spring to both of you!

  63. Choosing what I want most would be really hard! I love new scents for candles but am hesitant to spend the money on new scents. You just aren’t sure how they will smell when you get them home and start burning them. Sometimes they improve and sometimes they are not what you wanted. And my daughter would go bonkers over the salt and vinegar chips.
    Happy Birthday Sara!

  64. All I know is that my beautiful polish would grt all messed up while I was eating those chips. No waiting time for either one!

  65. Chocolate, yummy-smelling lotions, lip balm, nail polish… It all sounds really fun. Thanks for the fun list! 🙂

  66. Lindt has coconut truffles?? It would be a tie between those and the salt and vinegar chips!! Great giveaway! Happy Birthday Sara!

  67. One of my most favorite songs is Firefly by Owl City. And I would have to go with the coconut truffles.. Yum.

  68. My kids LOVE Michael Jackson. That makes me feel like I am doing something right with their musical intelligence 🙂

  69. It’s tough to decide all of it looks wonderful but I’ve been working out a lot lately so I’d say the iTunes gift card to add to my iPod. Oh and I have some interesting songs I listen to a lot too!

    Africa by Toto
    Take a Chance on Me by Abba
    Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO
    I Will Survive by Cake

  70. I really like the Essie nail polish. I’ve been wanting to try Essie polish & this is such a pretty Spring color!

  71. I love it all, but nothing makes me quite as happy as chocolate. Especially some involving coconut. 🙂

  72. I just picked up one of those mugs at the dollar store this week. I love it!
    But I want that lip gloss.

    I wish someone would give me a Cerrin’s favorite thing box. It would probably make me cry knowing someone thought about me.

  73. The salt and vinegar chips! It all looks wonderful but those salt and vinegar chips are calling to me. Happy Birthday!

  74. I would say the earrings are what I would like the best because they are beautiful and I just went to the website and wanted to buy about 10 other things (my credit card company thanks you very much for that), but there are a few other things on there (like the candle), that I’m happy to have a an honest opinion about and I’ll probably pick them up the next time I see them. Thanks!

  75. That coconut candle sounds like something I would want to try. And lately my ipod keeps getting stuck on dance music, like Everybody Dance Now, from high school. I hope it’s just a phase and I’ll grow out of it soon.

  76. The lip butter and the earrings would totally make my day. But who are we kidding? I love it all. Excellent picks.

  77. Happy birthday, Sara! I love that nail polish. That minty color is kind of my signature, too. 3 rooms in my house, my kitchen island, and my front door are all that color and it makes me happy. :)❤️

  78. Our iTunes sound very similar–my top 3: Vulnerable by Secondhand Serenade, Elmo’s Song, and All I Want for Christmas is You. 🙂

  79. I’d LOVE the iTunes card! Lately I’ve been loving Something Stupid with Michael Buble and Reese Witherspoon!

  80. Happy birthday Sara!
    Most exciting to me are the earrings. Or the candle.Or nail polish. All of it?
    Most played song right now? Let it go. Is there any other song? 🙂

  81. The earrings or the nail polish. I love that Sara has ‘a color’. I think mine would be navy blue…but I love Sara’s blue.

  82. The ITunes gift card. I pretty much stopped listening to current music in 10th grade…14 years ago. So, it’s probably time to update my playlist. 🙂

  83. I can’t choose between the organic lavender mint body lotion and the lip butter. My most played song is Anna Sun, I listen to it so much my kids are hooked as well. Thanks for the contest!

  84. I definitely love the earrings. They are beautiful! The color is gorgeous. Thanks and happy early birthday to Sara!

  85. Everything in that box sounds amazing. I think my favorites would be the lotion, candle, lip butter, and chocolates. I almost never spend money on myself so those things just sound indulgent and glorious.

  86. uh-oh… I stared too long at the truffles. What is it with those things?!! It’s like they think they can do whatever they want… Give me that bag, I’ll show them who’s boss. … clearly, I want the truffles more than anything, but I love that nail polish too! 🙂

  87. Happy Birthday Sara!
    I would love to have the Mason Jar Mugs. They bring back a childhood memory of visiting my friend’s house and root beer floats in those ‘mugs’.
    The song I play over and over again is 1,2,3,4 by Plain White T’s. It makes any day better!

  88. It’s a toss-up between the chocolate (a no-brainer) and those beautiful earrings. Happy early birthday, Sara!

  89. Happy Birthday, Sara! The mason jar and the iTunes gift card are pretty sweet but the whole bounty is nice! My go to pick me up song is “Happy.” Love that it generally DOES make people happy when they hear it. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  90. Great giveaway, and happy birthday. Most played song on my iPhone = My Hope is in You by Aaron Shust. Second most played is Wide Awake by Katy Perry. Don’t judge.

  91. Ir’s hard to pick just one, but I’d say the coconut candle is my favorite; you can’t ever have too many great-smelling candles! Happy early birthday, Sara! And thanks for the chance to win, Kate!!

  92. It was the earrings that made me want to enter, but the itunes gift card would b fun too. I don’t buy music for myself too often would b fun to go through my wish list! !

  93. I just turned 30 and secretly love Imagine Dragons, which makes me feel silly at the gym. So I’d love the iTunes card to buy some new music! 🙂

  94. How fun! I’m most excited about the lip butter – I almost bought some of it the other day – and the chocolates, of course!

  95. The nail polish. My 5 year old has decided to open her own nail salon, and her older sister and I have been her only clients. She can’t believe people haven’t stopped by since she put her sign in the window. A new color would be a great addition to her business!

  96. Cute stuff! The nail polish or the earrings or the chocolate! It all looks awesome! Philadelphia Chickens by Sandra Boynton, it’s kid music, but it’s gooooood!

  97. All of my most-played songs are kid songs. #1 one my list right now is ABC Medley by the Laurie Berkner Band. All of these things look so fun! I really like the mason jar mug. Cute!

  98. I’m not going to lie. I’d like to get my hands on those Salt & Vinegar chips. They are my favorite and the kettle kind are always the best!

  99. I get music from itunes ALL THE TIME, so I’d be most excited about that! I have super eclectic taste in music, and right now I’ve got either Titanium (the Madilyn Bailey cover) or Hang with me (Robyn) basically on repeat.

  100. I’d love to try the nail poish. I’m a big OPI user, so having a new brand to try sounds like a great idea!

  101. It all looks pretty awesome! I would love to try that Strawberry Lip Butter… I have a thing for lip butters!!!

  102. The Hello Kitty band-aids would be a hit around the house, but the mason jar mug would be all mine. 🙂

  103. In honor of my missionary daughter and her birthday on the 13th of April, I would like to say that SHE would enjoy most the strawberry lip butter so that her lips aren’t dry awhile she meets and talks with people from all over the world on Temple Square!!

  104. Oh boy, I would love EVERYTHING in this birthday box! Mostly now I am intrigued by the chocolates, I actually love chocolate and coconut but have never tried these.

  105. Wow, what a fun giveaway! I would love everything but in particular the i-tunes gift card. My husband just received an i-pad for his 50th birthday and it would be fun to have some new apps and music. Thanks for the chance to win!

  106. As silly as it sounds, I REALLY want to try those chips. I love salt and vinegar chips! I also love the mugs. Those are SUPER cute and perfect for the summer!

  107. At 34 weeks pregnant, the self-pampering lotion and lip gloss look amazing. Oh, and the coconut candle–it would help me channel the tropical vacation we won’t be doing this year!! 🙂

  108. I love the mugs. I’m the one who drinks out of canning jars anyway so that would be a step up in my sophistication.

  109. The bbw candle. I’m a candleholic. But last time the power was out, no one complained about having enough 3 wick candles to go around.

  110. Oooh that Eddie nail polish is calling my name! My most listened to song is Florence and the Machine’s “Never let me go”

  111. Out of character for me – but I love pretty much everything you put in this! I’m especially fond of the nail polish color!

  112. Pick me! Today’s MY birthday! My favorite thing in the list is definitely the coconut chocolate. Or the Itunes.

  113. Chocolate coconut Lindor truffles are you kidding me! I didn’t even know these existed. I have sooo got to find some.

  114. I love them all, but I think the nail polish caught my attention the most. I desperately need to paint my toe nails! Haha! The earrings look fabulous too!

  115. Those earrings are gorgeous!!! And the nail polish is perfect for Spring. The lotion, the lip balm, the chocolate…I can’t pick just one!

    Also, Happy Birthday, Sara!

  116. Song- “Everybody wants to be a cat”. What can I say- my daughter is rehearsing for The Aristocats and it’s stuck in my head.
    P.S. And I’d love to smell that coconut candle.

  117. “I Can’t Smile Without You” Barry Manilow. Nuff said. And there you go Kate! Feel better?

  118. This is a great birthday basket! I love it, and would be so happy to win. Hard decision, but the lip balm or the mail polish are pretty fun! My mist played songs..hmmm…Pompeii seems to be in the queue a lot lately.

  119. Can’t go wrong with anything from Bath and Body Works and the truffles sound amazing even though I’m not a huge coconut fan.

  120. Happy Birthday! While I love the nail polish, I think I would be most excited to win the Itunes card. I really need some new tunes to run with!

  121. Ooo! So many good things to choose from. I’ve gotta say though…I’m such a sucker for good smelling candles this time of year. It’s the perfect way to welcome in the warmer months. And you can never go wrong with coconut from B&BW!

  122. Lovely summery items! I really would love to have the mason jar mug as I imagine myself sitting on the patio with a sweet, summery beverage. The Essie nail polish would be nice to admire while sipping my summer beverage as well. It’s been a long winter in MN, I am ready for some summer accessories. Thanks!

  123. Oooohhh the coconut candle – sounds delish for summer!

    John Mayer. His guitar calms my soul. Gordon Lightfoot, John Denver, Peter Frampton, Fleetwood Mac, Dan Fogleberg, Bob Dylan… I can’t get enough 70’s folk music.

  124. I am one of those people who doesn’t buy stuff for myself much so I would love all of these pamper yourself kind of things. I do especially love those truffles 🙂

  125. Happy birthday Sara!! I love how you’ve put together this darling package for your cute friend and in turn giving me all these fabulous gifting ideas. Love. Love. You girls are the best … Thanks for sharing.

  126. My mom, sisters and daughter are heading to Wicked in 3 weeks, so the soundtrack is what’s playing at my house all the time. I would love the Lip Butter…can’t live without it. And coconut is my favorite flavor. My husband is going to get the Lindt chocolate for Easter because I know he’ll share with me.

  127. Happy Birthday Sara!! You girls are just wonderful! I would have to say my favorite is the BBW candle but all of these are so great!

  128. These are all such great items. It looks like you did a wonderful job picking out personalized items for Sara. (Happy early birthday, Sara!) It’s hard to pick, but I think I like those earrings the best.

  129. I want those Lindt chocolate/coconut truffles!!! I didn’t even know they have a coconut version! Lindt truffles are my FAVORITE!!!

  130. First, I think this is such a clever and cute idea. Second, I would love love love the nail polish and the lip butter. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant, and to the stage where I need to have my nails and make up done to feel somewhat good about myself getting so big.

  131. Such a fun giveaway! Thank you!

    I would personally love the coconut candle. I love anything that is coconut. I have no idea why, but I do.

    As for the gifts you are giving away – they are great! Even though I would absolutely love them our daughter turns 30 on Easter, so I’m pretty sure she would be the one that I would gift them to (though I just might snag that candle for me!). She loves you and Sara…it would make her birthday!

    Thanks again!

  132. So many fun prizes! Right now, my most played song is Come to Me by Goo Goo Dolls. Love it! Thanks for the chance at a great giveaway!

  133. Why have I never heard of the coconut Lindt balls?! I am in love with the milk and white chocolate ones, and those just sound like heaven. Fun giveaway! Thanks! Happy early birthday Sara!

  134. Happy birthday Sara! That nail polish! But coconut truffes mmmmm! I’ve never tried them. Did you notice they are ” the color” too”?

  135. I would love the Mason jar drink cup. I received a mason jar cup for a gift exchange but out of lack of time, gave it away to my child’s teacher for a Christmas gift with her gift card. Love seeing your favorites!

  136. Happy early Birthday, Sara! The earrings and the lip butter are what caught my eye. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  137. Happy Almost-Birthday Sara! I love your go-to color – the earrings are fab. I don’t have any songs playing on rotation but I can’t tell you how many times a day I sing Row-Row-Row your boat for my son… = )

  138. The earrings–and I don’t even wear earrings usually, but those are so cute! But, how can you not love strawberry lip butter?!

  139. Great give-away idea Kate! Happy Birthday Sara! I love Bath & Body Works and the closest one is almost 3 hours away…so, the candle would be my favorite thing in the box. That lip butter looks great too. I don’t remember seeing it at BBW last time I was there.

  140. What a fun birthday package, you’re an awesome friend! It is hard to narrow down, I would love any of the items on the list. The lotion, lip balm or candle sounds great!

  141. I have to say, everything you picked looks awesome, but I really need to try the truffles! Oh, and I love “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

  142. I’d love to try out that nail polish, I’m due for a new color. And my most played song is probably Let it go, so no judging here.

  143. Well, I clicked on the links for 6 of the things! I love the same “the color” as Sara, so I’d have to go with the earrings…or the nail polish!

    And, btw, I think both of you have excellent taste in fun and cute things! Whenever you do posts like this, I’m always interested in pretty much ALL the things 🙂

  144. Would love to try the coconut Lindt chocolate! I think I have come to realize that Sara loves coconut from the posts she has done!

  145. The nail polish 🙂 And my sister got my daughter the Frozen soundtrack for her birthday and it hasn’t stopped playing since. So I guess that’s on the top of my playlist — a little involuntarily.

  146. I’ve been loving I Will Wait/Without You by Noteworthy (BYU women’s a cappella group). Thanks for the fun gift ideas!

  147. I think all of those would be pretty awesome as most of them I have not tried but would love too. The mason mug jar would be the one I would want to try for summer time drinks….if summer ever arrives 🙂

  148. CHIPS!!! Salt & vinegar may be my favorite flavor and kettle cooked are definitely my favorite style. I’m now tempted to stop on my way home to pick up a bag of chips.

  149. Wow – it’s hard to choose just one thing from all those lovely items 🙂 I am completely addicted to Essie nail polish though, lol. Happy Birthday!

  150. Have you ever heard of the song “All About Your Heart” by Mindy Gledhill? It’s off her Anchor album and I LOVE IT! You should take a second to listen…it’s a tender feel good song that will make your day! Happy early birthday to Sara! And cute giveaways! The lip butter sounds fantastic…as does the lotion…and chocolates…=)

  151. I would really love the Mason Jar! I am pregnant and will be drinking a lot of water this summer and that mug looks like the perfect water vessel for me!!

  152. Salt and vinegar chips! I know, I know, I could just go buy some for myself but I’m the only one in my family that likes them so I never do. Happy (early) Birthday Sara!

  153. You’ve made it so hard to pick one thing. I think mine would have to be the mason jar travel mug. It reminds me of when I was a little girl. The only thing I drank out of at Nanny and PaPa’s house was a mason jar mug.

  154. My most played song thus far has got to be Cody Simpson’s “Wish U Were Here.” I am still obsessed with that song when I need a pick-me-up ever since I heard it on Thanksgiving watching the Macy’s Parade.

  155. Lindt coconut truffles… for reals…are you kidding me… how do I not know about these! Or the candle, I’m a sucker for anything with coconut!

  156. Great gift ideas. I like the Hello Kitty Bandaids, since it is the 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty. The lavendar lotion also looks awesome. Will it help me sleep?

  157. I was just thinking about Sara’s b-day when I saw this post! Although I’m having a craving for those chips right now, I’m thinking the mason jar mug would get the most use. Now to go dig around my kitchen for chips and chocolate…. 🙂

  158. Ohhh, So fun! Happy early birthday, Sara! I love that nail polish color, been needing a super awesome lotion and my favorite song these days is Happy by Pharrell. You guys are great.

  159. Happy Early birthday Sara!! I am excited to try the Lanikai Coconut Candle. I love the smell of coconut tanning oil!! My favorite thing to listen to right now is anything by Young the Giants, but I do have to admit I found our Barbie Rapunzel CD the other day and those songs have been going through my head a lot. BTW my youngest is 13 I should probably give that CD away 😉

  160. What a kind and thoughtful friend you are! Great picks any lady would love for her Birthday and because she won a giveaway!

  161. Simply because you said it smells like a Strawberry Shortcake doll, I feel like I HAVE to have that lip gloss. Definitely a NEED now. 🙂 Also, I have to say that i have one of those Aladdin Mason Jar mugs and LOVE it. I use it every day. I could use another one. 🙂

  162. I would have to say the earrings. My jewelery collection consist of mostly handmade goodies from my four boys. I love them, but would love something real.

  163. What a fun box! I can’t pick a favorite and it wouldn’t matter because my daughters will pick through it and run off with what they want, so it’s a good thing I like it all because they’ll leave me their leftovers!

  164. If it were my birthday I would want the earrings. I never think to buy accessories for myself, so winning/receiving them would be awesome! We listen to “What does the fox say” daily here. I have every word and sound memorized. Thanks to my two year old lol

  165. I gotta say, that Essie Nail Polish is screaming my name. I love that color (And it also happens to be very ‘in’ right now)
    And my favorite and most played song would have to be You make me smile by Uncle Kracker

  166. I would love the Lindt coconut truffles! It looks like a great box of fun! It would all be fun to have but the truffles are my pick!

  167. I would take any of it, but the iTunes gift card would be my favorite because I have a long list of “likes” on my Pandora stations that I would love to start buying. I go through phases with my most played songs because I over play them and have to take a break after a while…right now I love Ellie Goulding’s “How Long WIll I Love You” and that song by Aloe Blacc “The Man.” In a couple weeks, it’ll be something new.

  168. I want the Truffles! And the candle! I want to eat the truffles while breathing in the heavenly candle scent. 🙂

  169. The lotion sounds like a nice way to relax after having a baby (due may 5)!! And everyone always needs chocolate especially when juggling 3 kids under 4 years old : ) plus you’re announcing the winner on my birthday!! What a better way to celebrate!

  170. i’d love to get my hands on the chocolate truffles! i swear i love every flavor they come in.

  171. So many good things but #10 is calling my name, it has got to be the best!! Me and my Family love anything coconut, especially with chocolate Yum, I can taste them now!! Thanks for the chance to win

  172. Love the polish and potato chips – salt & vinegar is my thang! Pretty much love everything in this montage. 🙂

  173. Ooh, coconut Lindor chocolates?! I might have to go buy some of those right now! And the only song that comes to mind is “Let it Go” from Frozen, but only because it’s stuck in my head from my 2-year-old constantly singing it!

  174. For me it is a tie between the candle (I love coconut-scented stuff if it’s good) and the ITunes card. I need some new workout music!

  175. You had me at, “the lip gloss tastes like my strawberry shortcake dolls.” I totally need to try that lip gloss. 🙂

  176. the Lindt coconut chocolate truffles. I love Lindt truffles and can just imagine the lusciousness of these.

  177. I think I’m most excited about the nail polish and lip butter. Thanks for another great giveaway ladies, and happy birthday from one Sarah to another (even if you are missing the “h”)!

  178. I most want the lip butter from Bath and Body. And, the music my kids won’t let me stop playing is the entire Frozen soundtrack. I think I know every lyric by heart.

  179. What a great friend! I would like to win because my husband, Bob, loves chocolate and coconut and I would give the truffles to him. Then I wouldn’t feel so guilty about saving everything else just for me. How often do you think the mother of eight boys gets anything to herself!.

    By the way, it’s been our tradition to have cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Sunday morning for General Conference. I saw the post about the blueberry lemons rolls and couldn’t resist trying them. I even found wild blueberries. They were awesome. To stick with tradition I made half the dough with cinnamon and the other half with blueberries and lemon and everyone loved them. My brother keeps whispering into his ham radio ‘blueberry’ sending me subliminal messages!

  180. Most certainly the chocolate, I bought some of those kind for my mother in law (in the hopes she would share some with me, but she didn’t 🙁

  181. I am a teacher so I would love the mug and the iTunes gift card…the mug for my morning coffee and the gift card for music for my class to listen to during art time!!

  182. Hmmm….this is tough one! The practical one in me says I would love (and USE) with three girls, the bandaids…the cup is reusable, and darling, and a woman can NEVER have enough lip balm. But, I think I may have to get in touch with my impractical side and say the nail polish, as I rarely paint my nails for lack of a lovely color, and that color is just darling.

  183. Those Lindor chocolates…although everything looks fun. But really chocolate, especially Lindor truffles, and coconut. What’s not to love?

  184. My most-listened-to song is “Hakuna Matata.” For reals. But I would mostly love the lip butter. Yum!

  185. I’d love to get my hands on those mason jars! I think I’m going to “borrow” your idea and get some for teacher gifts. Cool stuff!

  186. I want…all of it? I guess if I had to make a #1 pick it would be the Essie just because I love painting my nails. And I love BBW, but I’ve never gotten around to trying any of their candles since I’m always using scentsy, but I love coconut smells…and I love chocolate, and jewelry…so really I think that’s enough to justify my needing to win this package! 🙂

  187. Love those earrings! And I’m sure I’m not alone with let it go from frozen as most played. 🙁 secretly I love that though 😉 happy early birthday sara!

  188. The iTunes gift card! I love all music especially running music. The Imagine Dragons album plays over and over on my iPod!

  189. Well, I just bought the same candle yesterday and I LOVE it! I would love ALL of those items, but especially the earrings. Most played song? Easy. “Let it Go” from “Frozen”. I have 2 little girls. Though, I love listening to the song as well. Happy Birthday Sara!

  190. I would want my sister shipped from Omaha to me in California. Love the contents of the birthday box you put together for some lucky duck. I was happy to see earrings from Lisa Leonard, my daughter now works for her here in SLO. Please play “Happy” to jazz up your day.

  191. The chocolate. Most definitely. Although the coconut scented candle would be a great way to feel like winter will eventually leave!! Happy early birthday Sara!

  192. The lip gloss because if it smells like strawberry shortcake smelled, then I am all in! Happy Birthday Sara

  193. My most played song these days is I Love Bugs from Yo Gabba Gabba. My daughter is obsessed with it and I may or may not be as well.

  194. Definitely Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffles with Coconut! Oh my gosh those sound so good! “What does the Fox Say” is definitely one of my faves! I probably should be embarrassed, but I love it!!!

  195. I’m a kind of a sucker for earrings, and those aqua ones are beautiful…though the coconut truffles sound amazing too! Happy birthday to Sara!

  196. Love Birthdays! Happy early bday!
    There are so many great things in the box! I think the Itunes gift card, spring always means a new playlist!

  197. Happy birhday, Sara!!! I would start with the truffles and the lotion. But everything else looks really great, so hard to choose!!! Such a nice idea!

  198. Such fun things! I’d love to get this

    I’m a sucker for jewelry every time. I love it. But I’d also love everything else.

  199. I love that color nail polish! Perfect for summer. My jam right now is Harlem by New Politics- so much fun to dance to while folding laundry 🙂

  200. Everything looks amazing! I don’t know about the coconut candle though… I’d love the nailpolish and the mason jar bottle 🙂

  201. I have a pretty eclectic playlist also, but Sweet Home Alabama is by far my most played song

  202. I love the earrings. I’ve bought earrings from Lisa Leonard and really enjoyed them. Thanks for sharing the birthday fun with us.

  203. Ooh my…that’s a tough one. The Lindt Coconut candy sounds divine, but I love Zappo’s chips and you can’t them here in Grand Junction. I have been known to order a case of them and have them delivered.

    Happy Birthday Sara!

  204. It’s a tie between the lip balm and the Lindt chocolates…I can’t seem to have enough lip balm and I LOVE chocolate and coconut together. Happy Birthday to Sara! You have both been such an inspiration to me!

  205. My favorite song of all time is “Little Red Rodeo” by Collin Raye. I actually got to see him perform it in person this week at a benefit concert.
    It was awesome! Of all the amazing goodies I landed on the lip butter. I think because I remember playing with a strawberry shortcake toy I got for Christmas when I was little and that smell will stay with me forever. Happy Birthday Sara!

  206. Happy Birthday, Sara !! I must try those Zapps salt & vinegar chips! My fave song, of late, is Kesha & Pitbull’s Timber – love the beat!

  207. I love a stylish water mug, so it’s my favorite thing on the list–with the exception of all the other stuff! What a fabulous array of goodies!

  208. I’m very intrigued by the lotion. I’ll have to check it out when I’m next at Target. I’m always on the hunt for something not overpowering.

  209. I’d love anything, but the Nourish Organic Lavender Mint Body Lotion sounds heavenly. Thanks for the chance to win.

  210. Well it’s hard to chose one because I love so many of those things! I would probably have to chose the salt & vinegar chips because that’s my favorite flavor, and I’ve never tried Zaps before.

  211. Aww, that is so sweet of you (as a friend of Sara’s and a generous blogger)! Happy Days-Leading-Up-To-Your-Birthday, Sara!
    I was personally most excited about that pretty Essie nail color, before I even realized it was part of a giveaway! I love their colors, but I never splurge on them because they’re on the higher end of nail lacquers for my budget.

  212. Wow, what a great birthday box! Those earrings are just beautiful. I also really want to try the strawberry lip stuff.

  213. Ymmm – would love that luscious lotion because I’m in New Mexico and it’s so dry here! Plus, the lavender would smell delicious!

    Happy early Birthday, Sara! Thank you for sharing your day with us!

  214. Summer is Over featuring Sara Bareilles. I embarrassingly sing it in the car while pretending to be on the Voice as part of a duet that everyone turns around for and gushes over. Don’t judge me.

  215. I would go for the I-Tunes card or the candle. The candle would bring back memories of my youth and laying out in the sun (even though that is considered unhealthy now..) and I could download my favorite songs from the 60’s and 70’s to really feel like a teenager at the pool again!

  216. The Lindt Coconut truffles, hands down. Looking at my odds of winning, can I just ask where you find them? I’ve looked around and haven’t seen them yet. 🙂

  217. The lotion and lip butter look amazing! 🙂 thinking the band-aids would prob get stolen by my girls though lol. Happy Birthday, Sara!!

  218. The candle! I grew up in Hawaii and am a sucker for coconut smells and then I can burn it and jam out to IZ at the same time. I love his music.

  219. I’m especially liking the mug, the earrings, and the lotion, the chocolate, and the chips. Couldn’t pick just one thing…

  220. How can I not enter this giveaway!! Such great stuff!! My most played song right now is “At the Beach” by The Avett Brothers! Probably because that’s where I wish I was!

  221. Everything looks fabulous…quite a few things I’d want to try but when it comes down to it, I’m a sucker for Essie nail polish and that minty color is one I don’t have. Nothing like a fresh coat on my toes to make me happy!

    And a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sara!!

  222. Love that nail polish colour! I would have to say that the itunes gift card is a huge want.:) I didn’t even know Lindt made a coconut chocolate ball, so I will have to look for those. Thanks for sharing your favourites and teaching us about new stuff!

  223. How can I choose, how can I choose? OK, it has to be the Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffles with Coconut. Thank you so much for the giveaway, and happy birthday, Sara!

  224. Sara and I have the same ‘color’ so I would say my favorite is the nail polish and earings. Happy coincidence, I just gave birth to our third girl two weeks ago and we named her Sarah.

  225. Those all look so great. The earrings are beautiful. Happy Birthday, Sara:) – Brave by sara bareilles

  226. I would be over the moon to receive those earrings. I am with Sara on that color-slightly obsessed, in fact. For some reason I have like 2 pairs of earrings (that are not even pretty) so those would be fantastic. Thank you!

  227. For me, it’s the mug. I started canning last year and got in on a canning website’s swap (for kitchen towels and such) at Christmas. The gal who had my name gave me one of these mugs (’cause it looks like a canning jar) and it’s my favorite! The only problem is that it’s Christmassy and it seems funny to be using it now. I definitely need one that is more Spring/Summer. :o)

  228. The salt and vinegar chips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First tried them in Japan of all places when I taught English there and a British friend of mine bought me a bag insisting on how yummy they are. And yes….beyond yummy and this was way before they were available widely in the US. I don’t by them much these days because I don’t want my little girl to get too addicted but these would be NICE treat!

  229. I love anything from Lisa Leonard and those earrings are beautiful. But I’ve never turned down truffles either. Or a BBW candle. So pretty much love it all!! Happy birthday Sara!

  230. Happy early Bday Sara 🙂 the most played songs on my phone are “What I’ve done” (my 11 year old son’s favorite) and “Let it Go” (the Idina version, not the Demi version, which, according to my 7 year old daughter is lacking….) and my personal most played is Gayla Peevy’s “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas” 🙂
    Also I would love that nail polish ~ thanks for the possibility of winning 🙂

  231. I would love the Mason Jar Mug. I see them everywhere and they are used for so many different things. I think it would be fun to have.
    Thank you~

  232. Happy Birthday-cha,cha,cha! Love those earrings! My playlist is all about Pharrel’s “Happy” right now or anything off the Frozen soundtrack!!

  233. The Mason Jar mug! I am laughing so hard because I bought my daughter the Mason jar mug at Target last week and I have been so jealous ever since!! When I saw you were giving it away, I jumped at the chance to win one!! Why do mom’s give everything to their kids and forget about themselves??

  234. I would love the new spring nail polish. Really I would love everything! Yesterday was my birthday so I would love to win!

  235. This isn’t actually Megan entering the contest, but her mother, Wendy Oler. But I live in Canada so, since I can’t win, I would like Megan to. Megan lives in North Salt Lake, Utah, and has 4 girls, ages 7 to 13. They visit me in Winnipeg every year, and their absolute favourite store is the Lindt Factory Outlet which opened here 2 years ago. The coconut truffles are wonderful, and they’re not always available, so I would pick them as mine, and the girls’, favourites. The only thing that would make them better is if they were dark chocolate!

  236. ooooo….love the lip butter ♥♥♥ and not gonna lie, the itunes gift card would be sweet!!
    HiPpItY hApPiTy BiRtHdAy SaRa!!!

  237. A summer scented candle might brighten up the frozen wonderland where I live. Someday, we too will enjoy summer… but not yet. Sigh.

  238. It all sounds great but with my dry skin I think the lip butter and body lotion would be really wonderful. Happy birthday to the birthday girl!

  239. The lip butter sounds AMAZING, but those coconut truffles are my ABSOLUTE FAVE!!! Thanks for the ideas!! I have a friend with a bday coming up and was wondering what to get her!! These ideas are FABULOUS!!

  240. Happy Birthday, Sara! May the coming year be blessed for you and yours. I’m really into that Essie nail polish, so Spring!

  241. I like the nail polish…but the chocolate coconut candy sounds divine!

    PS – Glad y’all aren’t “jerkfaces”. That cracked me up! 🙂

  242. It all looks so fun but the nail polish would match my purse. 😉 And I listen to a lot of Taylor Swift…she’s not just for tweens, ha ha.

  243. I would like the Lanikai Coconut candle because Lanikai is my favorite place EVER!

  244. The chocolate sounds so good right now! Adding coconut just makes it sound even more amazing. Happy Birthday Sara!

  245. Coconut truffles? Oh my! But I would for sure need the cute mug to go with them! How could I choose just one? 🙂

  246. um, how could you pick just one item out of that box?! i don’t have a playlist per se but my most listened to song is: shine your way by owl city

  247. It’s not my most played song but it’s the newest purchase, the Prince and Zooey Deschanel collaboration ,FALLINLOVE2NITE.

  248. Everything looks amazing but I just can’t look past the Chocolate! Story of my life!

  249. I’ve been wanting to try a new candle for a while, that would be my top pick. Maybe I should try this for one of my friends too. Thanks for the idea!

  250. I have to admit, I would love the Zapp’s! This Louisiana girl living in Utah would seriously be in heaven! They get my vote. 🙂

  251. Happy (early) Birthday to Sara! I love those earrings. But what in the package is NOT to love? Beautiful care package; love the color theme!

  252. Well with 3 little girls, Taylor Swift is the only thing ever playing in my car…whether the kids are with me or not!! Ha!

  253. Sadly, the chocolate. Ever since I tried the coconut/chocolate Luna bars frrom Sara’s get fit series, I’m hooked on the combo. Thanks Kate!

  254. Happy birthday Sara!!! Just dug into my iTunes to find my most played song to share with you and it is… drum roll please… Something About You by Boston

  255. I would like that iTunes gift card right now because there are lots of songs that I would love to buy! My current favorite type of music is country:).

  256. Loving the Nail Polish – Truffles – Candle – Actually, I’m loving it all!!! ♥

  257. I’d be especially excited about the earrings because I currently wear the same pair every single day.

  258. Definitely the lanikai coconut candle! I would burn that all Day! And, I love your blog. I always watch for the new posts. You are both awesome. Thanks for all the enjoyment I have reading and cooking.

  259. This is so perfect because my birthday is on Sunday! I would love the iTunes gift card because I got an early birthday present (my new iPhone!) and I need some cash to listen to my weird songs too like Kids Bop and I get made fun of for my weird song choices at my high school in Meridian, ID:) the iTunes cash would definitely help me update my playlist;)

  260. We have to pick just one?! Such a good collection of stuff! Fine…the earrings. Because I never get to buy anything pretty for myself anymore. And hey, it’s my birthday today so I should just win automatically. 😉

  261. Definitely the lip butter! I am always on the lookout for a good lip treatment. You guys are the best!

  262. I love the Mason Jar mug and right this minute my favorite song is “Happy” I’m not much of a dancer but it makes me want to. 🙂

  263. Hmmm, how about all of it? What a fun giveaway. I’d most like the earrings and candle. Hope it’s a happy birthday!

  264. first, i would pick the hello kitty band-aids because i live in a house of boys, and all i can ever find are hulk and scooby-doo… which is fine, but sometimes a girl wants hello kitty…. I’ve been buying so many things in “the color” lately..
    and I’ve been listening to one direction on my iPod… whatever.

  265. I’m especially liking the coconut candle and chocolate. It’s all pretty cute but I would definitely be painting my nails with that color by the time the first chocolate had melted away. (Happy Birthday to Sara)

  266. I’m torn between the chocolate and the Bath and Body Works coconut candle. I’d love to have all the stuff. Great picks!

  267. Oh man!!! I love the nail polish and earrings! I’m an accessories junkie! OK, I love chocolate too!

  268. Oh, in the quiet moment that I am reading this after just putting all eight of the little ones down, I would so have to selfishly pick the chocolate coconut! What great choices! Happy Happy Birthday to Sara!!!

  269. Happy Birthday Sara!
    My most played song these days is anything from the Frozen soundtrack because my oldest LOVES it and it keeps my twins happy too.

  270. Happy Birthday Sara! I have definitely been wanting for one of those mason jars! They are so cute!

  271. Hmmm…’s a toss up between the lip butter and the coconut chocolate truffles. Those sound yummy.

  272. That strawberry scent from Bath and Body Works is amazing! I have the lotion and the soap.

  273. Happy Birthday, Sarah!!! It’s a tough choice but I’d say Zapp’s salt and vinegar chips!:-)

    My playlist has been both Happy by Pharell and the Frozen soundtrack!:-) My 3 kids are obsessed!:-) And I am too:-)

  274. I love lots of kinds of music. But, I’m sort of a hopeless romantic and I just listened to the “will you marry me” song by Jason Derulo. My husband of 12 years just walked in and asked me why I was listening to that. Ha. I love anything with a good beat.

  275. Everything looks so awesome! I would really love the mason jar mug. My hubby keeps taking my water bottles to work and I never see them again:) My playlist in full of the Frozen soundtrack right now. My littles (2 & 4) almost have the whole thing memorized:)

  276. I would have to choose the truffles as my top pick. Chocolate and coconut…YUM!!

    What a thoughtful gift, great idea!

  277. I want the Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffles with Coconut most of all – I’ll eat anything with coconut in it!

  278. The Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffles with Coconut sound delicious….make that my choice! 🙂

  279. I’m thinking those chocolate coconut truffles would be nice to try! But sipping lemonade from that cute mug would be nice too.

  280. Happy Birthday Sara! All your choices are great, but if I had to choose one… I guess I would pick the nail polish, but oh, those earrings, and the chocolates sound so good too! I love MANY songs, but Erasure is by far my favorite, especially to dance and exercise to! I also love Yaz, OMD, Toto, Air Supply, Celine Dion, and Josh Groban!

  281. LOVE that nail polish!!! And my most played song right now is ‘Say something.’ It makes for a heartfelt lyrical dance, is perfect for stretching at the gym, & it’s hauntingly beautiful.

  282. Defienetly the coconut chocolate! Best combo in the world, especially combined with a diet coke and listening to my most played song right now, “Compass” by Lady Antebellum!

  283. Ooh, ummm, Queen; Somebody to Love, Pharrell Williams; Happy, and Bastille; Pompeii, and Oracular Spectacular; Electric Feel. I have too many favorite songs, and I have spent a small fortune on itunes, so I would looove to get a gift card!

  284. I would LOVE the lotion. I go to a rest home once a month and do manicures. The ladies love lotions that smell pretty.

  285. What a fabulous birthday box! I need a friend like you. I love everything in the box, but the chocolates would go first…they look amazing.

  286. I love the earrings and the lotion. (And the Band-Aids would come in handy, too. I live in a house of boys and can only ever find their superhero ones when I need one for myself!)

  287. Mmmmm that coconut candle sounds heavenly! I hope I win all of this fun stuff, but if I don’t I am headin to bath and body works to get one of those candles! I am obsessed with coconut anything!

  288. Earrings, please! Since my oldest daughter got her ears pierced his year, my favorite green earrings have gone missing! And it’s just time for something new and fun.

  289. Ohhhh I really want that mason jar cup! And I’m the same way about the Lindt truffles, I’m also not usually a big chocolate but white chocolate is my go to. They are SO addicting!

  290. The nail polish! I just got my first pedicure in 2 years and picked a bad color. My toes are screaming winter!

  291. I love all things coconut, especially when you add chocolate! So I’m going to have to say the candy! Happy Birthday Sara!

  292. The nail polish for sure! I wore flip flops today for the first time in 7 months and noticed I have some seriously pasty white feet and toes. They need some springtime lovin.

  293. The truffles look so good! My favorite song right now is Joshua Radin’s Cross that Line. If you haven’t heard of him you should check him out. I would marry his voice if I could!

  294. That lotion looks amazing! And just to make you feel better, the most played song on my itunes is 22 by Taylor Swift. Yup. I’m in my 30s. 🙂

  295. The nail polish! I have a hard time not buying nail polish every time I go to the store. The whole box sounds great though. Happy early birthday Sara!

  296. I have been a big fan of the Lindor truffles since my roommate introduced me to them back in college. It makes me happy that you can get them now in every grocery store! I’ve never seen the coconut ones and would love to try them.

    Talk about out of touch with current music? My most-often played song is “Slipping Through My Fingers” by ABBA. All about watching your little ones grow up way too fast. It makes me get teary every time.

  297. Of course I have to go with chocolate! The coconut chocolate sounds super!
    Happy birthday Sara!

  298. The nail polish 🙂
    The song most played is “happy” by pherrell (might have spelled that wrong….. 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win – and happy birthday miss Sara!!! 🙂

  299. Happy birthday, Sara! What a great friend and business partner you have here. I would love anything in this gift pack, but that lip butter is calling my name. Hydration AND reminiscent of Strawberry Shortcake dolls? Win, win!

  300. First Happy Birthday Sara! I’m torn.. I love the Bath and Body Works Products, but I think I would like the iTunes gift card. I admit to listening to British boy band pop

  301. What a sweet friend you are! So many great treats, but I think I’m loving the mug most. I never drink enough water, and this might help!

  302. First Happy Birthday Sara! I’m torn.. I love the Bath and Body Works Products, but I think I would like the iTunes gift card. I admit to listening to British boy band pop

  303. Happy birthday Sara! I’d be most excited about winning the Bath & Body Works Lanikai Coconut Candle.

  304. what a fun birthday box! I would love to try the coconut candle. I agree, sometimes coconut smells like a bad tourist! Happy Birthday Sarah!

  305. Oh happy day! I’m in love with that nail color and what is this lip butter? I would love to try it! Thanks for the chance to win.

  306. The chocolate is tempting-I love coconut! But I’d have to say the candle. After having a squirrel die in our walls, our apartment has never smelled the same!

  307. Oooooooooh, how does on pick out of such beauties! I’m Going to have to go with the coconut chocolate because they sound amazing, I may have to go get some tonight!

  308. That lip gloss looks pretty bomb. Also, my most-played song is Last Goodbye by Jeff Buckley. It’s incredible.

  309. Well… it’s really hard to pick but I like the earrings and the nail polish a lot – everything else is pretty special also! Happy Birthday, Sara! My birthday is in a couple of weeks too – ‘hint hint’…

  310. The Nourish Organic Lavender Mint Body Lotion sounds amazing. But then so does the Mason Jar Mug..and the Essie..and the Strawberry Lip Butter. You have selected such fabulous gifts. Any of them would be just wonderful to receive.

  311. My “most played” song is more of a most played group: The Piano Guys. I turn them on every morning while I make breakfast and usually leave them playing for longer than that. I LOVE them.