Virgin Mango Colada

First of all, it feels like forever since I posted a recipe!! Traveling across the country and back with 2 kids under three while my husband stayed here in Louisiana was quite an adventure, but we had a fabulous time. Again, for those of you who came to the cooking class, thank you so much! I had a great time and hope you did, too.

When Sara and I were discussing (at GREAT length) the recipes we wanted to do for the cooking show, we knew we wanted to do a drink. We tried so many recipes, and a lot of them were good, but not awesomely blogworthy. I was so frustrated and found myself in the “naughty drinks” aisle of Super 1 Foods with a bag full of mangoes, wondering what in the heck I was gonna do. And then I thought…pina colada! With mango! I’ve made this a few times since and have tweaked it even since the cooking class, so if you were there, this is the updated version! 🙂

Combine some chopped mango, pineapple chunks and juice, lime juice, and cream of coconut in blender. While blender is running, add crushed ice until desired consistency is reached.

I personally like it thick and slushy while I know others like it thinner, so this part is totally up to you. Pour drink into glasses (2 generous servings, 3-4 smaller servings) and then go find a hammock and one of these nice young men to serve you your drink..














  1. I could stare at those men forever. I think i might just make this drink tonight. I will drink it while i stare that picture. You know in honor of my last night “single”

  2. Oh, and Kate, I’m totally the same way, except with raspberry stuff. And the opposite. So I guess that’s not totally the same at all! 🙂 I love fresh raspberries, but I HAAAAAAAAATE raspberry-flavored stuff. I tolerate raspberry jam, but candy, pastry filling, raspberry pie…blech!!

  3. Autumn–Yeah, you should be able to find it in the grocery store, over where you find the mixers for alcoholic drinks (like those big bottles of mixes for daiquiris and margaritas). I’ve only ever been able to find it in the cans, but when we did the cooking show, they had it in a bottle that looked like a chocolate syrup bottle! That’s totally the way to go if you can find it because you rarely use a whole can of the stuff at once and then what do you do with the rest of it??

  4. I am so funny about Mangos. My mom loves them but I cant stand them. I love mango flovored things (like fake mango flavored candy)but I can not stand the real thing. lol. I love you blog though and I really should do better at leaving comments. How do you guys find the time to do such an in depth job with children at home? I can barely cook breakfast onthe weekend without my DS pulling on me. You gerlz rock! (wifeoftwomomofthree from BBC)

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